Trapcode Particular is a powerful third party plugin that offers functionality beyond the capabilities of the built-in particle generators in After Effects.
6 Can’t-Miss Video Industry Conferences (Fall 2016)How to Change Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts to Final Cut Pro ShortcutsSick of Premiere Pro? The sky can take on so many forms and can also create so many forms of inspiration and design.
Kayla Knight is a 20 year old college student, part-time web developer, freelancer, and blogger. After the storm while the sky was beginning to light up from the sun behind the clouds I saw the beauty of this vision and was able to capture it.

While this list definitely features some of the best Trapcode tutorials online, we found another this week that deserves to be featured. Webitect is where she spends too much of her freetime, sharing interesting finds and valuable resources. Webitect is a blog devoted, very simply, to producing fresh, high-quality content for web designers and developers.
This is admittedly my favorite Particular feature, as it allows you to create some stunning results.
The following tutorial was released by Ramiro Fernandez and demonstrates how to create realistic storm clouds using Particular.

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