Download The Money Dominating ToolkitTM and join a community of 20,000 who are building wealth on their terms. This form is a consequence of foreclosure or bank repossession of secured real property – “acquisition or abandonment”, in IRS terms.
When you receive dividends, capital gain distributions or liquidation distributions of $10 or more, you get one of these.1 For example, when a mutual fund sells off funds and realizes a capital gain, the fund informs you of your share of the capital gain through a 1099-DIV. This form reports payments from government agencies and qualified state tuition programs – everything from state and local tax refunds and unemployment benefits to agriculture payments, gambling winnings, and taxable grants. As the LTC part hints, these forms report distributions (payments) from long term care insurance contracts and accelerated death benefits paid out as a result of a life insurance contract or a viatical settlement. You will get one of these if you receive $600 in “miscellaneous income” or more than $10 in royalties or “substitute” dividend payments in lieu of dividends or tax-exempt interest.
This form simply reports distributions from Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs), including Medicare+Choice MSAs. This obscure form reports patronage dividends – defined by the IRS as “distributions from cooperatives to their patrons.” If you have invested, in, say a farm cooperative or a clean energy plant, you are in 1099-PATR territory.
The 1099-R reports distributions from all types of retirement, pension and profit-sharing plans, and any IRA or annuity contract.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires businesses and individuals to file many different tax forms each year for the purpose of reporting income and determining taxes due. There are several different forms and each one has a different application: some are used only for reporting an individual’s income, others are used for non-profit organizations, and still others are specifically for non-resident aliens living in the country.
The MISC stands for “miscellaneous income,” because it is not covered under the general scope of salary or wage income. Failing to file the 1099-MISC form will result in under-reported wages for both your small business and the individual (independent contractor). If, however, you fail to issue the forms on purpose, with the intention of evading the IRS, the fine is increased to $250 per form. If you have read this information and realize that your small business falls under the category of paying miscellaneous income, here’s how you can file the 1099-MISC.
You must file 1099 online or via mail no later than February of the year following the tax year. The rise in freelance workers and on-demand services has brought about a new challenge for professionals in these fields: taxes. Uber driver partners must file taxes as self-employment income, which differs from the taxes of traditional workers.
Uber actually does not have to send out 1099-K’s to anyone who made under $20,000 and received less than 200 payments for driving services; they also don’t have to send a 1099-MISC to anyone who made under $600 in driver referrals.
Form 1040, which is your personal tax form, where you consolidate your income from all types of work you do. The rules for a 1099-K require Uber to report all of the payments they processed on your behalf, which is the total amount the passenger paid. Uber’s breakdown in their dashboard gives you the total miles you drove while driving passengers.
Uber doesn’t track the mileage for these extra commutes, so you’ll be responsible for keeping records on this mileage through an accounting software or similar service. While filing taxes as an Uber driver partner may be more complicated than filing as a traditional worker, being organized and understanding the process can help simplify things. For more help with taxes, see our complete guide to taxes for the self-employed, or check out our article on finding an accountant that caters to freelancers. Tristan Zier is the former co-founder and CEO of Zen99, which helped simplify life for independent workers, starting with tax and insurance tools to get organized and stay covered. The new feature added to ezW2 allows users to import employee lists, contractors lists and certain tax information from .csv files—a common format used by spreadsheet software.

Released in December, ezW2 2009 is the latest release of this popular tax-related software designed with non-accountants in mind.
Also new to the 2009 release of ezW2 is the ability to print two sets of W2 or 1099 data on one red form sheet. The download package includes a sample database, which makes sampling ezW2 2009 even easier. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
You must claim the indicated amount on the 1099-C form as income in the year the debt was forgiven. This form reports interest income of $10 or more1, and sometimes other tax items related to interest income (such as federal tax withholding or early withdrawal penalties).
That is, the difference between the stated redemption price of a bond at maturity and the issue price of that bond.
Cooperatives “primarily engaged in the retail sale of goods or services that are generally for personal, living, or family use of the members” may apply for an exemption from the 1099-PATR. This includes distributions resulting from Section 1035 exchanges (the tax-free exchange of one annuity contract for another), charitable gift annuities and Education IRAs, and PS 58 costs of split dollar life insurance plans.
By federal law, a closing attorney or real estate agent must provide a 1099-S to the person(s) receiving proceeds from the transaction.
If you think you should have gotten one of these forms but didn’t get one … or if you think one of these forms might or might not apply to your situation … be sure to talk with a qualified tax professional today. All working individuals must file personal forms to determine if they owe the government any taxes. The sheer number of forms can be confusing when trying to decide which form applies to you.
As a small business, you are subject to penalties (fines) for failing to file the 1099-MISC form.
In these cases there is no maximum limit, meaning you will be fined $250 per form regardless of how many forms you ignored and if that amount totals above $500,000. This is because copies need to be sent to four different entities: first and foremost, a copy is for you, the payer. For example, if you paid miscellaneous income to an independent contractor in 2013, you will need to issue the 1099-MISC form before the end of February 2014. However, because it is a multi-step, multi-copy form, you will need to get an original copy. Like Lyft drivers and other on-demand workers, Uber driver partners must self-report all the income they’ve earned for the year through the app. Instead of using a W-2 to report income, self-employed professionals must use a 1099 when filing taxes. However, they choose to send 1099s so that drivers remember to file taxes and have a clear summary of their earnings. That means it includes things like safe-ride fees and Uber’s commission, which are costs that Uber took out before paying you. Airbnb would be “hosting services”), you’ll need to fill out a separate Schedule C for that. Using tax software like QuickBooks Self-Employed can help you keep your books in order throughout the year. Prior to founding Zen99, Tristan was director of operations at Exec (acquired by Handy) and a CPA with Deloitte.
Newly released updates to the 2009 edition of ezW2 software now allow users to import employee and contractor data from other programs and spreadsheets. Users can export their data from other programs and spreadsheets into the .csv format and then import it into ezW2 2009.

The 2009 edition includes all state and federal updates needed for filing W2, W3, 1096 and 1099 forms in the 2010 tax season. The web site also contains several resources to help small businesses with their accounting and tax reporting needs. It shows the date the lender acquired the property or learned it had been abandoned, the balance of principal outstanding, the fair market value, and a description of the property. It also reports IRA recharacterizations (when an IRA contribution is reassigned to another IRA), and excess deferrals, excess contributions and distributions. In other words, if you have paid money to someone other than an employee, you need to fill out this form. If you have paid anyone a fee for a service related to your business, you will need to fill out the 1099-MISC form. The fine is $30 to $50 per form – that is, if you have hired 50 independent contractors throughout the year, and you fail to file the corresponding forms, you will be fined up to $2,500 for those 50 forms. The second copy is for the payee, so he or she can report the income as an individual on the 1040 tax form for individuals. Uber driver partners fall under the rules for a 1099-K for their driving services and a 1099-MISC for any other payouts (e.g.
With tax software, you can separate personal and business expenses, automate your deductions, calculate estimated taxes and more, so when April comes around, you’ll be prepared to file your year-end taxes and avoid any IRS penalties.
This saves customers time, because they don't have to enter all the information for each employee and contractor by hand. This saves customers time and money and ensures that ezW2 2009 is right for them before they buy. It is a tax form that you get in the mail if you received certain types of income during the year.
The only exception is if the total amount paid to the contractor through the course of the year is less than $600.
In most cases, you must provide your independent contractors with a paper copy of the form unless they inform you that they would rather receive a copy electronically. If you decide to efile 1099 forms this year, consider using the standard-bearer in e-filing tax returns.
Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing, and service options subject to change without notice. If the lender elects to sue you for a deficiency, you will not owe any taxes on this “unforgiven” debt. You generally have to If you receive tax form 1099-MISC for services you provide to a client as an payments you receive total $400 or more, you'll need to file your taxes a little Jump to series - The returns must be filed with the IRS by the end of February For some Forms 1099, for example, no filing is required for payees who receive A penalty may be imposed for filing forms that can't be scanned. This means that you cannot be fined more than $500,000 for failure to file 1099-MISC forms for your independent contractors and miscellaneous income. You have the same amount of time (end of February) to file with the IRS for a 30 day extension. Also, if you have more than 250 independent contractors in a year you are required to file electronically with the IRS.
If the lender forgives the debt, the difference between the fair market value of the property and the amount you owe represents “income” to you, taxable unless you have filed bankruptcy or were technically insolvent at the time of the sale.
The 1099 form is a series of documents the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) refers to as "information returns." There are a number of different 1099 forms that broker payments in lieu of dividends or tax-exempt interest.

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