The new iPhone 6 Plus Camera stands out as one of the best feature upgrades for the phone, but is the camera good enough to replace that point-and-shoot camera that many people still carry around? The iPhone 6 Plus camera does a great job of giving users some of the best smartphone camera pictures. We’ll show some picture comparisons and then discuss the benefits of one over the other. The iPhone 6 Plus shot on top looks brighter again, but this time the blue sky’s color changed a lot from the actual scene. The iPhone 6 Plus panorama mode plus in-camera video editing produced a stylized panorama that you can’t get on the Sony. The iPhone 6 Plus offers some modes that most consumer-level cameras don’t, like the built-in panorama, filters, slow motion video and ability to share over LTE to social networks or photo backup sites like Flickr or 500px.
Even an expensive $500+ advanced compact camera, which takes better shots with more faithful color accuracy and better zoomed in shots, doesn’t offer enough to make it worth the extra cost or loss of convenience of carrying around a second device just for taking photos. The iPhone 6 Plus will already come with you, so you get more convenience compared to bringing a second device just for pictures and video. An advanced compact camera like the Sony NEX 6 lets users add great zoom or prime lenses for better close up shots.
The iPhone 6 Plus Camera takes great shots, but using a regular point-and-shoot camera does come with some benefits.
Lenses – most point-and-shoot cameras come with one lens built-in, but higher end compact cameras let users swap out lenses. Dedicated settings buttons – The setting controls in the iPhone 6 Plus camera make it easier to get better shots in challenging situations, but nothing beats dedicated settings buttons for things like Aperture and Shutter priority, scene modes or other settings buttons on high-end point-and-shoot cameras. Except for the first sample (with the candy), all your samples show the iPhone 6 Plus image first, then the Sony NEX 6 image, so it’s the opposite of what you said. If you feel like grabbing a case or two from my PixelBlock Redbubble Store, now is an excellent time to take a look.
I just have a whole bunch of other requests to fill, and not much free time to fill them in. Kanye West, the multi-talented award winning rapper and questionable lover of fish sticks, now rendered in a blocky 16 x 20 pixel resolution. A blog dedicated to all pixels great and small, covering characters from pop culture, comic books, video games and beyond.
The rise of Apple and Google as major forces in the technology industry has diverted attention away from the fact that Microsoft ruled the roost up until a few years back.
While Microsoft has more than held its own in the PC market, the tech industry has expanded considerably and is no longer based on superiority in a single market. However, one major criticism regarding the Azure platform is that Microsoft has rushed with its release.
Another cause for concern has been the Office 365 Microsoft has been providing alongside Azure. A positive move on Microsoft’s part has been to create a community portal for Azure where developers can create new features to enhance the platform.
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Until now, many photography enthusiasts enjoyed the camera on the iPhone, but still used a regular camera for important shots.
So here are a few samples of shots taken with a Sony NEX 6 advanced compact camera and then the same shot taken with an iPhone 6 Plus. The stadium lights came on, but it was a low light situation and I sat just a few feet from the boy. Instead notice the exposure of these unedited images of a pair of shoes outside my house at night with a dim porch light turned on. Adding a little editing using the built-in editing tools, or a third-party tool like Snapseed, makes producing wonderful snapshots easy. There are other features that matter when it comes to comparing the iPhone 6 Plus camera and a point-and-shoot. Using the phone means not worrying about keeping up with two devices or flash cards to store pictures. Most people will already buy a phone, so adding $100 to get the iPhone 6 Plus instead of the cheaper iPhone 6 only adds $100 instead of hundreds for a good camera. A user can get a battery case, but it would be easier to carry a few camera batteries and swap them out when needed instead of pausing to charge the phone battery. Smartphones excel at taking pictures of things (ideally at close range), dedicated phones excel at taking pictures of scenes. Also, why not also show the non-zoomed in version of the NEX 6 image, since, as you said, the iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t have optical zoom? An image captured from a Smartphone Camera’s has low quality as compare to professional digital camera with higher resolution. Admittedly, the auto HDR feature requires some menu diving to enable it, but the panorama has its own section on the mode dial, how’d you miss that!? Lots of people seem to ask for Finn and Jake … maybe now would be a good time to give them a PixelBlock redux after all ! And it looks like you’ll have plenty of fine pixel art to look forward to over the next year - I hope you enjoy it ! Naturally, the company is feeling a little insecure, given that many of its fans and customers are questioning some of their moves in the recent past. Losing ground to Google in search and Apple in the mobile devices market, Microsoft has two major rivals that seem to be running away with their market share. The cloud gives them the chance to store all their files and documents safely and without any reason to worry. They should have taken their time to make it foolproof and ready for use by large organizations.
At first, market experts believed this was a great move on the company’s part and that Office 365 would be reliable ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS). However, it is going to take much more than this if the company wants to gain an edge over its competitors in the cloud market.
Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you. This is unlike the Shauna Sand scandal where it was very orchestrated and professionally produced.
Optical Image Stabilization helps reduce camera shake in low light settings, like indoor shots or at night shots.

It’s one thing to grab a selfie with friends at a restaurant, but would people want to trust a phone camera to take pictures of their kid’s graduation? A bit of editing or using the advanced exposure settings on the camera will produce a better image.
But it makes sense to own a good camera with zoom lenses for those who want really great shots. It seems that the whole world keeps an eye on Microsoft’s every move and they have to deal with a lot of criticism for their performance. There is another area where Microsoft has been trying to make major inroads: cloud computing. Microsoft has developed the Azure platform as a means of asserting its presence in the cloud market.
This is not to say that Azure doesn’t work or is inadequate but the fact remains that Microsoft’s cloud service is not ready for the big leagues yet.
Still, all is not lost and insiders still believe that Microsoft has a better cloud platform than Amazon and a couple of other providers.
The lens vibrates when a user taps on the camera’s virtual shutter release button or the volume key, but OIS helps reduce this vibration.
The Sony shot on the bottom zooms in using the optical zoom lens, while the iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t offer any zoom. The iPhone 6 Plus camera boosts exposure automatically in low light, making the image look better out of the camera without any changes in photo editing software. Other advanced point-and-shoot consumer level cameras offer panorama modes and in-camera HDR, but editing on a touchscreen device works so much better than using the dials and buttons most cameras use to edit images. If you were interested in a picture of the parking lot (a thing), the phone is fine, but if you wanted a picture of the parking lot at sunrise (a scene), you need the camera. Given the fact that enterprise customers still account for 80% of the revenue generated by Microsoft, it seems probable that businesses would love to use Azure over other cloud computing platforms. Now it is up to Microsoft to make some changes to Azure and make it a worthwhile cloud platform. To charge all these devices simultaneously, I recently purchased a Multi Port USB Charger from Amazon that can charge up to 6 USB Charging support devices simultaneously that too at fast speed with its overall capacity of 10Amps.
There is considerable room for improvement and Microsoft has to fill the gaps before it can capture the market. After using this function you don’t want to import camera photos using lighting cable or iTunes from iOS device to your Mac running on Yosemite, Mavericks, and Yosemite.
Here you can get full information with which device supporting or not, which iOS and OS X version supporting this features. And how to activate and Use for Auto Access camera photos to all devices without lighting cable and Memory card swapping.Best features for photo access any where any time between all the devices registered on same Apple ID without installing third party apps and free of cost. Related: Family sharing one of the best features related to this, which helps to move you job from one device to another between apple Family. Get info For EU Cookie Consent -> Privacy PolicyThis website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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