In simple terms, our Cloud is a cluster of servers working together to provide one large pool of resources.  That pool is divided, or virtually partitioned to create singular, isolated and secure servers for each customer. So if you want to host your e-shop on our Cloud, you can do so with peace of mind knowing that traffic spikes will be accommodated.
More and more people adopt cloud because it’s easier than paying for services you don’t use. There are also companies selling ‘Cloud’ as a ‘pay as you go’ service which sounds great but in reality, it means businesses need to monitor their server on an hourly basis and who has time to do that? This entry was posted in Servers and tagged cloud platform, Cloud Server, data centre, flexible, new product, reading, resilient, What is Cloud.

Amy heads up our UK Content team, covering web content, social media, SEO, PR and blogging. We found out it really depends on who you ask.  In our industry, ‘Cloud’ is a fluffy term that has been blown around endlessly, yet it appears no one agrees on its definition.
You can increase your resources over that busy Christmas period and decrease after, all the time keeping costs manageable by only paying for the resources you need, and you can speak to a real person on the end of the phone should you need any assistance. It’s like buying a mansion when you only need a one-bed cottage – why waste money on space you’ll never use? All purchases are charged with VAT and you will be issued with a VAT invoice for each purchase.

Business owners may be able to recover VAT, meaning the price you pay is exclusive of VAT, however Namesco Limited cannot assist with this activity.

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