Enhance your viewing experience with behind-the-scenes video, athlete's social feeds, and more. Thanks to that second-screen surge, Rio 2016 is poised to be the first multi-platform Olympics.
NBC Universal (NBCU) is the exclusive broadcaster of the 2016 games, and its free official app should be the hub of your second-screen experience.
This yeara€™s app also sees the return of Primetime Companion, a second-screen feature that syncs with the NBC broadcast and lets you immerse yourself through polls, trivia, slideshows, videos and athlete bios. Want to relive Mark Spitza€™s a€™72 seven-gold-medal sweep or the womena€™s soccer teama€™s overtime gold win in 2004? Linking to the official Olympics website, the app gives you fingertip access to Olympics programmes going back to 1896.
With its emphasis on history along as well as the latest IOC news and results from the Rio games, this app provides enriching context for your Olympics viewing. The NBC Sports appa€”formerly NBC Sports Live Extraa€”will live stream 4500 hours of coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics. But this is one app youa€™ll want to keep around once the Olympics conclude, as it provides the same features for other NBC Sports events, including NFL Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football, NHL regular season and Stanley Cup Playoff games, the PGA tour, Premier League soccer, and more. Rio 2016 Social Hub puts you as close to your favorite athletes as you can get without setting foot in the Olympic Village.
The ceremonial journey of the Olympic Flame from Olympia Greece to the site of the games is one of the best-loved Olympic traditions. Rio 2016 allows you to follow the Olympic Torch as it is relayed through Brazil by 12,000 torchbearers, each of whom carries it for roughly 200 meters.
For those lucky enough to be in Brazil during the relay, the app lists associated street parties and other celebrations, as well as Olympic venue and ticket information. Follow the hardwood heroics of the national mena€™s and womena€™s teams with the USA Basketball app.

Did we miss any of your favorite second-screen apps for enjoying this year's Olympic Games?
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Relive every triumph, upset, and record-breaking performance through a treasure trove photos, videos, and stats that span the modern games. You also get video-on-demand previews and highlights, online-coverage schedules, push notification reminders for upcoming events, and full-event replays.
It isna€™t for cord-cutters though; youa€™ll need to authenticate your pay-TV subscription to use it. This official Olympic app connects you with the verified accounts of thousands of Olympians across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and it aggregates all your favorite profiles in one place. The app provides photo-rich day-by-day accounts of the torcha€™s progress, along with the relay schedule, route maps, and a list of torchbearers.
Youa€™ll go inside training camp with a€?wireda€? coaches and players, get in-depth profiles of your favorite athletes, and have access to up-to-date roster and schedule information.

Whether you just want to stay on top of stats and scores, get an insider view of events, or follow your favorite athletes, you wona€™t miss a moment of Olympic action once competition begins on August 5. You can scroll through a curated gallery of the greatest Olympians or search for medalists by games, country, and athlete.
Search by team, athlete, sport, or game, and create your own news feed of favorites to follow in Rio. Can Michael Phelps live up to, or even surpass, his past glories in what is likely his Olympic swan song? Chock full of exclusive Team USA content, the app delivers a wealth of news, features, photos, and videos leading up to and during the summer games. The mena€™s national team is going for a gold-medal three-peat, and the womena€™s teama€”arguably the best ever assembleda€”is expected to win its sixth straight gold.
The app also integrates the official USA Basketball Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for even more insider content.
You can customize the home screen and push notifications to follow your favorite athletes, teams, or events.
The recently relaunched USA basketball app makes it easy to follow both teamsa€™ hardwood heroics. The app also includes a video-on-demand library of highlights and behind-the-scenes moments, as well as a real-time Rio results tracker for all Team USA events.

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