Decades of satellite observations and astronaut photographsA show that clouds dominate space-based views of Earth. There are three broad bands where Earth's skies are most likely to be cloudy: a narrow strip near the equator and two wider strips in the mid-latitudes. Clouds also tend to form in abundance in the middle latitudes 60 degrees north and south of the equator.
In early April 2013, clouds stretched in parallel rows for hundreds of kilometers over the Bering Sea. As the Sun dips below the horizon, the last rays of light can glint off crystals of ice high in the atmosphere, lighting up the sky with an electric blue glow. There are currently almost 2,000 extrasolar planets known to us, but most are inhospitable gas giants.
NASA scientists have identified an unexpected high-altitude methane ice cloud on Saturn's moon Titan that is similar to exotic clouds found far above Earth's poles.
A team of researchers from several institutions in Germany and Austria has found possible evidence of iron from a supernova in sediment cores taken from the floor of the Pacific Ocean.
Warming oceans may be boosting levels of dangerous bacteria in northern seas, possibly explaining why more people are getting sickened by tainted seafood and seawater, new research suggests.
In a new study researchers from Sweden and Italy show what happens when magma meets limestone on its way up to the surface. They did not tell us the cloudiest spot or the sunniest place.But part of the eastern Sahara looks cloud free, and also the west coast of South America has a dark blue patch. I partitioned the words into clusters based on how often they were used near each other in the text.

The lovely people over at Game Informer recently had a chat with Yoshinori Kitase where he talked a little bit about the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake.
One studyA based on nearly a decade of satellite data estimated that about 67 percent of Earth's surface is typically covered by clouds. While MODIS collects enough data to make a new global map of cloudiness every day, this version of the map shows an average of all of the satellite's cloud observations between July 2002 and April 2015. The band near the equator is a function of the large scale circulation patternsa€”or Hadley cellsa€”present in the tropics. This is where the edges of polar and mid-latitude (or Ferrel) circulation cells collide and push air upward, fueling the formation of the large-scale frontal systems that dominate weather patterns in the mid-latitudes.
The highest of clouds can appear to sit on a flat plane, as if they were at the same elevation as the ocean or land surface.
Needless to say, with Final Fantasy VII being such a beloved game, there has been some concern from fans about the direction Square Enix will take the remake. This is especially the case over the oceans, whereA other researchA shows less than 10 percent of the sky is completely clear of clouds at any one time.
Colors range from dark blue (no clouds) to light blue (some clouds) to white (frequent clouds).
Hadley cells are defined by cool air sinking near the 30 degree latitude line north and south of the equator and warm air rising near the equator where winds from separate Hadley cells converge. While clouds tend to form where air rises as part of atmospheric circulation patterns, descending air inhibits cloud formation.
Hopefully some of this will set the record straight.Because the team had been working on the Final Fantasy XIII series for so long, the idea of a Final Fantasy VII remake has been on the back-burner for quite some time, but now Kitase says that the Final Fantasy VIII Remake project will be of equivalent or greater scope.

Since air descends between about 15 and 30 degrees north and south of the equator, clouds are rare and deserts are common at this latitude. As previously reported, the project will take the form of a multi-part series, with each part being the equivalent of a complete game. This causes water vapor to condense into cloud particles and produces a dependable band of thunderstorms in an area known as the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ).
According to Kitase, "we already have a preexisting story, so it wouldn't really make sense if that isn't encompassed in the multi-part series, and it wouldn’t make sense to remake it if we don’t encompass that that entire story." Square has an idea of how many installments Final Fantasy VII Remake will consist of, but it may change along the way, as the scenarios and stories for each installment are still in development. When asked whether or not characters from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII (the series that contained numerous spin-offs and side stories such as Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, and CGI film Advent Children), Kitase said that "if there are any areas where we can use the settings or the characters, we do want to try to incorporate it in there, so it gives off that sense of nuance and those other stories existing." However, it would be "difficult" to incorporate everything that went down in the Compilation, so this will probably be done case-by-case based on which characters and storylines have stuck in the minds of fans the most. So, basically, more Zack and Vincent, possible Genesis cameo, and lose Weiss and Deepground because nobody cares (I'm being facetious, just in case any Dirge of Cerberus fans find out where I live). Combat will be more action-based than the original game, but not entirely action-based, as Kitase was quick to point out, with visual design being inspired by the Dissidia games.
You can read the entire Game Informer article if you'd like to hear more of what Kitase had to say on the subject, and stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn more about the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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