There is also an advanced menu where it is possible to give each term its own weight so you can control the importance of the words you want to display. Lucky for users, the site clearly states, “The images you create with Wordle are yours to use in any way you choose.
Words that appear more frequently in the text are bigger than others. You can adjust your Word Clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. Apart from it being a cool way to decorate a birthday card or party invite (physical or virtual). Coloring books for adults: 6 new titles, featuring beautiful vintage fashion & patternsClick to see them!
WordaizerWhat’s a word cloud?Ever noticed a large number of words arranged randomly either horizontally or vertically? Usually the words are arranged randomly, but they may be given different colors to separate one type from another and different sizes to separate more important words from the rest. Here are few sample word clouds you may want to see –#1 Simple Word Cloud #2 Colorful Word Cloud #3 Word Cloud in a Shape Well these are just a few types you might find on the web. Of course Photoshop gives you more room for effects, but requires a lot of work on your part. WordleIt’s a simple tool to generate word clouds from chunks of text that you provide.

You can either paste words to be included in the cloud or paste a URL and Wordle will pick the most used tags on its own.
You can configure every aspect of the tag cloud which include language, font, layout and color scheme with this awesome word cloud creator!Try Wordle.2.
TagxedoTagxedo is a simple word cloud generator which enables you to create stylish word clouds from news articles, websites, Twitter profiles, RSS feeds and more.
You can create variations and see them as thumbnails and pick the one you like the most and continue working on it. It not only allows you to use the pre-loaded fonts, but also allows you to use fonts from DaFont, FontSpace and Font Squirrel. In addition to that, you can also have words inside words, add fancy rollover effects, export in various formats. TagCrowd allows you to set the language to be ignored, set the maximum number of words in the cloud, hide infrequent words, hide or show the word frequencies, group words, convert to uppercase or lowercase, hide specified words and more. You can paste text, a document, a webpage URL and the word cloud will be automatically generated. ABCyaABCya is basically a collection of educational computer games for kids, but they also provide tools that may be of use for teachers or parents to teach their kids.
It allows you to modify the number of words that are displayed in the word cloud, filter words (keep words like you, if, on, etc.

It’s a flash based online tool so you may need the latest version of flash player to use it. If you want you want you can get the HTML code for the word cloud to display it directly on your website or blog.
It’s a freely downloadable software you can use on your computer without a browser or any additional add-ons or plugins. There’s no size limit, you can get high resolution bitmap pictures, you can either save the word clouds or print them directly. You can alternatively save your word cloud in vector format so in case if you later need to enlarge it, you can do it without compromising on image quality.
There are several other word cloud makers I came across, but I didn’t consider mentioning them because they were highly similar to the ones already mentioned here or had bugs.
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