Use the sponge to apply a thin layer of pale gold paint over the white paint to the bottle and allow to dry thoroughly. To protect the paint, spray a layer quick-drying matt spray varnish over the bottle and allow to dry thoroughly. Add a row of rhinestone stickers around the rim of the bottle, again using Super Glue to affix them thoroughly. The egg in a bottle demonstration is an easy chemistry or physics demonstration you can do at home or in the lab.
If the colours are too sheer, you may end up with a very thick layer of polish at the tip, which will chip more easily. Add the second cloud with the final colour, making sure you run the brush along the free edge of the nail to cover the tip. Subscribe to SoNailicious Newsletter here to get our weekly email updates with the latest nail news.
If you are planning on a budget or you just want personalized centerpieces at your reception, try making this DIY Wine Bottle Centerpiece. If necessary, use mineral turpentine to remove any glue residue from where the label was stuck.

Apply paint all the way up to the top lip of the bottle, but do not paint the base of the bottle. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you would link it up to the linky party I just started for homeschool spots and ideas!
It’s also a great way to cover up chips or tipwear (the thin line of bare nail at the tip after wearing a colour for a few days).
You could use wine bottles that you and your future spouse have finished together to make the simple wedding centerpiece more meaningful.
If you use too large of an egg, it will get sucked into the bottle, but stuck (resulting in a gooey mess if the egg was soft-boiled).
I have heard of this being done using liquid nitrogen, but that sounds dangerous (could shatter the glass).
The egg is pushed in as the air inside the bottle is chilled.How It WorksIf you just set the egg on the bottle, its diameter is too large for it to slip inside. The pressure of the air inside and outside of the bottle is the same, so the only force that would cause the egg to enter the bottle is gravity.
If you can lower the pressure inside the bottle enough, the air pressure outside the bottle will push the egg into the container.It's easy to see how the pressure changes when you chill the bottle, but why is the egg pushed into the bottle when heat is applied?

When you drop burning paper into the bottle, the paper will burn until the oxygen is consumed (or the paper is consumed, whichever comes first).
The heated air pushes the egg out of the way, making it appear to jump on the mouth of the bottle. Hot air escapes from the bottle until the pressure both inside and outside the bottle is the same. As the bottle and air inside continue to cool, a pressure gradient builds, so the egg is pushed into the bottle.How to Get the Egg OutYou can get the egg out by increasing the pressure inside the bottle so that it is higher than the pressure of the air outside of the bottle. Roll the egg around so it is situated with the small end resting in the mouth of the bottle. Alternatively, you can apply negative pressure to the bottle by sucking the air out, but then you risk choking on an egg, so that's not a good plan.

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