In business, there are certain processes that need to be done if anyone is to see any profits. Simply put, a value chain is the set of input activities that a company carries out in order to create value for its valued customers. What you need to ask yourself is how your company takes whatever business input it has and transform that into outputs to be presented to its customers. The Primary Elements involve the physical creation of a product, packaging, marketing, sale and maintenance. In layman’s terms, a supply chain is what ensures that the products you value so much actually get to you. Our goal in working with supply chains is to find ways to increase efficiencies through accuracy and automation. Let us help you manage your inventory while integrating directly with QuickBooks and Intacct.
I am a student of Supply Chain Management, and I was really having hard time in understanding the difference between value chain and supply chain.
Let us help you manage yourinventory while integrating directly with QuickBooks and Intacct. When I’ve had questions and issues, the QStock support team goes above and beyond to help me get them resolved.  I really appreciate all their help and quick responses!
Sometimes command and control can have some good outcomes, but they are becoming fewer as complexity continues to grow.
Control and compromise are not the same thing, but quite often lead to the same poor results and are usually bad for individuals.
Collaboration requires the idea that we are going to make some prediction about the expected outcome of a certain set of actions and then adjust when we are wrong.
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For customizing Page number Style & Format, from Page Number options, select Format Page Numbers. It will bring up Page Number Format dialog, from Number Format, select the desired format page number.
If you don’t want to insert page number on the first page of the document, as often it contains Document title, Cover Page, or Table of Contents. It will remove the page number from first page, allowing you to add the desired header content. I hope Microsoft fixes this problem for their further development of their programs, because this is a major problem that iv been suffering with for ages.
So what happens if I have Office 2010 on my computer and the page numbering options are not even there?
THANK YOU, I had such trouble…only change is you should type Ctrl+F9 to insert the field braces and put the number 1 on the first page in between the field braces, THEN press Alt+F9.

If you have problems: Make sure you are using Ctrl+F9 to insert the braces and check your spacing.
Your Word 2010 instructions about inserting and formatting page numbers absolutely stinks and sucks!!!
When I click on Page Number I get a message “Word cannot open this document template. Is it possible to have a running head at the top of the page, as well as, page numbers in the heading? Geez, how do I get the page number font to be the same as the font I’m using for the body text???
I’m working on my third book and have yet to get MS Word 2010 to follow the universal convention of roman numerals for front matter and arabic numerals for text. If it inserts a blank page you may have a Page Break in the document and will have to remove this.
Double click in the footer on the page you want the arabic numerals to begin on, when you do this the Design tab will open up and you will see Link to Previous is highlighted in orange, click on this to unlink this footer from the last section. Click in the footer where you would like your page numbers to be and select Page Numbers – Format Page Numbers from the Design Tab. Do this at the beginning of your document as well if you haven’t already inserted page numbers. NOTE: If you do not have page numbers in your document and follow these steps your page numbers may not show up.
Thank you so much, i just follow the instructions and everything works fine, presentation page and the index without numbers, page number 1 start at the third page, thank you again! After struggling with the page numbering problem for hours last night, I had a bit of a brainstorm and found the solution. Its been five years since I was forced to abandon WordPerfect, and I still cannot get used to Word and its non-intuitive choices. I’m working on a Word 2010 document with many sections (each chapter has a section break after it as I need the footnotes to be numbered from 1 each chapter). My document is primarily a landscape orientation – it has some portrait pages when I get to a portrait page the page numbering goes back to 0 and restarts. The trick is doing this in such a way that the outcome of the whole process is having an output that is of higher value than the whole process of creating it.
They take raw materials and use this to produce a product that is useful to the general population. The reason every high end store charges considerably more for their goods and services is because they have created better value for their customers.
He says that the way a company creates value for its customers determines costs and thus affects profits. The Support Activities on the other hand involves a process and departments that help the Primary Elements come into play. Some of the things we use are manufactured half way across the world from your local convenience store.
This focus allows us to see a rapid ROI for our customers as well as increases the value to the end consumer in the form of excellent customer service. One of the big reasons is that we replace collaboration with compromise, control, or some combination of the two. Don’t get me wrong, it does not guarantee good things – but it enhances the possibility of good things happening.
Our leading Agile Transformation Solution is an integrated approach that combines Agile values and principles, scaling patterns and change management methods to deliver sustainable business results across the organization. In a very short amount of time, the word that once made us initially think of fluffy white things in the sky, can now make is think first about data storage. This used to make us think of chopping away at something, but now makes us think of someone shady breaking into top secret computer databases.
While the Page Number feature lets you easily adjust the page number, it also helps you change the numbering style and apply different formatting to make page numbers look prominent. As shown in the screenshot below, we have included a document in which we will be inserting page numbers with different styles.
From Page Numbering, you can let Word know from which page number it should start inserting page numbers. Select the page number section (either header or footer), and navigate to the Design tab and from Options group, enable Different First page option. Doesn’t Microsoft have anything better to do than to fix problems that don’t exist???
I decided to just create two separate documents from the original, use roman number lowercase for the numbering of one, and then traditional arabic numbering for the other (the body of the thesis).

Why is there a Different First Page option if all it does is blank out the page number and still makes the 2nd page Page 2. For example, I need 20 pages that are numbered from 1- 20, then I have 30 pages that are not numbered, while later on I need another 10 pages numbered.
You will have to do one more step and click back on the Page Number icon and select one of the options but I like Current Position. Those of us who are heavy users AND who have to edit others’ documents have spent – literally, what do you think? Things like the procurement office, human resources department, technical department and the business’s infrastructure. Collaboration, not Compromise or Control, could be another way of stating the Agile value of people and interactions over process and tools. If you’re working on a large document with a lot of pages, you may need to insert page numbers to keep the different sections of the document in order. I did exactly what you said right there, and now have the numbering start at the right page, and have it shown in the right places. If I start a document from a scratch then I can resolve this by creating section breaks, but if I start numbering on an existing document, then this becomes real trouble. If you have numerous section breaks in your document and your page numbers don’t increase consecutively go back into Page Numbers in the Design tab, select format page numbers and select the box that says continue from previous section. I keep making it continuous by going to the start of each section and clicking ‘Continue from next section’, which seems to work: 635 pages all numbered consecutively – lovely.
This often involves finding the raw material for manufacturers or just simply packaging and marketing for retailers. They take these products, package them in such a way that when presented to the end user, it will create and add value to the lives but most importantly, it will be convenient for them to buy. But with wealth comes higher standards and expectations, which means the store has to be able to provide better and more suited products to satisfy their clients’ demands and expectations.
The major difference between a supply chain and a value chain is the simple fact that within a supply chain, there is no value added.
A product produced or manufactured on a continent you have only heard of in your Geography lessons is essential for your daily consumption. If a team has the experience from all of these methods, they are likely to be able to find a process that fits their needs and context.
We are going to take an in-depth look at what value chain is and we’ll also review some similarities and mostly the differences between that and a supply chain. The reason you always find this product on the shelves at your convenience store is because supply chains never rest. This is the type of collaboration we need, not only for creating the right system in which to work, but also for making other decisions. One product or material is taken from one company or from one end and transported to the other. Being that this is work in process, please help me work this out and smooth the flow of this idea.
It is not compromise, though potentially someone with a strict “we must do these practices this way” attitude may think it is. What most people don’t realize is that these insurance companies have to get insurance as well. Of course there are procedures involved such as proper storage and careful transportation but that is about it.
That is a very simplistic way of looking at supply chains but it brings out the essence of the whole concept. In this post, we will guide you through the steps of inserting page numbers in Word 2010 and customizing page number format and styles. They do so by signing much larger re-insurance policies thus ensuring that the policies their clients buy are underwritten by someone better equipped to cover the necessary charges. In value chains, as much as there is transportation and some storage involved, the main purpose of a value chain is to add value to the product so as to make it presentable to the client. So what your insurance company has done, is taken the cost, broken it down to an affordable figure and presented it to you in a convenient manner. That way, you get your much needed insurance and the insurance company gets its much needed business, everybody wins. The major difference as mentioned earlier is that with a supply chain, there is no need for some functions like packaging or marketing the product.

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