Many people make the mistake of believing that social media is simply a sales or marketing tool.
Customer service plays a large role in the customer experience, and displaying good customer service can go a long way towards gaining loyal and returning customers. But what can a company gain from having all their customer service issues viewed publicly by potential leads and loyal customers on their social media channels? One of the keys to demonstrating excellent customer service skills in a fast paced environment such as social media is speed. Tesco are a great example of always posting prompt and detailed replies to customer service issues and even general feedback on Tesco services.
Too many customer service teams, especially in call centres, are told to stick to a strict script when it comes to solving customer issues.
But everyone is different, and although the issues they have faced may seem common enough to fit into a box or category, their own personal reaction to the situation and how the issue has affected their life and loyalty to your company can vary with every individual case. Don’t just wait for the issues to come to you, because often people will brood in silence or post about your company without you knowing it.
So starting the conversation and offering people the opportunity to come forward with their problems is a good way to encourage people who may not usually think to speak directly to the company to let you know what’s wrong.
There are plenty more ways you can make the most of social media as a customer service tool; do you have any to share? I graduated in 2011 with a 2:1 degree in BA HONS Journalism and have since set up my own freelance business specialising in digital marketing. Explore the BBC News News Sport Weather Shop Earth Travel Capital iPlayer Culture Autos Future TV Radio CBBC CBeebies Food iWonder Bitesize Travel Music Earth Arts Make It Digital Taster Nature Local Terms of Use About the BBC Privacy Policy Cookies Accessibility Help Parental Guidance Contact the BBC Advertise with us Ad choices Copyright © 2016 BBC. Today we will learn together how to realize a marvelous poster design using Photoshop and Illustrator. Since we want to affect only the 3d text with this adjustment layer, add a clipping mask by holding down alt and clicking between the adjustment layer and the 3d text one (a little arrow will appear near the gradient map layer – into the layers window). To darken the edges of the composition, create a new layer, grab a large soft (hardness 0%) brush and paint over them. We do the best to provide high-quality products that you can use in your commercial projects.You bet! Yes you have to write LOST using the type tool, and then you have to outline the text (type>create outlines) befure using the minus front button.
Try in this way: select the grid with the small words and press shift+ctrl+G to ungroup them. If you don’t have Illustrator, you can use the Photoshop 3d tool (introduced in Photoshop CS4). Hey, this is my first time using any of this, and it’s going okay for my first time, I just can’t figure out how to change the colour of the grid?
To paste the grid in Photoshop, after selected the grid in Illustator, hit ctrl+C then open a new Photoshop document and hit ctrl+V. You have been a great help to me, I am definitely reccomending this website to all my friends and my media arts teacher!

Im having the Compound Path is grayed out (unable to be selected) problem as well and really cant seem to fix it, any suggestions? Dunno why it was so hard to write it in english, but there you go, now you’re back on track. Hi, after the the applying of the 3D extrude & Bevel options and waited for the long processing time. I’ve been trying for weeks but keep getting it wrong on steps 5 and 6, if anyone could do it all I would love you forever!
In many cases we have to compare two Word documents, having them side by side is vital for comparison. Thanks for the clarification of MS Word 2010 view Side by Side options – However, how can use this function WITHOUT activating the synchronous scrolling? What do you do when ‘view side by side’ is inactive, and how can you re-activate it?
When you click the Side By Side label in the ribbon, the Synchronous Scrolling will also enable and be active. That is, when I click on side-by-side, both windows migrate stuborny on the basic screen, where they align. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
In fact it is one of the most rounded tools any business can use, aiding in areas such as market research, business development, and most importantly, customer service. Social media has become the preferred method of many when it comes to resolving product or service disputes, as the consumer is offered a level playing field on which to contact a company representative quickly and directly, without the need for lengthy periods on hold while a call is passed from department to department and without needing to wait the typical 24-48 hours handling time for an email enquiry. If executed correctly, you as a company can display your excellent customer service and dispute resolution skills publicly, something many customers value highly in a company as mentioned before. Responding to a Tweet, comment, wall post or direct message as quickly as possible is essential. Therefore your staff should be trained to have the freedom to do what they feel is necessary (within reason of course) to keep this customer happy. I write for a variety of digital marketing blogs as well as working on blogs and social media channels for clients in a range of B2B sectors.
I’ll show you some useful IIlustrator tricks to create the 3D text effect of the piece, then we will switch to Photoshop to complete the scene with textures and color corrections. To do this, start selecting the grid of words and go to Object>Compound Path>Make, then select both the grid and the large LOST word and press the Minus Front button from the pathfinder window.
Because white, once given depth with the 3d Illustrator tool, will be turned in a greyscale 3d object whose color will be more easy to customize later in Photoshop.
So select its layer and go to Image>New Adjustment layer>Gradient map and add a gradient going from #0f0e0f to #727272. To dirty it, we can use one of our resources: download our scratched metallic textures, choose the item you prefer from the pack, then paste it into the Photoshop canvas and desaturate it by pressing shift+ctrl+U.
So, to add more color, let’s create another gradient map adjustment layer and place it on top of all the other layers.

At this point of my work I asked Piervincenzo for a critic and he suggested me to add the photo of an island to the background to enrich the scene.
Select the texture’s layer, ctrl+click on the 3d text thumbnail (in the layers window), and add a layer mask by pressing the apposite button in the layers window. I'm a self taught graphic designer who loves to create amazing stuff using every kind of media. What you paste in photoshop from Illustrator is only the grid, then in Photoshop I filled the background with black. This is my first time ever using photoshop and illustrator and you’ve helped me very much! You could open both the documents in separate windows and snap them in Windows 7, but this is a time consuming task. Click that label to unlock the two documents so that you can scroll one without scrolling the other. In this case, you have to close Word, then reopen one file, then open the other file using the Open Recent files icon.
That is useless, because I work with notebook only with small screen, aditional big monitor is attached and the side-by-side has only meaning on the big screen out there. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
If you can’t find an answer to their query within an hour of them posting it, a courtesy reply or comment to say you are on the case and will be back in touch ASAP goes a long way.
Mine is Myriad Pro (Default), but you can experiment with a different one (I suggest you to try with a very bold font like Mod). Add a gradient going from blue (#002874) to yellow (#f9e600) and set the layer to overlay with opacity 35%.
When I write the large LOST am I to create a text box and write the large LOST directly over the small losts? You can place two documents side by side within a single window without the fuss using Word 2010’s build-in feature.
From Illustrator copy the 3d text (ctrl+C) and paste it in Photoshop (ctrl+V) as a smart object. Download this photo of an island and place the image between the 3d text and the background layer.
Finally go to Object>Expand Appearance to expand the text again after the second transformation. Then their friends of friends will see it, and before you know it Amazon and O2 could have lost 100 potential customers without knowing it!

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