You want to choose something that is easy to remember with a minimum of 8 characters that uses as many of the techniques above as possible. If you are selecting a password for a website, you may want to incorporate the first few letters of the website name into your password so that every password is different and if one gets out, you don’t have to change them all. Your name in any form — first, middle, last, maiden, spelled backwards, nickname or initials. A single word either preceded or followed by a digit, a punctuation mark, up arrow, or space. Words or phrases that do not mix upper and lower case, or do not mix letters or numbers, or do not mix letters and punctuation.
If you only use words from a dictionary or a purely numeric password, a hacker only has to try a limited list of possibilities.
When we refer to character sets, they are typically numbers, upper and lowercase letters and a given set of symbols.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Last month we wrote about KPIs, metrics and objectives, discussing that customer service is one of the most important objectives of any social media strategy. Even if you don’t have the response the customer is looking for, put a placeholder reply in.

Have a list of people you can escalate various issues to so you are not waiting for a response and trying to figure out who has the authority to respond to what. Ultimately any decent brand should have a customer service strategy as part of their marketing function. One way to do this is to pick a phrase you will remember, pick all the first or last letters from each word and then substitute some letters with numbers and symbols. According to the 2012 State of Search SEMPO paper, customer service as an objective rose in importance from only 8% of respondents considering it important in 2010, to 20% now using it as an objective in 2012. Simply leaving the complaint will make you look unprofessional and make the customer, and other customers who see it, think that you aren’t paying attention. There should be emergency contacts, middle and senior-weight contacts that have authority to make decisions. Unless the post contains swearing, threatens physical violence, contains hate speech or is inciting violence, you should not delete posts, even negative ones. Social media is the next logical step in improving customer service and ultimately improving your brand image. Reproduction or modification, either digital or analogue, is strictly prohibited without written permission.
You can then apply capitals to some letters (perhaps the first and last, or second to last, etc.) You could also perhaps keep or add punctuation.

If you use the full set of characters and the techniques above, you force a hacker to continue trying every possible combination to find yours. All you need do is ask the customer to either send you an email with more details, or respond saying you are dealing with the complaint and will respond as soon as possible.
If we assume that the password is 8 characters long, this table shows how many times a hacker may have to before guessing your password. You should have ready-made responses in place for positive, neutral, mildly negative, negative and extremely negative so you do not respond hastily and inappropriately. Honesty and attempting to fix the problem are far better than pretending the problem does not exist. Most password crackers have rules that can try millions of word variants per second, so the more algorithmically complex your password, the better.

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