Link cloaking is a technique used to make long affiliate links into a shorter and more branded link.
If you are someone who uses affiliate links in your blogs to make money, then you should to cloak links. Link cloaking allows you to create easy to understand URLs for your outgoing affiliate links. Since affiliate marketing is an important source of income for many bloggers, there are many WordPress plugins available that allows you to cloak your affiliate links and easily manage them. You can use any one of these plugins to easily add your affiliate links into WordPress and cloak them to get maximum benefits. ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best affiliate link manager and link cloaking plugin for WordPress.
You can insert your affiliate links in any WordPress posts or pages from the buttons on the post editor screen.
Another great feature is that you can automatically replace selected keywords with affiliate links.
Pretty Link Lite also provides analytics with an easier way to purge older hits from your database.
Basically it has all the features that you would want from a link management plugin with a nicer and easier interface. It provides URL shortening and link cloaking with easy to use tools to add and manage your affiliate links in WordPress. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials.
About the Editorial StaffEditorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress experts led by Syed Balkhi. Our HD-Quality tutorial videos for WordPress Beginners will teach you how to use WordPress to create and manage your own website in about an hour. Well I am giving Pretty links a go because I was using a pure redirection plugin before; but that seems to have really messed with my permalink structure in the Google index!
The first option is quite easily and can be done in just a few minutes, while the second one requires an FTP access and more precision of yours. Now you need to add link name and the UPR itself, don’t forget to tick Open this link in new window?
In case you’re the kind of a person who’s not following some easy ways, an .htaccess method is for you. Affiliate link cloaking via .htaccess method is executed via 302 temporary redirect, your redirected page will still retain its PageRank, MozRank, Page Authority.
In XXI century everyone wants to be a blogger, photographer or whatsoever, in fact, Alex is one of those "lazybones", otherwise you would not be reading his blog posts. Probably because of those reasons, to trick the readers mind and to keep them calm, marketers have been cloaking or redirecting their affiliate links for a long time now (and also to protect their affiliate links from getting hijacked). One of the reasons why I love WordPress is its huge plugins base, developed by amateurs and pros, and within it you can literally find almost everything that comes to your mind.

Thirsty Affiliates plugin for WordPress helps you cloak your affiliate links within seconds. All Affiliate Links – This options lists all affiliate links you have created (cloaked) with Thirsty Affiliates. Link Categories – This gives you an option to create categories for your affiliate links so that you can search them with ease later when you create a bunch of them.
Add-ons – You get to see a list of premium add-ons for Thirsty Affiliates which takes your affiliate marketing to the next level. On the right you can assign your link to one or more categories and choose redirection type (leave it on default). Some of you will also want to show your link categories within cloaked url, but I prefer not to because it makes links unnecessary longer.
So, you are writing your blog post in visual mode and you are able to see 2 icons (image on the right) in your post visual editor panel.
I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t see any statistics for my affiliate links, which is of course bad. Wouldn’t you like to know on which affiliate links are your visitors clicking most often? And there you go, a complete WordPress solution for managing and creating affiliate links, along with tracking and analytics. It can also help you add an additional layer of click tracking to ensure you are getting paid for every sale you refer.
Lastly, cloaked links allow you to easily manage your affiliate links from your WordPress admin interface. It allows you to easily add your affiliate links in WordPress and manage them from one single dashboard. This ensures that these hit logs don’t take too much space on your database and backup files.
It allows you to cloak links, add and manage all your affiliate links from a single dashboard.
It comes with all the whistles and bells you would need from an affiliate link management tool.
You may also want to check out our list of the 10 best affiliate marketing tools and plugins for WordPress. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our comment policy, and all links are nofollow.
It’s super-easy to use and with its help you’ll be able to transform all your ugly affiliate links into user friendly ones. It’s located in the public_html folder (don’t forget to back it up before editing, just in case). It was a lot complicated back then, there were many ways of redirecting the links (like .htaccess redirection, which was really pain in the butt), but luckily things have change. One of those plugins I adore, which is a must for every blogger or internet marketer, is called Thirsty Affiliates.

It is also good when you advertise a lot of things from the same affiliate network, or a brand which has a lot of products. This is really important because that name will be in your url too (although you can change it later too). You have option to add no follow tag to it, if you are concerned with SEO, and option to open that link in a new window when clicked on it, which I recommend. That way you can easily insert image in your posts which will automatically link to your affiliate offer. That means that you can easily style your affiliate links and images to make them stand out even more (if you know a bit of CSS). At first I was doing everything manually, first I would create an affiliate link, save it and copied that newly created cloaked affiliate link, went to my blog post and paste it as a link. Another cool thing about these add-ons, you buy them once and you can use them on unlimited number of websites. This is why ThirstyAffiliates Stats Add-on is a must for anyone using Thirsty Affiliates plugin, that is, if you are taking your affiliate marketing seriously. After you find out you can use the same tactic and use it on your other affiliate links and boost sales across your website. In this article, we will explain what is link cloaking, and how you can cloak affiliate links in WordPress. You can auto add nofollow tag to affiliate links, shorten links, and redirect them properly.
The main goal of this site is to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other WordPress resources that allows WordPress beginners to improve their site(s). There are 18 prefixes you can use, and if you don’t like any of them you can write your own, custom prefix if you like. Luckily, Thirsty Affiliates offer a set of premium add-ons which helps you do just that, among other options. Or maybe your visitors click the most on affiliate links you created within a certain category. But that’s about it, this plugin is not a link manager so you cannot use it to add or manage your affiliate links.
Maybe it is in human nature to avoid such things, I don’t know, but it really intrigues me. Another thing that amazes me, only around 6000 people use this plugin, such a shame on one thought, and such an advantage on other hand, for all of us who knows about it.

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