The difference is that your files will be stored on your Ubuntu home server instead of a server located in an unknown location somewhere in the world.
We need to setup a Port forwarding rule so that when you are accessing your server from outside your home, your router can direct your connection to the right computer. Now that ownCloud 8 server setup is complete, ownCloud is now accessible from any computer with an internet access. After enabling the External Storage Support app, nothing showed up in the ownCloud interface so I'm not sure how to use this new feature to use Dropbox or Google Drive with ownCloud.
Recently, ownCloud got an Android application so you can easily access your files using a mobile device.
Because it is available via repository, installing OwnCloud 6 on the listed Linux systems is easy. After successfully configuring lamp server on your system, Let’s download latest ownCloud from its official website. Now extract downloaded archive under website document root and setup appropriate permissions on files and directories.

After extracting code, let’s create a mysql database and user account for configuring ownCloud. Really enjoy following this site via RSS, and thank you for all the well laid out tutorials! The next page will be an ownCloud popup providing links to different syncing apps for PC, Android and iOS.
You can also access or sync your mobile devices to ownCloud from any mobile device using the free Android or iOS apps.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. And hardly take a few minutes to install.I have posted some how to on installing owncloud in CentOS and Ubuntu as well. Here we are also creating owncloud user in mysql and only giving privileges to owncloud database. Here I am using username as admin,you can also use any other name and that username will be admin of owncloud web console.

As you may know, OwnCloud is a web service that allows you to upload data via browser or by using a software client (similar to Dropbox, let’s say). Follow the instructions for your system exactly, in order to get a successful installation.
If you have already running LAMP stack skip this step else use followings commands to set up lamp on Ubuntu system. There will also be additional prompts, hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard to leave the default settings. After starting from scratch several times (I mean, fresh install of OS, just to make sure everything was clean), this worked. In step seven I placed them in proper order so you can copy and paste it from there if you want.

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