With Western Digital, however, it will be a breeze to store and manage your files for all your school activities. The WD Black Mobile 2.5-inch Hard Drive is the best option for students with previous generation laptops that need more storage with high endurance levels.
While stuff like pens, notebooks, and other materials are important, gadgets and tech are becoming increasingly vital in schoolwork.
But with more and more tasks being done electronically, storage space is now more important than ever.
In particular, college students from multimedia courses will surely find the WD Black Internal Storage extremely useful. This caters to IT Students who work rigorously in programming or virtualization for test simulated server related projects. So is having back-up option for your files, as you never know when these important files might be deleted or corrupted. It also caters to Multimedia Arts Students who spend a lot of time rendering video and photo files on their laptops.

According to the invite, company CEO Tom Moss and Shankar Parasaram, Head of India Operations will also be available for an exclusive meet at the event.
Nextbit Robin is the first of its kind smartphone to use cloud technology to free up space from the internal memory of a smartphone.
This hard drive is performance-tested and perfect for use inApple Notebooks and Windows Notebooks.
It was initially launched on Kickstarter and easily managed to surpass its crowdfunding goal in just two days. The company had listed India in its initial pre-order and it will be worth watching how the device is priced here.
Nextbit Robin's selling point here is the intelligent cloud-based system which backs up unused app data to cloud storage. With the Nextbit Robin, you will never run out of space as the phone backs up to the cloud when it is connected to Wi-FI.
And it will never put you in a situation where you have to delete something, to download a new app or click a photo The phone comes with 100GB of cloud storage free and users can buy more space if needed.

Users also have the option of pinning apps, which won’t be removed in case of a space crunch. Nextbit wants to create an experience that is as close as possible to pure Android and push timely updates. As for specs, Nextbit Robin comes with a 5.2-inch Full HD display with Gorilla Glass 4 protection on top. The handset is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 SoC which was also used in Google's Nexus 5X and Motorola Moto X Style. Nextbit Robin's power button is at the right hand side and it also doubles up as fingerprint scanner.

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