This is the single BEST way to add instant branding, credibility and trust to your LinkedIn profile … and all of it BEFORE people even read a word of text! I’m talking about your LinkedIn Background image, and it is a prime piece of online Real Estate where you can INSTANTLY brand yourself, build credibility, appeal to target audiences and MUCH more. Notice that in each instance, you know WHAT these guys do, WHO they serve and also what CREDIBILITY they bring to the table.

And you know all of this INSTANTLY, and VISUALLY, before you even read a word of text on their LinkedIn profiles. In both instances, the LinkedIn Background Image you see above was created using a simple, fast and inexpensive online graphics program called Youzign.
The better you can answer those 3 questions above in a visual or written form with your background image, the better results you’ll see in terms of people landing on your profile and eventually wanting to do business with you.

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