A single leak in new information could become a turning point for your affiliate marketing business.
Being able to reach the market before the rest of the marketers even catch wind could lead to thousands of additional dollars in revenue due to a lack of competition.
You will learn how to tap into trends, understand the shift in youth society which impacts big business, leverage a legal requirement which can reveal the next big seller, and discover the individuals that truly matter within an organization (the ones that know the insider scoop). Facebook’s trending ticker is a great resource for finding out what’s happening in near real-time (though there is some delay by about five minutes or so). An item that suddenly hits the radar, that’s verified by the trends, and already has offers for the market can become quick wins for your affiliate business. It generally seems that the average person past the age of 30 are slow at adopting technology (just look at the demographics of major social networks in the early stages versus now).
While your competition is polling older individuals about what they want and need you can be predicting the next set of needs and wants by monitoring what’s trending for the youth this way you can get your foot in the door well before the competition gets around to the next wave.
I’ll keep this section short and sweet because it’s a pretty easy concept (and process) to understand.
It also gives you the chance to look at other manufacturers which may be producing newer items compared to what the competition is getting which will also give you an edge.
Though it doesn’t entirely fall in line with affiliate marketing this act is still very valuable for understanding the major players in the market so you can keep tabs on the competition. Finally we get to the part where we tap into our network – mainly if we have access to insiders.
You can expect people within the industry to spill every piece of detail but you can get some quality leads on where it’s going based on your talks. For example – if you had a friend working in a major industry you’re promoting and you bring up something in regards to legalities which gets them worked up and complaining about the industry than you might get a clue that there may be a rocky future for it. There is a thin line where things can get a little shady depending on how far your pry into the inner workings of a company so just be safe and obtain your information through ethical means.
Knowing these tid-bits of information can let you make appropriate plans on what to do for the coming times; this will give you a proper edge on your competitors. We take a look at Shopify and their in-house affiliate program which offers great commissions and options.

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Please watch carefully 10 video clips and together we analyze why this videos is capable of viral on Youtube.
YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms, coming only second after Google in terms of traffic. Additionally, an early lead in the industry could aid in developing your authoritative stance within the industry.
From within the Google Trends results you can plot its rise and (usually) predict its future.
On the best sellers list you can find products (and ideas for offers) that are going to earn you money versus being just a piece of news or flash in the pan-type deal.
By creating a process of plotting these trends you can always gain an edge over some competition if they’re laggards in this regard. I feel that this is largely in part that people don’t want to invest a whole lot of time into something that might not catch on.

You’re gaining access to their suppliers and depending on your income you could possibly nudge them out of the business by offering the supplier higher volume (and incentives) so they begin working mostly with you.
The same can go the other way by talking about your thoughts about the industry and hearing their opinions (which may tip you off on where it’s going and what new items will come out of it).
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You can Use PAGEHAT to get email subscribers, leads, and show off your most popular posts, special offers, coupons, polls and anything else you can think of. You need a place for people to come where they read your content, see product images or links, and click on them to visit Amazon. A niche is an audience of people, interested in something specific.This is where affiliate marketing can be fun because you can choose a niche that YOU like.

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