We've been meaning to try this wonderful sensory experience for ages now but for whatever reason I just kept putting it off. Critters And Crayons made these HUGE tubs of cloud dough for their amazing Super Hero Birthday Party. I am once again teaming up with some of my best blogging friends (the ladies behind Buggy and Buddy, Fun-A-Day, Nothing if Not Intentional, and Play-Trains!) on a series about seasonal play.
We started with a basic recipe for cloud dough from The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book by Cathy James (see the bottom of this post for more on this excellent resource).
Whether you use playdough regularly or you’ve never made a batch in your life, The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book is for you. Such recipes as non-cook and cooked play dough, gluten-free dough, salt dough, cloud dough, modelling dough, and real bread.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I found a bag of flour on the clearance section of our grocery store that I intend to use for cloud dough!
The difference to sand, however, is the wonderful silky smooth texture and lovely scent if you use a scented oil.

Yes, it isn't a completely mess-free activity but if you take adequate precautions the clean up should be minimal.
Whenever possible, I let Peanut (age 4) mix the ingredients for the sensory doughs we make. I first came across this idea at Inner Child Fun and we’ve since used it with great success to make green lime cloud dough. There’s an idea for every week of the year, from storytelling and role play activities, sensory play, and small worlds, to creative art prompts and math-based play.
She insisted on laying down so she could get up close to it and observe as she played with it.
If the weather is good, I recommend taking it outside as you won't have to worry about it then. They’re a fun way to learn about sea life and to use pieces from our extensive beachcombing collection.
To make crushed chalk, place one or two pieces of sidewalk chalk (or a handful of blackboard chalk) in a resealable plastic baggie. As a mom and a former home daycare operator, I have counted on it time and again as an open-ended play material that never fails to engage a child’s imagination as well as her hands.

I was specifically asked for a, "spatula to smooth out a hill.") You never know what your children might think of on their own. If they don't seem sure of what to do with it or how to play further, try adding some cups, a spoon, trucks, dinosaurs, popsicle sticks..
I knew some would come out of the dish so I just made the rule that none was to go off the mat. By referencing  a recipe he is being exposed to printed language and is learning to follow directions.
The small amount that went on the floor I vacuumed up in a second and the rest on the mat tipped back into the dish when we were done.
Don't allow children to walk on it on tiled or laminate surfaces as the oil in the dough makes it slippery.

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