If I was a girl I would totally want to do things to him like make him taco, run my hands through his eyelashes, and read Harry Potter to him. In all seriousness, Zac Efron has made a seriously impressive body transformation over the last few years. From looking lean and defined in Neighbors to now getting totally jacked & ripped in the new Baywatch movie.
Here’s how you can pull of a similar Zac Efron body transformation if you follow the steps below. He put on at least 10 pounds of solid muscle on his upper body and looks like an absolute beast now. I remember how a ton of guys wondered how Efron got in shape for Neighbors, but his Baywatch physique is at a whole other level. Getting a body like him in Neighbors is more of a fat loss issue where you need to focus on losing fat but if you want to look like Zac in Baywatch, then you really need to focus on lifting hard and eating more. But for Baywatch, I would estimate that Zac Efron is about 5-10 pounds heavier putting him at 165-170 pounds.
The crazy thing is that he’s about the same body fat in both Neighbors and Baywatch, he simply has much more muscle in the latter.
But there are a few tricks of the trade you can use to help speed up the process of getting a body like Efron.
This is why it’s so important to focus on building your shoulders to get that lean, aesthetic look. You want to know why 99% of guys fail flat on their face when they see a guy like Zac Efron and decide they want a body like his?
He looks completely different now, but he put in that extra 1-2 years of work to pack on all that extra muscle. No matter what workout you’re doing, your routine should be primarily focused around heavy compound lifting. However, focusing the majority of your workout exercises like barbell curls, cable crossovers, tricep extensions is a bad idea. Assuming your workout is structured intelligently, you can workout anywhere from 3-5x per week without burning out.

As you get more advanced, it’s recommend that you bump up your training frequency and volume so your body can adapt to the larger work load. If you must do cardio for sports or whatever, make sure you observe your energy levels and consume extra calories to compensate for the cardio. Or if you really just want to way to jack up your conditioning levels, do more sprints and HIIT.
Let’s assume you already have a fair amount of muscle, and simply want to lose some fat.
You simply need to maintain your current level of strength, eat in calorie deficit and make sure you get enough protein. But don’t think that you need to follow this exact diet too if you want to get ripped.
People always ask me for a specific list of foods that they should eat if they want to get ripped but that list doesn’t exist.
If you want to learn more about my super flexible approach to nutrition, check out this article on Macro FLEX Tracking.
If you want to eliminate all the guesswork about how to workout and diet to get a ripped Baywatch body like Zac Efron, then checkout Superhero Shredding 2.0. It was designed with for the sole purpose of helping guys build that lean and muscular Hollywood physique and includes all the different workout and dieting plans you need to see amazing results. Leave any questions you have on Zac Efron’s workout or any other fitness related questions. Experience is fine but saying that those couple bodybuilders you know got abs by not training them and then believing that to be the case for everyone is very dangerous thinking. Abs are muscles like any other body part, and should be directly trained like anything else. If you play soccer or any other sports, your main goal to maintain muscle should be to consumer extra cals to compensate for the cals burned while playing soccer.
You forgot to mention that he’s probably take GH, andros, and whatever else his Hollywood doctors can put him on to make sure his body is at peak levels for growing muscles and staying lean. Cardio isn’t bad but can definitely take away from energy (both mental and physical) that could be used towards building muscle which is what most guys are aiming to do.

We advise booking this well in advance, because the beer bike is outrageously popular in Budapest at the moment.
You can substitute wine, cider, or other drinks for beer, just please let us know when you’re inquiring.
You don’t have to pedal the whole time (we don’t want you to suffer), please make sure to tell your guide if you want to pedal less and take more brakes (screeeeech! A comparison of the highlights of Krakow and Budapest so you can decide where to have your hen weekend. Organising a hen weekend is tough so we do it all for you, give you a local guide and a 24hr concierge you can call. A physique like his is achievable naturally, and comparing yourself to zac is always a losing battle. Cardio is great for mantaining muscle (works your core, back etc.) This is a common misconception as muscle is lost simply because when you burn calories from running, you will sometimes end up with a calorie deficit. Your local rep will meet you in your hotel lobby and help arrange taxis, which you pay directly.
That means no hidden costs and a simple 200 GBP deposit that guarantees your weekend and means you don't pay anything else until you arrive.
Bring blankets, picnic basket, food and the booze – that will already be there on the bike.
Although abs are being worked in compound movements so yeah in the gym but not necessarily with exercises like leg raise and clutchen etc. As long as you keep your (quality) calorie intake up after cardio, you can still gain muscle.

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