It's now a full year since Windows 10 was first, and to thank the Insiders who have been providing feedback to help shape the direction of the operating system, Microsoft has a couple of gifts and a little surprise. As well as handing out an exclusive-to-Insiders wallpaper package and a Ninja Cat animated GIF, Microsoft has also awarded Insiders with a surprise badge that appears next to their profile in the Feedback Hub. There is the promise of more badges to come, but the anniversary of Windows 10's launch gives Microsoft a good opportune time to reflect on the last year and share a few interesting facts.

In an email to testers, the Insider team says: "Over the last year, Windows Insiders like you have continued to help make Windows 10 even more amazing. We want to gain a greater understanding on what people are trying to achieve whether its starting a business, creating art, learning a skill, or building a career and how Windows can help. We will use this information as an input into future release planning so our Insiders are using our technology as a superpower as they achieve whatever they set out to do or learn.

We want to show how Windows 10 can be leveraged so that Insiders can achieve their career and dream goals.

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