In this tutorial we will show you how to create a shiny, gold, old world text effect using layer styles in Photoshop.
In this tutorial I will take you through the steps and techniques of creating a golden compass.
Today we will be making a 2010 Olympic Gold Medal similar in style to those used in the current Vancouver Winter Games. Photoshop is an awesome multifarious tool that allows achieving a lot of different things related to photo editing and graphics. One of the best thing about Photoshop is that learning to use it is not at all difficult – thanks to all the amazing Photoshop tutorials available out there. In addition to Cropping images, and performing a Perspective Crop, you can also resize the image canvas using the new and improved Crop tools in Photoshop CS6. I think if you have a workspace which is obviously for image manipulation for web, then everything should default to pixels and not inches. If you show the rulers, then change the measurement unit from Inches to Pixels, the next time you use the Canvas Size tool, it will default to pixel units as well. You could do this in earlier versions of Photoshop too, so this is in no way a new feature. This blog contains opinions and thoughts that are my own and that are not necessarily shared by the company that I work for. Before we go any further, I should point out that the pattern is sitting on its own layer above the white background in the Layers panel, and that the layer is active (highlighted in blue). Since my pattern layer is the active layer and nothing else is selected, as soon as I choose Free Transform, a thin bounding box appears around the pattern, and if we look closely, we see a small square in the top center, bottom center, left center, and right center, as well as a square in each of the four corners.
Let's begin with a look at the most basic ways to reshape the selected area with Free Transform.
One potential problem when reshaping things with Free Transform is that, well, we've reshaped them.
To resize something with Free Transform, hold down your Shift key, which will constrain the aspect ratio and prevent you from distorting the original shape, as you drag any of the corner handles. Rotating an image or selection with Free Transform is a little bit different and doesn't require us to drag any handles. It may be hard to see, but if you look closely in the center of the bounding box, there's a small target symbol. To move the image or selected area around inside the document with Free Transform active, click anywhere inside the bounding box (that is, anywhere except the target symbol) and drag it around with your mouse.
If you need to select one of these additional options and you already have Free Transform active, there's no need to select them from the Edit menu.

With Skew selected, if you click and drag any of the side handles, you'll tilt the image while keeping the sides parallel.
Dragging a corner handle with Skew selected will scale the two sides that meet at that corner. With Distort selected, click on a corner handle and simply drag it around in any direction. Dragging a side handle in Distort mode is also similar to Skew in that it will tilt the image or selection, but again, you're given complete freedom of movement, allowing you to both skew and scale the area in a single drag. In Perspective mode, dragging a corner handle either horizontally or vertically causes the opposite corner to move in the opposite direction, which can create a pseudo-3D effect. With Free Transform active, you can temporarily switch to the Skew, Distort or Perspective modes directly from the keyboard without having to select them from any menu.
Creating pattern brushes can save time and is a great technique to add to your design skills. Check the list given below out, pick your favorite text effect tutorial and start creating it for your own. I have a client who frequently sends me dozens upon dozens of images for his website that need canvas size adjustment; as trivial as it seems, switching from inches to pixels is one more step in an already tedious process.
I can’t wait until I can create nice images for my blog but I guess like everything else it will come in time. The only thing they changed since CS5 is that it used to wait for you to press enter before updating the canvas. Adobe allows its employees to share their opinions publicly through the use of blogs, Twitter, and other forms of social media. Photoshop's Free Transform command is one of its most useful and popular features, a one-stop shop for resizing, reshaping, rotating and moving images and selections within a document. If you're using Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud), you'll want to check out our fully updated Photoshop Free Transform Essential Skills tutorial.
This is important because the Free Transform command is not a selection tool and wouldn't be able to select the pattern on its own if it was not on its own layer. To adjust the area's width, click on either the left or right handle and, with your mouse button still held down, simply drag the handle left or right.
They may be wider, thinner, taller or shorter, but they no longer look the way they did originally.
This symbol represents the center of the transformation, which is why, by default, it's in the center. It offers a plethora of amazing features, each having its own great usability and importance.

These tutorials definitely help you achieve similar effects and also learn some new tricks and tips. Set the size to say 400px by 400px then go to Image>Image Size, the size will be whatever the Canvass Size is. IMO they ruined the tool, by making the canvas more around too much while you’re dragging, and now you actually have to press cancel or accept to escape the tool. In this tutorial, we learn the essential skills and shortcuts for getting the most out of this powerful feature, including how to switch to other helpful transform modes without leaving Free Transform! To adjust the height, click on either the top or bottom handle and, again with your mouse button still held down, drag it up or down. Sometimes that's what we want, but more often, we just want to resize something, making it smaller or larger overall but keeping the original shape intact.
It's also why my pattern rotated around its center, since it was actually rotating around that target symbol. The reason why I am doing it this way, I am sending the image to Kinko’s to print for me. It used to be you just hit the shortcut for a different tool and the crop tool would cancel, but now they made it much more annoying. Even if you don't like keyboard shortcuts, this is one you really should take a moment to memorize because chances are, you'll be using Free Transform a lot and selecting it from the Edit menu each time just slows you down. For example, you may need to make a photo smaller so it fits better in a collage or other design layout. We can change the rotation point simply by clicking on the target symbol and dragging it somewhere else. These Photoshop text effects tutorials allow creating some really cool and amazing text for your artwork and design. You don't want the person in the photo to suddenly appear tall and skinny or short and fat because you've reshaped the image. These can make your design loot a lot more attractive and help you impart a specific feel you want.

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