Though it’s a relatively new service, it is already becoming a popular method used by Non-US sellers and affiliates to withdraw earnings from Amazon. US citizens who are currently living in a different country can also use the Payoneer MasterCard to directly receive Amazon payments and withdraw it locally via any ATM with the MasterCard logo. I have talked a lot about Payoneer earlier & if you are not aware of Payoneer let me quickly explain it for you. Once your account is activated or if you already have an active Payoneer account, login to the Payoneer dashboard.
Select the option which says “Pay me by direct deposit (United States Based Associates Only)” & enter the details. I hope this helps those who are earning money from Amazon affiliate program & couldn’t find a way to receive money in their country. While this guide is primarily written for Canadians who are looking at selling on Amazon Canada, US sellers who want to list and sell on Amazon Canada would benefit as well.  I just want to hit a few important points for you to consider. The market is a lot smaller.  While my fellow US sellers enjoy dozens of sales every day, I think a good day is more than 10 sales!
Once you have completed the shipment, log in to and create an account and schedule your pickup! Luckily, fellow Canadian seller Duncan MacPherson has written a guide for us that has all the information that I wish I had 2 years ago!
I am most impressed by this series of books written by Chris Green, Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage.  If you can only get one and money is an issue, then get Arbitrage, it is only about $10.  The insight provided? Tagged amazon fba canada, how to sell on amazon for beginners, selling amazon ca, selling on amazon canada.
Milena, you have what it takes to do this because one thing that I already know about you is that you stick with things! I think it’s always a good idea to have insurance, but not sure about the rule around handcrafted items. LOL, yes my reliable source is the UPS box located right on the Seller Central shipping screen that I have used now several times. If a product is purchased from my Canadian Amazon affilliate website by an American in the US, (my ads are seen in the US) is it fulfilled by Amazon Canada or Amazon USA? No you can sell as an individual and just be sure to declare all income from all sources on your Canadian taxes. By contacting Amazon, I was able to easily figure out (tiny flag icon on s USA seller homepage) how to change to Canada or Mexico to add product.
Affiliate DisclosureAll Book and Product Reviews on this site are completely independant and not solicited or sponsored.We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. If you support what we do and appreciate the free information that we provide to then please consider purchasing through our links. Eight steps to writing a perfect lesson plan, The perfect lesson plan includes 8 parts - objective, anticipatory set, direct instruction, guided practice, closure, independent practice, required. The great gatsby curve – lesson plan - pbs newshour extra, By katie gould, teacher resource producer for newshour extra. Lesson plan: separation of powers and the power grab game, Armed with your copy of the constitution and your own knowledge of the power of your branch, you will race against the other branches to locate where a breach. I can divide my memberships into 2 major groups, one group is personal interests and the other is business development and education. The goal of joining a business group is again to network with like-minded people and to learn and sometimes teach about the particular business.  Here again, there is also the potential to share any work I may have done in this topic.
When you join a group where the owner has spent a couple years building a large audience, be sure to post your own affiliate links to take advantage of this group of interested people that they have built. When you are warned by an admin that you have violated a group rule or they have deleted your wonderful blog post for no reason, go ahead and read those rules. Be sure to tell the admin that they are bossy and on a power trip for trying to maintain rules that are clearly stupid.
So if you can’t post your own work in one of these groups then what is the point of joining them? It’s all about building relationships.  Look at the image that comes up when you first join Facebook, it says the purpose right there.

If there is a conversation happening and you feel that you have the perfect article that answers that question, then private message an admin. I hope that this information helps you and gives you a better idea of how to effectively use Facebook groups to build relationships and your business.
Tagged basic facebook etiquette, facebook etiquette 101, facebook etiquette tips, facebook group guidelines, facebook rules use. According to Gartner, the global application industry will generate 25.000 million dollars this year, a 62% percent more than last year. When reaching its 5 year anniversary, Flurry launched an intriguing statistic graphic that showed that, although mobile devices are almost all the time connected to the internet, the application use exceeds surfing the internet with a crushing difference.
The graphic shows that from the time North-Americans spend on their mobile devices and tablets, 80% is for the use of applications.
30% of the time users spend on applications is spent on other entertainment applications, on social networks, on reading news, in managing their tasks and other actions. That’s your choice, knowledgeable and dedicated apps users like me can use up to 20-30 apps compare to normal users. Is there a way to receive affiliate payment from Amazon when you’re living outside of the US? Currently, Amazon associates and sellers in the US use two ways to get paid- via cheque or wire transfer to US Bank account.
China, UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, India are some of the countries where Non-US Amazon sellers and affiliates frequently use the Payoneer MasterCard.
Do remember; you will also get a bonus of $25 once you have made a transaction of $100 using Payoneer. You need to ensure that you have filled out tax information which is mandatory to receive payment. I am starting to second guess this though because it is only in the US and there seems to be alot of headache to the process.
Therefore, some of these recommendations may result in this site earning a small commission.
This is a strategy that I borrowed from Amazon which is the best at getting people to buy products other than the one they were going to purchase initially.If a person does not buy the product that brought them to your website then they might purchase another product that you recommend.
Have you ever been banned or removed from a Facebook group and don’t know why it happened? They are normally either in a Pinned post at the top of the page or they are contained in the group ‘About’ section or the ‘Files’ section. Then you can come back and argue loudly about why you think the rules are wrong and should be changed.
If your first and only motivation is to try and pick up a few affiliate sales, it’s not worth it. Never share your links unsolicited by private message, but if you are having a conversation with someone and it comes up naturally, that is ok as long as it is more beneficial to them than it is to you. The data reveals that 63% of the applications used nowadays have nothing to do with the applications consumers used only a year ago. But the fact that Facebook gets 18% of the time, which triples the time invested in other social networks, is pretty astounding.
This in an epoch of accessing your internet needs through relevant apps and companies doing business without an app are likely to stay behind in the race of smartphone age.
Well, you are not alone as many others from various part of the world are in the same situation as you.
Other than the ones already available, is there any other payment method for Amazon associates or sellers residing outside US? My first shipment cost me $7 per item to ship!  But now I am able to keep that below $2 per item.
I looked at selling in the US but decided since I’m Canadian it would be easier to sell here. So I am now thinking to try out with and sell as an individual first and see how I do and then switch to the Fullfillment program when it seems worth it to do.
It would be easier starting with .CA since there seems to be much less competition even though demand is lower.

DO NOT overlook this step.Here is a graphic image that I drew out on a napkin showing how I link all of the articles across all of my websites. Sometimes people message me because I have shared something in a group and they get that I might have more info and they ask me. There are a couple of groups where the admins now share my articles automatically because they don’t have to explain something in detail that I have already written about.  This is a good thing! But the highest price for an application in the Apple App Store is 999.99 dollars in the Super Premium category.
It gets interesting when we see that the 32% of the time is used for game applications, while the 18% of the time users spend on the Facebook mobile application. If you want a fast and reliable service, Payoneer is a recommended payment method for Amazon associates and sellers. If you support what I do and appreciate the free information that I provide to my valued readers, then please consider purchasing through my links. I am not a right brain person so this hand drawn image is the best I can do.Let me do my best to explain this picture showing how I link all of my websites.
Does some how the order go through the US affiliate network and I get paid in the Canadian affiliate network?? To be clear does that mean I can ONLY sell to Canadians and should not advertise in the USA? This list will have the title of the article that is hyperlinked to the article.If I only show 3 articles then this is how I pick articles to link to. First I will always link to another article on the same website where this article is published.
The second recommendation is linked to an article immediately clockwise next to this website.
This strategy allows you to easily and freely create both internal backlinks within your own website as well as links to your other websites.The cross promotion uses a technique that I teach in my Amazon Affiliate Bible product. These products should come from the other 2 affiliate programs that you signed up for in Step 1.To create this get looking table, I use a free wordpress plugin called WP Table Reloaded. For weebly just click on the stats button for your website.You will find that people will use keywords that you did not cover in any of your articles to reach your website.
You will be using these keywords to write your next batch of product review articles.This allows you to rank not only for your primary keyword that you targeted initially but also for other long tail keywords. These long tail keywords will have less competition allowing you to rank quicker and easier in Google. I will tell you that I have written an article for almost every keyword somebody used to reach my website.The last part of watching analytics is to see how you are ranking for keywords that people are using to find your website. If you find yourself ranking on page one of Google for a keyword, then stop all article writing that you are doing and take the article that is ranked on page one and have it rewritten for all of your websites. When you write these articles for the other websites make sure you use the original keyword in the tags as well as some of the other new long tail keywords.ConclusionThis process does take some time.
With promoting Rogue Fitness I am venturing into the fitness arena which is very, very competitive. To offset the challenge I will face entering into the fitness market, I just signed up last week for another affiliate program for Safe Ride for Kids. The reason I love Safe Rides for Kids is that this is a unique product that doesn’t have very much competition.
The Fire Team is responsible for building the fire that attendees to Tony Robbins UPW events walk across. If you are looking for an evergreen product that does not have much competition that I recommend you look at Safe Rides for Kids.
I originally wrote out in my notes my steps and grouped them together then misnumbered them.
Leave comments here or email me if you have any questions.Jennifer Reply Cynara Saraiva July 4, 2014, 4:46 pmWhat a great article, Jennifer!

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