Hi,I am not find out "Enable Remote Debugger for all roles" option in "windows azure publish setting" window. Then I created a subscription credential from this certificate and its Windows Azure Subscription ID.
Now we would be able to create a cloud service for our Windows Azure Scheduler from the management client. Now we have a cloud service available, the next step is to create a job collection inside it.
Once we have "SchedulerManagementClient" ready we can create a new job collection with the plan and quota specified. Getting started entity framework 6 code mvc 5, Getting started with entity framework 6 code first using mvc 5 1.
Getting started with entity framework 6 code first using mvc 5 - Getting started with entity framework 6 code first using mvc 5 1.
Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. In the code below I initialized a new management client named "SchedulerManagementClient" which takes the responsible for managing the scheduler job collection as well as the resource provider. Since I used "Free" plan so the quote must be smaller than once per hour, and assigned to the cloud service I had just created.

To manage jobs I need to initialize "SchedulerClient" which can be used to create, update and delete jobs inside a job collection. This because "CreateOrUpdate" will trigger an HTTP PUT request to Windows Azure Management RESTful API with job name provided, while "Create" will trigger an HTTP POST request that job name will be generated by Windows Azure automatically. In this post Scott demonstrated how to use this feature to create a blog poll job each 5 minutes through the Windows Azure portal.
In this example I defined this job with a HTTP polling action to this blog website once an hour, with the job named "poll_blog". This is less secure comparing the authenticated remote debug but much easier and simpler to use. Now in Windows Azure SDK 2.2, we could be able to attach our application from our local machine to Windows Azure, and it's very easy. Let's create a new console application and open the Package Manager Console then type of command as below.
And more confused, this "Cloud Service" was totally a different entity than the "Cloud Service" we are familiar with which can be used to host web role, worker role and virtual machines.
In WACS, a cloud service could be able to have one or more roles and each role could be able to have one or more instances. First of all we need to populate a valid Windows Azure credentials with a management certificate configured properly.

The code below retrieved the management certificate from local machine and initialized a certificate cloud credential instance by specifying its thumbprint. In the windows azure activity window in Visual Studio we can find some information about remote debugger. Open the "server explorer" window in Visual Studio and expand "cloud services" node, find the cloud service, role and instance we had just published and wanted to debug, right click on the instance and select "attach debugger".
Let's add a breakpoint in the default web page's form load function and refresh the page in browser to see what's happen.
Now let's hit F5 to continue the step, then back to the browser we will find the page was rendered successfully. If we went to the azure management portal we will find there will a certificate under our application which was created, uploaded by remote debugger plugin. It allows us to attach our application from local machine to windows azure virtual machine once it had been deployed.

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