Add a 3D drawing or view to a plan by dragging the file from the navigation window onto the Plan Set sheet.
Plan Set sheets can be organized into groups such as Architectural, Mechanical, and Structural.
SoftPlan 2014's 64-bit application allows fluent mobility around projects of previously unimagined scope. SoftPlan has traditionally used CPU rendering for its speed and GPU rendering for its accuracy. Update: Here is another picture I received showing someone took the callout leader and balloon far too literal. Marking revisions with a revision cloudBy Ellen FinkelsteinA revision cloud is an often-used means to indicate that certain areas of a drawing contain revisions. You often need to change the arc length to make a revision cloud look good around various sized areas.
Use the Style option to choose either Normal (the default) or Calligraphy, which creates beautiful clouds that look as if they’re created with a calligraphy pen.

When you’re done with your settings, just drag around the area to draw the revision cloud.
I have found it much easier and neater to draw an object (circle, rectangle)or, if an irregular area, a pline. Actually, the Object option for Revcloud does not draw a cloud around an object, it converts the object into a cloud.
However, why does it keep resetting the arc length to either tiny or huge when I switch between drawings where I’m using REVCLOUD?
Whether you create rectangular, polygonal, freehand, or object revision clouds, editing their size and shape with grips is intuitive and easy. In addition to easier editing with grips, a new Modify option enables you to draw new revision cloud segments and erase selected portions of existing revision clouds. Use the Arc Length option to set the minimum and maximum arc lengths that make up the cloud. Technologies, Standards and ApplicationsStandard deviation of shadow fading in suburban environmentsGame Design Workshop.

If you use the regular revcloud style, you can use the Pedit command to adjust the thickness of the Revcloud arcs. Designing, Prototyping, and Playtesting GamesDocument flowchartAfter Effects and Photoshop. For example, if the revision cloud was generated by selecting a circle, it will include a center grip and four quadrant grips enabling you to edit it like a circle. You can pick each arc point to control the size of the arcs, but if your picks are longer than the maximum arc length, AutoCAD creates the arc automatically. If it was generated by picking polygonal points, it will include vertex and midpoint grips.

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