If WATG has their way, the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be the greenest yet – thanks to their awesome design proposal entitled The Cloud Bridge. The remainder of the 2016 Olympic site will include mountain forest habitats which consist of a variety of indigenous flora that celebrate the Mata Atlantica. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. The first one is obvious to most Pokemon veterans, that being the fact that this evolution has far too much detail for a Pokemon design.
Nevertheless, it's a fun design that will put some wind under the wings of gryphon Pokemon hopefuls. Many fans have come up with tiger-like designs for Litten's evolutionary line, and this artwork by REBioHazard shows the potential of the full line.
The only issue with this evolution chain is that REBioHazard appears to have forgotten the most important element: fire. Whatever the case, Lupus's designs are certainly a personal favorite for being true to the Pokemon art style, as well as bringing in some interesting ideas.
The designs are certainly interesting to look at; however, Popplio and Rowlet's final evolutions being so nightmarish defeats any possibility at a realistic prediction. The secondary evolution for Rowlet at the bottom does seem quite in-character for the series, though. Could it have possibly been another 4Chan leak in disguise as a fake Pokemon post? Returning to the realm of possible true concepts, DevilDman's Litten concept is drawn in true Ken Sugimori style.
Worst case scenario is right on the money when it comes to DeepFriedYogurt's final evolution design for Popplio. Just like DevilDman's Litten concept, Pumpkin Soup's designs take after Ken Sugimori's art style in the best possible way.
In this design we can see some inspiration from Pokemon like Buizel and Milotic, namely in the water ring around its neck, and the majestic nature of the third evolution.
GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers! DualShock 5 may not have any buttons; rather, it could have touch-based buttons akin to a gamepad layout you may find in an iOS game. The DualShock 5 will keep the classic shape of the DualShock line, yet the area in which the controls lie will be one single screen.
Alternatively, you can pause the game, read the text message on the DualShock 5’s screen, and text back on the device itself. Want to stream music from your smartphone to your headset or even the external speaker of your controller? Sure, you can share your gameplay with others with the PS4, but with the PS5 you are going to be able to share your gameplay with literally any streaming service of your choice – simultaneously! The DualShock 5 will be able to stream comments from specific streaming websites to your mobile devices.
In short, the DualShock 5 will be unique in that not only is it the first fully-virtual PlayStation controller, but it takes advantage of existing technology so you can have the best experience in gaming.
Inspired by the Amazon River and Brazil’s extraordinary cultural and ecological heritage, the bridge surrounds the Carioca Plaza, where the Olympic celebrations and ceremonies would be staged, and consists of colorful tree-like structures that not only provide shade but also collect rainwater.

These will resemble the topography of Rio de Janeiro and will also feature interpretive displays and reference points that will guide visitors navigating the complex.
We also got to see the starter Pokemon for Generation 7 for the first time, and did they get popular quick! Instead of staying with the owl motif, Vinciruz goes above and beyond into gryphon territory. While some Pokemon in the fourth generation did get pretty complex, the art style has been returning to its roots in base colors and simplicity. An overwhelming majority of Pokemon typically stick to a certain creature type as they evolve. Otherwise, the art style for the two Fakemon in this image could certainly make the transition into a Pokemon game, provided that the level of detail (particularly on the final evolution) is toned down a bit. By using the original starter Pokemon concepts as a base, and the fan-deduced "Circus Act" theme among the Sun and Moon starters, Lupus came up with the Magician Hootdini, and the Strongman Brawlion. Tack on top of that the sleek design of Litten's final evolution and it is unlikely that any of these will ever see the daylight as true Pokemon characters. While the color and overall design does seem like something possible (provided a bit more of an 'anime' touch), a desireable Pokemon this is not.
Each Fakemon looks like it could be a very real evolution, and they all have interesting details.
As Rowlet evolves in her interpretation, the Pokemon naturally grows more greenery on its body, similar to many grass-type starters in the past. With a new console generation upon us, it’s enough to make a person wonder exactly what the next console generation will be like. However, when you press a button on the DualShock 5, it is going to simulate the feedback that players feel whenever they press a button on a traditional controller. The controller’s screen automatically displays the current, traditional DualShock 5 layout whenever your PS5 is powered on, and if a game needs to use a specific controller layout (or add a new button altogether), you are notified via the controller before playing the game.
As long as your PS5 has an active Wi-Fi connection, your DualShock 5 controllers will automatically charge themselves once they reach a certain threshold. The DualShock 5 will be able to display your text message on the screen of your controller (or on the screen of your television – you can change the option in the menu), to which you can speak , it will type your message onto your smartphone.
You can choose to take the call through your controller, to which you will be able to hear and speak with the caller by holding your controller.
In the settings menu of your DualShock 5 controller, you can state that your gameplay is streamed to any streaming site of your choice. For example, if you want to see comments from Facebook and Twitch, you can sync your mobile device to your PS5 controller and watch the comments stream straight to your mobile device. The PS-VR, PS-eye and PS-move is great, but when all came to an end, I just want to relax and play a good game.
We are a PS5 fan site and NOT affiliated with SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.) nor endorsed by SCEI. The idea is to create a program that will instill pride in the Brazillian people – not only in their athletic accomplishments, but in their wonderful cultural and ecological heritage as well. Fans have been trying their best to guess what these three cuties will look like in their final forms, so we've compiled a list of some of the best fan artwork of these "Fakemon" just for you!

While he does stick with the Hawaiian theme, this Rowlet evolution interpretation has a couple of noticeable flaws. In this evolutionary chain, Litten slowly moves from cute, to angry, until it is poised at the end of the chain. From the simplistic design, to the choice of colors, and even the patterns on the fur, this Litten evolution is the most realistic yet.
It also seems to share some design inspirations from Pokemon such as Pidgeot, Hoothoot, and more. However, I would maybe criticize that it went a little too far as it feels out of place among the other two. Case in point: I’ve found myself wondering exactly what we are going to expect with the announcement of the PS5 DualShock 5 controller, which will probably be released sooner than you think (if, of course, cloud gaming does not make our consoles irrelevant that is, yet that is another argument for another time). For example, when you press ‘X’ to jump, the controller will provide a sensation into your thumb that makes it feel as if you are actually pressing the button due to the controller simulating the weight of the button and the mechanism that allows the button to be pressed. Learning more about what each button does is simple as well, as you can press the ‘Help’ icon in the top right corner of the controller at any time.
The charge of your controller can be accessed via a menu on the controller itself, and you can choose whether you want the controller to charge at a certain point during the night (e.g.
Say, ‘Send’ (or another custom phrase, you can change this is the settings), and the DualShock 5 will communicate with your smartphone and send the text message.
The DualShock 5 will have an ‘external apps’ feature, which you can use certain apps on your mobile devices for use with the controller. For example, with one press of the ‘Share’ button, your gameplay can be streamed to Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Twitch, UStream, YouTube – and people from these sites can communicate with you in real-time!
You don't take the game with you from your home console, you continue the game at your home TV. In a sense, the DualShock 5 simulates not only the controls of a gamepad, but also the depth in which we use the controls. To ensure players do not accidentally press this icon during gameplay, the ‘Help’ icon is only accessibly when pressing the ‘Start’ button. You can reroute the call to your headset device, to which you can speak with the caller using your preferred headset while you use the controller. For example, if you want to listen to Pandora all day through your Turtle Beach headset but your iPad is in another room, you can allow the controller to communicate with the iPad and stream Pandora into your controller, which you can hear with your Turtle Beach headset. In fact, if you are playing with a party on your PS5, you can actually have the caller speak to all of them in-game!
You will never have to worry about your controller dying in the middle of a game ever again!

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