To get the source editor in the ribbon is a bit difficult, for this select the content editor web part then from the ribbon, From Editing tools select Format text and then click on the HTML in the right hand side. Introduction: In this article we will discuss how to get user profile details by using SharePoint object model classes in SharePoint. In this post we will discuss how to get absoulte URL of a list using SharePoint object model. Delve Analytics is available to purchase as an add-on license for Office 365 users or as part of the E5 SKU.

Synchronize outlook calendar sharepoint - sharepoint, Is it possible to synchronize the outlook and the sharepoint calendar (both ways)? Manage multiple calendars central location , Going multiple calendars confusing tad difficult.
Sharepoint calendar web part - virtosoftware, Color-coded sharepoint calendar web part shows events sharepoint 2016? Then from the list of web part categories, select Media and Content category and then Select Content editor web part and click on add as shown below figure.

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