Materials: Old sheet, balloons, sticky tape, flour, water, newspaper, pillow stuffing, and spray adhesive. A few years ago, I had great fun creating some great big clouds to be used at the entrance to The Farm Chicks Show. In 2002, as a mom of four young boys, Serena dreamed of taking her inspiration and creating a fun and happy little antiques sale. Serena's Farm Chick Style can be found periodically in the pages of Country Living Magazine, as well as her books: "The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen" and "The Farm Chicks Christmas". This is so cool!I had my room redone so i just had to hang one up!So now my walls are blue and my ceiling is cloudy! Other suggestions: use 10 inch balloons if you want a bedroom size cloud, use grey balloons to both know how much you have left to paper mache. I would use monofilament (fishing line,) tied around a few of the balloons’ knots during the initial steps, making sure to keep them free throughout the latter stages of the project. Saw this on my weekly pinterest email, followed it and found this…wow, what an amazing project to do with kids! I hung the clouds by taking some really strong fishing line and running 3 lines one way and 3 lines the other way, all across the bottom, then wrapping all of it up and around the top of the cloud. Found this on pinterest, don’t know what I will ever use it for…but this is to cool not to pin and pass on! Coffee Cups and CrayonsSimple play ideas, learning activities, kids crafts and party ideas, plus acts of kindness for kids! If your kids love weather too then you are in luck!  I’m teaming up with Inspiration Laboratories, Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas, and Learn Play Imagine to bring you three days of science activities this week.  Today we are all sharing weather themed ideas and will be back on Wednesday featuring liquid activities and on Friday with some flower science fun!

About Megan SheakoskiMegan is the creator of Coffee Cups and Crayons, a blog full of simple fun and learning. Of course, I will tell him the truth a couple of days later: everybody knows clouds are make by flying unicorn ponies ridden by little incontinent angels. Just as well I don't give a toss anymore, otherwise I would be interested in what the photo actually is. That's the second registered user I've come across here today that seems to have bug up their butt.
Steven Universe storyboard artist Lauren Zuke has left Twitter and deleted her account after days of harassment from an aggressive subsection of Steven Universe fans. Blow-up the balloons then arrange and tape them according to the shape of cloud you want to imitate. Tiffy Quake has created this awesome cloud with lightning and rain effect light, you can make one with just a few household items.
A few years ago, I had great fun creating some great big clouds to be used at the entrance to The Farm Chicks Show.
Make a cloud with your older Gold Coast Kids which requires a medium budget and skill level.
Dip shreds into the paste, removing excess paste as you lift from bowl, and smooth all over the balloons, until they are fully covered. To do so, use a spray adhesive, and spray little sections at a time, and adhere little bunch by bunch of the stuffing. I’m looking to adapt one for a lighting project but it would need to be light enough to lift with one hand.

My daughter wants to be a cloud for Halloween and I want something that has a real shape…. I then took all six of the lines and tied them into a good tight know at the top (tying 5 or 6 times) and then I took another long piece of line, ran it under the knot and hung from the ceiling. She believes that kids’ activities don’t have to be complicated to be fun and that learning is better with play. You can make this dream into reality by hanging clouds on their ceilings and let their imagination work. Dip shreds into the paste, removing excess paste as you lift from bowl, and smooth all over the balloons, until they are fully covered.
Toilet roll stamping for all ages and budgets, and build a train with pasta for more advanced skills using a medium sized budget. My main problem will be adjusting the cloud around a tube (or more ideally a pair of shorts) for my body to go through so that it looks like I’m riding in the cloud. Even if sometimes it's not news (eg this picture) , his are the stories I click most because they make me smile. Today the show fills the Spokane County Fairgrounds, features nearly 300 curated spaces, and Serena proudly describes it as "The happiest antiques show on earth". These cheap-arse hoverboards, which usually ran from $200 to $500, had the fatal flaw of randomly bursting into flames due to really terrible quality control of their poorly manufactured batteries.

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