Cloud Dough – the recipe for this home-made sensory play material is the easiest of all the things I’ve ever made! I first came across Cloud Dough last year via Rachelle at Tinkerlab, who in turn had spotted it on Flights of Whimsy. Last month though, I recalled it and made a note to buy Baby Oil (required for the recipe). So, whether you’re using Olive oil or Coconut Oil or hey even Sesame seed (lin seed) oil – the added advantage is the beneficial effect of these oils on the skin! Pari and her friend played in their own individual trays and each used her own set of tools as per liking to tinker with. Once they were done, I collected all the cloud dough and stored it in an air tighter container in the fridge. I’ve been subscribed to your blog for some time now, but just had the chance to catch up on your last several posts.
Tiffy Quake has created this awesome cloud with lightning and rain effect light, you can make one with just a few household items. Here’s the fifth episode in our Science at Home series co-hosted with Maggy from Red Ted Art and Life at the Zoo and others. Watch our 4th episode in the Science at Home series and take on our kitchen chemistry challenge. The clouds are made from the simplest of materials and they really do give a calming affect to any room. Sometimes for those days without clouds this project will be awesome to have hanged on the ceiling. Making these seems to be pretty straight forward but I always like to have instructions on hand in case I get stuck.
Materials: Old sheet, balloons, sticky tape, flour, water, newspaper, pillow stuffing, and spray adhesive. We've been meaning to try this wonderful sensory experience for ages now but for whatever reason I just kept putting it off.

Critters And Crayons made these HUGE tubs of cloud dough for their amazing Super Hero Birthday Party. The mould-able consistency and silky smooth texture between hands feels instantly soothing and pleasing to the senses. When making our Pink Valentine Salt Dough, I introduced Pari to Cloud Dough, but since we were so eager to make the pink salt dough for the hearts, we didn’t spend much time with the cloud dough. And over the last few weeks, Pari has played with it very often and for hours at a stretch. I gave her the canister of flour, the measuring cup, and a large steel tray (I use it to knead dough for rotis). I have to admit – I want to make my own batch of clough dough to try out all the artful possibilities like these.
Make a cloud with your older Gold Coast Kids which requires a medium budget and skill level. The difference to sand, however, is the wonderful silky smooth texture and lovely scent if you use a scented oil. Yes, it isn't a completely mess-free activity but if you take adequate precautions the clean up should be minimal. Yes, it does look like white, silky, fluffy clouds when you take a hand-full and form it with your hand clutched into a fist.
I say this because it’s not sticky, and can be easily picked up just by pressing fingers. It comes in really handy on a hot boring afternoon to keep the kiddo engrossed while you get some ‘me’ time!
I put it in a big, shallow box, set it on the floor on top of a sheet, and let the kids at it. It’s like fairy tail that is showed outside all the changing figures you can see in the clouds and the movements. Toilet roll stamping for all ages and budgets, and build a train with pasta for more advanced skills using a medium sized budget.

She insisted on laying down so she could get up close to it and observe as she played with it.
If the weather is good, I recommend taking it outside as you won't have to worry about it then. After coming home I was thrilled to peak at my own soaring clouds hanging in the dinning room and it immediately made me remember the calm and encouraged feeling I had while 35,000 feet above the coast. I was specifically asked for a, "spatula to smooth out a hill.") You never know what your children might think of on their own.
Although, if you want to store the cloud dough in refrigerator for later use, the coconut oil tends to harden.
I heated the water in a tea pot and waited until it was bubbling – before it whistled.
It doesn’t have to be perfect, or even hang evenly to give a pretty and restful vibe. I have never believed it was a true story, but now i live nearby the seashore i’m impressed.
If they don't seem sure of what to do with it or how to play further, try adding some cups, a spoon, trucks, dinosaurs, popsicle sticks..
I knew some would come out of the dish so I just made the rule that none was to go off the mat. The small amount that went on the floor I vacuumed up in a second and the rest on the mat tipped back into the dish when we were done.
In the atmosphere, these particles could be dust, smoke, air pollution, soot, sea salt, sulfate, and more. Don't allow children to walk on it on tiled or laminate surfaces as the oil in the dough makes it slippery.

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