The new Cloud Pen M-16 Vaporizer is the ultimate two-in-one Aromatherapy Vaporizer to enjoy Aromatherapy Dry Material and Aromatherapy Oils, through conduction heating. The new Cloud Pen M-16 is a vapor pen recently released and receiving high praise for many of its features and high grade construction. The M-16 brings offers the option to vape your favorite herbs or waxy essential oils through conduction vaporization. The Cloud Evo Vaporizer is the baby of a table desktop dry herb vaporizer and a water pipe.
For starters, the Cloud Evo Vaporizer is crafted using VapeXhale’s patented PerpetuHeat System (PHS) technology. Thankfully, the Cloud Evo Vaporizer is fairly easy to use once you get used to the aforementioned steps. Because the heating element has been improved on the latest Cloud Evo Vaporizer, the unit does an excellent job of heating up herbals for optimum vapor quality.
Because the Cloud Evo Vaporizer uses several different components such as additional HydraTubing and mouthpieces, cleaning it involves several steps. To clean it, start by removing the Easy Load Bowl (ELB) and submerging it in warm soapy water or even rubbing alcohol. The entire cleaning process takes little more than a couple of hours at most, and once your unit is cleaned you won’t have to do it again for several months depending on the frequency of your use.
Since the Cloud Evo Vaporizer is a standalone desktop dry herb vaporizer, you don’t have to worry about battery life. Either pack up in the included dry material atomizer with your favorite material, or load up the ceramic rod atomizer with your favorite Aromatherapy Waxy Oils for super clean consumption.The M-16 is ready for combat any day in the clouds, with a borosilicate chamber to hold your dry material, along with the new 'push to pack' mouthpiece technology which allows you to push your Dry Material closer to the heating chamber during your sessions, resulting in quality rips every time. Either pack the dry herb atomizer with your favorite herb or load the ceramic atomizer with concentrate for a clean vapor session. VapeXhale focused on making the unit backwards compatible while at the same time maintaining a high quality experience.
The Cloud Evo Vaporizer uses ceramic heating elements which wrap completely around the all-glass vapor path, enhancing the quality and the flavor of vapor it produces.

This means you can interchange mouthpieces and tubing as you see fit and also makes the vaporizer much more affordable in the long-term, despite it’s $400+ price tag.
There is no LED screen which shows a precise temperature and it can be confusing to figure out the bottom dial which controls the heating element. In other words, if you want to start vaping almost immediately using a desktop vaporizer, than the Evo might be right for your needs. Thankfully, however, very little cleaning is necessary to maintain a functioning unit over the course of several months or years. After submerging and completely drying the interior bowls and tubing, put the unit back together. Changing the screens is also a necessity every so often since they typically take the brunt of debris and excess build up. Once you understand the basic functions and the temperature setting on the bottom, the vaping experience is easy and enjoyable. However, we found that the Cloud Evo is particularly easy to use around the house while taking hits every so often. Resembling the real M-16, this Aromatherapy Vaporizer is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, ensuring the quality of pure vapor.
As a water based desktop dry herb vaporizer, the Cloud Evo Vaporizer pays special attention to offering a smooth and relaxing vapor release. This system is dependent on user’s inhalation rate which is also pretty cool considering very few vaporizers actually offer that.
Like other vaporizers, the Cloud Evo Vaporizer will showcase a green light whenever the perfect temperature is reached.
They even vouch for the design and method of delivery to be the easiest which was what fueled Seibo Shen, the founder of VapexHale, to create this. The dial is typically set at 3 o’clock for the highest and best vapor producing temperature. Additionally, the unit remains quite hot even after use which allows users to take a few hits while the Cloud Evo is on idle.

The HydraTubes can also be easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and placed back together once they are dry. Screens are relatively affordable, however, so this shouldn’t be too difficult for the average vaper.
With high quality components such as a ceramic heating element, HydraTubes, and Zytel material the Cloud Evo does not skimp on the details.
It is also excellent for group vaping as it can easily be transferred from one person to the next without hesitation.
Please Note: This is an Aromatherapy Vaporizer and should be used with Aromatherapy Blends & for Aromatherapy Purposes ONLY.
We’re excited to offer this vaporizer to our users but before you make a purchase consider how it works and whether or not it is right for your vaping routine. Many dry herb vaporizers tend to cool down as you drag in for vapor, even the desktop models. The Cloud Evo uses hydro tubing to distribute vapor (you can purchase separate tubing online if you choose). Once you figure out that setting, the heating element does an excellent job of evenly distributing the heat.
You can wander outside if you so choose while you are vaping without any worry of the unit running cold. Unlike the previous version, the newest edition of the Cloud Evo heats up quickly with fine results. Be careful not to fill it up with too much water by using the inner tubing as an indicator. Some may be concerned about the temperature of the glass when using the unit, but in general the glass does not reach dangerous temperatures that would burn sensitive skin.

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