Today let's try out an example on how to create a Java SOAP based Web Service also known as JAX-WS using Eclipse.
There has been certain changes with the latest version of ownCloud 7, and this guide should be able to help you to sail through smooth. To provide end-users located on another network with access to your applications, you can configure Dell™ One Identity Cloud Access Manager to federate with an Identity Provider (IDP) running on the end-user network.
This guide describes how to configure one instance of Cloud Access Manager to operate as an Identity Provider, which will federate to another instance of Cloud Access Manager configured to operate as a Service Provider. FTP is an essential component when it comes to connecting with remote machines and servers – virtualization infrastructure is no exception. For active FTP you need to allow access to ports 21 (FTP command port) and 20 (FTP data port) so you need to add two endpoints to your VM.
For passive FTP you need to define IIS FTP server the port range it can use for data connections and to add endpoints to the VM that correspond to this port range. Once the firewall in configured, you can restart the FTP Windows service to start your FTP.

CloudMonix extends Azure Virtual Machines by providing sophisticated mechanisms to monitor, auto-scale and automate Azure Virtual Machines. Without much ado about what is ownCloud (which you already know) let's dive deep into tech details. The IDP authenticates users against its local directory and sends an assertion to Cloud Access Manager (the Service Provider) to vouch for the user’s authenticity.
It can be an on-premise service or a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) service provided by a third-party vendor, or you can deploy another instance of Cloud Access Manager to perform the role of identity provider, as shown in Figure 1. This article will provide simple and essential steps required to setup FTP on an Azure Virtual Machine. You can create a ‘Windows Server 2012’ machine instance from pre-available Azure templates. For that, you need to add Web Server (IIS) role to the server, select the required features and add a TCP endpoint to your VM in the management portal with public and private port 80. CloudMonix hooks into Azure Diagnostics or utilizes a light-weight self-updating agent to provide insight into a wide variety of key performance indicators, logs and more.

Owncloud will complain and not proceed with admin account if the data directory path is not readable & writable by the user www-data. This process is defined for configuring an FTP server on Windows Server 2012 virtual machine on Azure. You should also add binding and SSL information and optionally define who should have access to the FTP site. The external IP address should be the Virtual IP address you can find in the Azure Management portal. You can refer to our guide here for setting up appropriate permission before proceeding to create the admin account.

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