Before we go any further, because Clint’s just getting started, keep in mind, these were his exact words right before he launched into his thoughts on Generation Pussy.
Given that your last season went hard against the concept of political correctness, and Donald Trump has made fighting political correctness a cornerstone of his campaign, do you find any common ground with him?
Stone: “Political correctness” — I feel like that’s becoming a catch-all term for just shit that you don’t like. After failing to take the mobile device industry by storm, Intel is starting to look elsewhere for its next big break. Intel's IoT Platform tries to hit many targets all at once, of course with different weapons. As ambitious as it may be, Intel knows that its IoT platform is worth nothing without an actual implementation. That said, Intel isn't the only game in town and it is engaged in a race with other key industry players and rivals, particularly Qualcomm. I don’t think I probably agree with Donald Trump, but we did a whole bit about political correctness last year. Admittedly, most of the attention has been lavished on consumer-oriented technologies and products, particular smart appliances. That is why it has partnered with the likes of Accenture and Dell to develop and deploy actual solutions based on the IoT platform.

In some cases, sides have been drawn and consortia have been named to push forward the Internet of Things, but from different points of view. But don’t take my word for it because here’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of PC Principal, a character that inevitably pops up in any single discussion thread by some white asshole like a Get Out Of Being A Dumbass Free card, and guess what? Now it is also laying the foundations for another venture, the so-called Internet of Things, or simply IoT.
But businesses also need their Internet of Things, and it is for them, as well as anyone else who can benefit, that Intel has designed its IoT Platform. Connecting to the cloud is provided by Wind River Edge Management Systems as well as Intel's IoT Gateway. IoT as a whole is still too new, if not somewhat chaotic, and there is no clear winner just, which is why Intel is trying to beat rivals to the punch this early. To celebrate the autumn months, we’ve come up with some fantastic fall coloring pages.
Intel's new IoT Platform is poised to cover anything and everything needed for enterprises to set up and then customize their own IoT implementations for securely connecting devices to the cloud and, in the end, save money and energy. The core goal of this platform is to provide an all-in-one solution, both hardware and software, in creating a foundation that can be later customized to address each company's specific needs. The question is whether it will be able to maintain that lead and beat them in the end as well.

There’s shit that you shouldn’t say running for president that Cartman should totally be allowed to say within a satirical cartoon. And to keep track of it all, Intel's cloud analytics is being improved to also support IoT development kits. I mean, to predicate your opinion on the fact that the guy was born to Mexican parents or something. And there’s a huge difference between what can be said in a cartoon or through the mouths of fiction, and what somebody who’s going for elected office should say.
When I see a politician or a Donald Trump say “political correctness,” I’m like, “That’s not the same shit that we’re talking about in the writers’ room. There’s satire over here in cartoons, and you’re standing onstage in a suit and you want me to vote for you.” Different standard, you know?

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