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Please take a seconds to read and agree with our Copyright Policy Agreement before download. Tone muscles and increase flexibility at work or at home with these safe and simple chair exercises. According to Smith, simply sitting up straight in a chair tones a variety of muscles in your torso.Turn straight posture into an exercise by pressing your knees together to engage your inner thighs, squeezing your buttocks, sitting tall, and pulling in your belly button (abdominals) toward your spine. Get in a little cardio, without any impact on your joints, by doing modified, seated jumping jacks.While sitting on the edge of your chair, open and close your arms and legs as you would during a normal jumping jack, and move your limbs, as quickly as you can, in and out. Not only do strong abdominal muscles make you look great in clothes, they also help stabilize your torso, which reduces aches and pains in your lower back and hips, according to the Yale School of Medicine Medical Group.Sit tall on the edge of your chair and cross your arms over your chest. To strengthen the thigh and hip muscles, you need only extend your leg.Sit on the edge of your chair with your arms by your sides. Engage your shoulder and triceps muscles with this joint-friendly move.Sit on the edge of your chair with your arms by your sides, palms over the edge of your seat.
People who sit hunched at desks all day often develop pain in their back, shoulders, and neck.

To open up your chest and shoulder muscles, try these elbow curls.Raise your arms at your sides and bend your elbows, so that your knuckles are at your temples.
Increase flexibility and improve posture with gentle arm circles.Raise your arms straight out to your sides and press your shoulder blades together. You are being directed to the web site of our trusted partner that can give you easy-to-understand information about Medicare, and help you learn about policies available in your state.
It's important to press your shoulders back and down and to keep your neck neutral, while doing this exercise. Extend your right leg out straight and flex your foot so that just the right heel is on the floor.
Press down with your arms as if you were going to try to lift yourself off the chair (you don't have to lift up).
To alleviate pain, Porter recommends a series of three exercises done in a chair, using a plastic water bottle.To get into position, sit halfway off your chair keeping your back straight and shoulders down and pulled back.
Bring your elbows together and then all the way back to the starting position at moderate speed about 30 times. Extend arms with palms down, thumbs facing forward, and do 20 forward circles with your arms.

Without relaxing your stomach muscles, exhale slowly, squeezing your abs in tighter and turning your upper body to the right. Place a plastic water bottle between your knees, lining up your ankle with your knee, so that your thighs and calves are at a 90-degree angle. Then flip your palms up, thumbs facing behind you, and do 20 backward circles with your arms.
If you wish, you'll have the opportunity to connect with a representative, with no obligation.
Work up to 3 sets of 10 reps.Smith says doing each of the previous exercises 3 to 4 days a week will have you seeing results, but there's also no downside to doing them daily.
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