Step 2: Cut a hole just big enough for the neck, but cut a slit so the head can slide through, then cut arm holes. BALLOON INSPIRATIONS For more than 20 years, Balloon Inspirations has had the privilege of designing and creating spectacular balloon decorations and event decor for individual and Corporate clients across the globe. Our unique ability to capture the imaginations of both our Clients and their guests with our creative bespoke designs means that most of our Clients become repeat customers. This adorable GREY ELEPHANT THEMED BABY SHOWER was submitted by Yolanda Cerra of Kiss with Style. Bright colored paper products (plates, napkins and table clothes) double as useful and decorative, and can be quite affordable, too. Centerpieces can be a cinch simply by picking up some common flowers (daisies or hydrangeas, perhaps?) and using mason jars as vases. Fruit and veggie trays are easy to make and good to nibble on throughout the day (and much healthier than chips and other salty snacks!) Want to match the theme?
Sangria is an easy and festive drink that you can make ahead of time and serve all day long. Speaking of lawn, if you have some cardboard and spray paint, decorate the lawn itself with some festive stars. Lastly, don’t take on the whole hosting burden yourself: Be sure to ask guests to bring something if they’re able to – whether it’s a lawn game, a few extra chairs, or their famous fruit salad, every little bit counts!
I am terribly uncreative when it comes to crafting (and making Halloween costumes falls into the crafting category for me).

He was burned on hands and legs and only the quick thinking of his friends kept it from getting worse.
I was just thinking it would be cute with vellum raindrops hanging below, or even gold or silver pants to look like lightning!
To make it, you need moon and star templates, white cardstock, silver crepe paper, black construction paper, book pages, ruler, pencil, scissors, pinking shears, quick setting gel glue, scoring board and bone folder, two toothpicks and hot glue gun. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971.
If so, we’ve simplified party planning by breaking it down to 3 main categories and offering 3 tips for each that will help you make your party a great time! A few throughout the party will remind everyone why this is such a special holiday and party!
Although an avid traveler, Liz is a Jersey girl who lives in a lakeside log cabin with her hubby, Chris and pup, Willow. I love working with paper mache (it reminds me of making pinatas!) because you make something with structure out of flour, paper, and water.
One of my friends did something similar last year for their pet only they were a snow ball. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Cut out two inch strip of the tape and fold it over the ribbon, and make sure the ends meet.

This requires some of your time, and there are more instructions, so make sure to check out the link below the picture. Use Christmas balls as balloons, but first paint them black, and put more coats of paint if you need to. Place the flat end of a skewer on one heart and spread glue around, so that you can place another heart. Put some on the mailbox so guests know where to find the party, use them as centerpieces or even tie them onto a few chairs. This party is too cute and could easily work for a first birthday party as well as a baby shower! Make sure they’re dry, and when they are spread an even coating of glue and completely cover it with glitter.
Use glue to secure the ribbon to the paper straws and voila – you just made a super cute cake topper.

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