Using Handoff requires that the applications support the feature, and many apps that share iOS and OS X versions do, including Safari, Mail, Pages, the iWork suite, etc.
For the example here, we’ll use Safari that is being passed from a Mac to an iPhone, but the basic idea is the same for any other supported app or device too.
This may be obvious, but the Handoff icon shown will represent the app that is active that wishes to pass off the session to the other device, meaning you’ll see the Safari icon for a Safari session, Mail icon for an email session, etc. Handoff works flawlessly between iPhone 6 and a new-ish 2012 MacBook Air, all the time, both ways, just as advertised, a very cool experience. I think Handoff and Continuity (what is it actually called?) will be like AirDrop, if you remember the first versions were a bit unreliable but after the system updates it became 100% reliable.
Yosemite is half baked, like a baked potato in the oven for 10 minutes and everyone is trying to butter and pepper the thing.
I could not get hand-off or for that matter, Airdrop, to work on my 2013 MacBook Air and iPhone 6. No need to pair with Bluetooth, just needs Bluetooth 4.0 to be active (not sure why since the session is passed through wi-fi). It seems one of the issues is when you have more than 2 devices running on the same network. One addition – once you reboot your phone or iPad make sure you unlock it with your passcode first. In my office, my MacBook is connected to the network through Ethernet (using the Thuderbolt connection to my Thunderbolt Display that servers as a docking station).
The handoff usually works on my Macbook Air and iPhone 5s 70% of the time (only for Safari, Messages, Mail apps). Leaving your iPhone or iPad might feel like a convenience, but if you ever leave it unattended, lose it, or have it stolen, it leaves you open to everything from pranks to having all your personal data exposed. You can choose to require passcode entry immediately, for maximum security, or after up to an hour, for increased convenience. This lock is OK but (as an iPhone junkie) I'm totally jealous of my brothers lock option on his Google G1 (android) that combines the swipe with a "security" code in one motion.

I didn't use this for the longest time because I always thought it would be too inconvenient. My problem is that if a set my passcode, I am obligated to have the passlock on, I want to be able to set it, so that no one can change it.
For example, you can start typing an email on your iPhone, then pass it off to your Mac and finish writing that email or send it off. For some Macs that don’t officially support Handoff, this unofficial modification can make it work anyway, though some devices would require a new Bluetooth module which makes it somewhat impractical.
That even applies to some of the Macs that are using the unofficial Handoff enabler tool for otherwise unsupported 2011 model MacBook Air and Mac Mini computers.
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Well, it is not done cooking so of course OS X Yosemite is going to taste like a raw potato. I can walk halfway down the block from my house with my iPhone and still be on my Wifi network, so that’s no indicator of where I am in relation to the Mac. Changing the name of the iOS device in General -> About and then rebooting both devices fix the issue 90% of the time. If you reboot both devices and it still doesn’t work, regardless if you are using bluetooth connected apps or devices, revert to #1.
By enabling a simple, easy-to enter 4-digit Lock screen passcode, you not only make it much, much harder for someone to get at your data, but you also make it much harder for them to do anything but user it as a paperweight if you ever lose it or have it stolen.
That means anyone who gets your iPhone or iPad and tries to brute-force their way through your passcode by entering different numbers over and over again, will be limited to 10 tries. Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you. Or if you’re reading an article in Safari on your Mac and need to rush out the door, you can quickly hand it off to your iPad and read the rest on your horse as you commute to the office. For the latter scenario that’s obviously a pretty high failure rate, but we can almost certainly expect this great feature to become considerably better and more reliable as both iOS and OS X receive further updates and bug fixes.

I can usually trigger it on the problematic older Mac by turning bluetooth off and on again, then suddenly it works, but only for a session, then I have to do the same thing again to make it work again. It seems like a simple idea that they over engineered a solution two with DUAL radio requirements. And another time answering the call on the Mac with the ringtone still ringing in the background of the conversation. There’s a lot of potential with Handoff as part of the broader Continuity experience, and it really aims to bring greater productivity to those who have an array of Apple devices. You would have to ask Apple why Handoff requires Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but you’d think with two radios they could make it work consistently. Notifyr Preference Pane – a MUST have for me to review notifications on my Mac often causes issues with handoff when I wake my mac from sleep and it reconnects.
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