A revision cloud indicates an area or piece of a drawing that has been or is going to be revised and a great way to draw them in quickly is by using this command. Once started you can customized the options by changing arc length, object selection and style. After that, simply click to start drawing your revision cloud and the cloud will follow your cursor, once you get close to the start point again it will automatically connect and close your cloud. Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for your free CAD Title Blocks   The form is just below as well as in the sidebar. To address the AUGI #5 wishlist request, a new Text frame property has been added to Mtext objects, enabling you to create a border around the text.
The Match text formatting button in AutoCAD 2016 is “sticky,” so you can apply the properties of the selected text multiple times within an Mtext object. The DIM command is significantly enhanced in AutoCAD 2016 and is now accessible from the Annotate ribbon tab. Options within the DIM command are now displayed at the command line and in the right-click menu, eliminating the need for you to remember which options are available and how to enter them. However, even the need to specify Dimension options is significantly reduced in AutoCAD 2016.
If you hover the cursor over a circle or an arc object, a preview of a diametric or radial dimension is displayed and the command prompt offers relevant options including the ability to switch between Radius and Diameter. The DIM command further simplifies creating dimensions by eliminating prompts to modify the dimension text and angle. If you attempt to create a dimension that overlaps with other similar dimensions, a cursor menu offers options to automatically move, break up, or replace the existing dimension in addition to simply placing the new dimension on top of the existing ones without affecting them.
When using the Baseline or Continue options, you are automatically prompted to select the first extension line origin. When editing dimension text, a width sizing control is displayed above the text, enabling you to specify the width for text wrapping. Whether you create rectangular, polygonal, freehand, or object revision clouds, editing their size and shape with grips is intuitive and easy.
In addition to easier editing with grips, a new Modify option enables you to draw new revision cloud segments and erase selected portions of existing revision clouds. When you find a useful tool in the Help window, you can click on the Find link to locate the tool in the AutoCAD user interface. If an icon is available in the Status bar but not currently visible, the UI Finder will point to the Customization Status bar icon.
When it’s set to 0, the Insert dialog box is displayed to access Blocks and traditional style lists are displayed in the Ribbon to access dimension, mleader, and table styles. The Status bar in AutoCAD 2016 can now automatically wrap onto two rows when there are more icons than can fit into a single row.

The Lock User Interface tool on the Status bar enables you to check and uncheck multiple UI elements at one time instead of having to reopen the flyout each time. New controls in the right-click menu enable you to dock the layout tabs in line with the status bar or above it. A new deployment option enables you to control whether the Start tab is displayed for install deployments.
You can press Ctrl+Home or use the new GOTOSTART command to switch focus from the current drawing to the Start tab. In this newest release of AutoCAD you can look forward to many enhancements to help you design and document more efficiently. AutoCAD is  a design and drafting software used by the engineers and architectures worldwide. Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after AutoCAD 2016 free download. Before you start AutoCAD 2016 free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements. In this post, let us see how to reinvent the Revison Cloud feature using the DrawJig in AutoCAD. With so less code, we reinvented the cool Revision Cloud which was introduced into AutoCAD not so long ago.
As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
It's available for all objects that use Mtext including mleaders, tables, and dimensions. Now the DIM command automatically creates appropriate dimensions based on the type of objects you select. An animated arrow points to the location of that tool in the Quick access toolbar and Ribbon. When the new GALLERYVIEW system variable is set to 1, thumbnail preview images of blocks as well as dimensions, mleaders, and tables display in the Ribbon.
You can now drag and drop layouts to move or copy them to positions that are hidden in the overflow menu. The new CLOSEALLOTHER command offers command line access to close all the open drawings except the one in focus.
You can use the arrows to cycle through multiple tips one at a time and the tips can now contain inline images.
It is full offline installer standalone setup of AutoCAD 2016 ISO for Windows 32 bit 64 bit PC.
There is a new Text frame property has been included to Mtext objects in order to create a border all around your text.

A preview as you pass the cursor over those objects enables you to see the resulting dimension before you actually create it. Mtext, Text, and Text Angle options are available from the command line and right-click menus if you choose to change the default values. In AutoCAD 2016 this functionality has been extended to include the Status bar and application menu. As you drag the selected layouts to the right or left edge of the layout tabs they automatically scroll, enabling you to drop the layouts into the proper position.
Text wrapping feature is also included and now text will be wrapped automatically in the dimension fields. If an appropriate dimension layer doesn’t currently exist in the drawing, you can quickly create one and apply it to the DIM command using the new DIMLAYER system variable.
For example if you launch the DIM command and hover the cursor over a linear object, a preview of the appropriate horizontal, vertical, or aligned dimension is displayed.
For example, if the revision cloud was generated by selecting a circle, it will include a center grip and four quadrant grips enabling you to edit it like a circle.
In the EntityJig, the collected point is in UCS unless explicitly specified with the Input Control; but in the DrawJig, the point coordinate is in WCS. After selecting the object you can either place the dimension or hover the cursor over another non-parallel linear object to display and place an angular dimension.
If it was generated by picking polygonal points, it will include vertex and midpoint grips.
When displayed, the Start tab remains persistent as you create and open additional drawings. The interface for AutoCAD 2016 is very intuitive and is helpful for all the users to access all the tools easily. The Status bar has also been enabled to automatically wrap onto two rows when there are number of icons which can’t be fit into a single row.
We don’t have to transform every single point from UCS to WCS back and forth to make the program look busy. AutoCAD 2016 has got a comprehensive Help file which will guide you at each and every step.
We can just push the UCS into the transformation stack at the beginning and pop it up when done.

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