On August 28, 2012, tropical storm Isaac achieved hurricane force and was predicted to make landfall on the Gulf Coast of the United States sometime overnight. NHC forecasters expected Isaac to strengthen a bit before reaching shore, and warned of potential flooding from rainfall of 7 to 14 inches (18 to 36 centimeters), with localized precipitation up to 20 inches (50 centimeters). The five-day forecast suggested that the hurricane and its remnants would head straight up the Mississippi River basin and perhaps to the Ohio River—potentially offering some relief in areas where the river has been exceptionally low.
NASA is just days from launching an intensive multi-year study of hurricane formation and evolution in the Atlantic Ocean.
Read a more detailed description of Isaac from the satellite view at NASA’s Hurricane Resource Page. Take white paint and make three dots at one side of nail and connect them so that it forms a shape of cloud.
Take a piece of sponge, paint the colors: violet, blue, and green, yellow, red in a sequence so that it forms combination of a rainbow. Mani-pedi madness has hit these days thanks to the latest long lasting low dry time treatment.The last fad in nail fashion.

So I think at one time or another all us Millennials had one of those large city skyline art pieces from Ikea hanging on our walls. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and although I love me a great piece of chocolate my metabolism prefers Art!
A category 1 storm, Hurricane Isaac approached the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. They also warned of a storm surge that could reach 6 to 12 feet (2 to 3.5 meters), depending on the timing of landfall and of local tides.
But the heavy rains could also provoke severe flooding, as the parched ground and dried up crops will not necessarily absorb that much water.
Known as the Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) mission, the project will use robotic Global Hawk airplanes to fly over and through storm systems. Hurricane watches and warnings were posted from Intracoastal City, Louisiana, to the Mississippi-Alabama border. The Suomi-NPP satellite also captured this nighttime view of the storm around midnight on August 27-28.

The storm was moving northwestward toward the mouth of the Mississippi River at 10 miles (17 kilometers) per hour, with maximum sustained winds of 75 miles (120 kilometers) per hour.
Though just a category 1 storm, Isaac’s slow forward motion had the potential to pile up more water in the storm surge. A principal goal is to learn more about what makes tropical storms intensify into hurricanes. I do not have any nail art tool kits, nigher I am perfect at drawing, but willingness and efforts can do wonders !! Some even include another rain related object like a cloud in their tattoo.But if you are looking something that is not run of the mill and depicts the rain as part of the tattoo design, here are some that you can use.

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