When Apple started switching its Macs over primarily to solid state storage, one downside is that often comes with less storage due to the higher cost.
Apple included a number of terrific features that can finally help free up space on your Mac in a drastic way, whether that means keeping more stuff in iCloud or just quickly getting rid of your junk files.
Basically the perk of this is if you need more computer storage, you’ll be able to get some by tapping into iCloud Drive, but if you have enough to hold all of your Desktop and Documents files nothing changes. You can turn this feature on by clicking the Apple logo in your menu bar and choosing About This Mac. Yet another automatic deletion feature lets you opt to get rid of any old movies or TV shows you’ve already watched as well as old email attachments that have been gathering dust in Mail. If you want to manually get rid of large, old files on your computer that you don’t need anymore, macOS Sierra has a great tool built in for that too.

You can also see your various other categories of content like movies, music, photos and see how you can optimize storage for those too.
The sorting was less than perfect, with several screenshots slipping into other categories, but not a single actual photo got caught in the app’s algorithm.
So before you start scrolling through your camera roll, trying to pick out every pointless image taking up storage space on your phone, give Magic Cleaner a try. As such, our Macs have been filling up with larger and larger files with no remedy to free up space. All your files will still be available to access on your Mac, but when your Mac starts running low on storage, these folders will automatically start removing old and unused files from local storage so that you can just download them again on demand as needed. First, you can opt to get rid of TV shows or movies you’ve watched already, which you could download again at any time from your iTunes purchases.

But macOS Sierra is around the corner and a huge focus of the new operating system is its storage optimization. You can also choose to only download recent email attachments rather than all email attachments.
From the System Information window, just locate Reduce Clutter at the bottom and click Review Files.
You’ll be taken to your documents where you can browse files with the largest ones at the top to quickly delete.

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