This week I want to look at how to choose a domain name for your affiliate marketing website. Before you start to build your website you need to know what you are going to call your online business.
In most cases your domain name is going to be the name of your online business as well and just like choosing a name for your bricks and mortar business, your domain name should tell your readers exactly what your website is about. It’s not always important to choose a niche related domain name for your affiliate marketing website but it will help with your search engine rankings if your domain name is relevant to your chosen niche. Anyway, let’s move on and take a look at how I would choose a domain name for my website.
For this site I have chosen to use my full name because it’s my personal online business coaching site that also promotes my books. If you are a coach or personal trainer then choosing a domain based around your own name is fairly easy and will help you to brand yourself as the product.
Also if you are planning on producing your own products like eBooks or Videos and DVD guides including your own name into the domain will help you with your personal branding further on down the line.
If on the other hand you are only interested in promoting other people’s products then a niche related domain name based around the products you will be promoting makes far more sense. Content really is king now and although it doesn’t hurt to have an exact match domain name the emphasis is much more on good quality content. Doing your home work and researching your niche with a proper keyword research tool is crucial at this point to discover exactly what your future customers are looking for so that you can narrow down your domain name to something that has a good search volume and lower competition and is going to produce some sales. Once you have researched the market place and made a note of a few possible names you would like it’s time to start searching for your domain.
If you have any more questions about choosing a domain name for your affiliate marketing website I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you. Yes you are absolutely right in saying that it is very easy to run out of things to write about which is why I always recommend when choosing your niche you look for something that you are firstly very passionate about and secondly have a fair bit of knowledge to start with. If you want to have any chance of ranking on Google and even more importantly, out-ranking your competition you will need to be constantly adding fresh, useful and unique content so if you have chosen a niche just because you think you will make a lot of money from it I’m afraid you will lose interest very quickly and give up! That is one of the main reasons 95% of all the people who start out affiliate marketing all fired up and thinking they are going to make a fortune tomorrow will give up in the first 6 months and then say that affiliate marketing doesn’t work!
Thank you very much for your kind information about Domain selection.I want to know from you is it important to know SEO for starting affiliate marketing?
Make sure you grab a FREE copy of my eBook The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing and follow the training. You might also want to join me over at The Wealthy Affiliate University where I offer personal one on one coaching to people from all over the world and help them set up their own affiliate marketing businesses. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
If you want to start a serious business on Internet you need to own a domain name, not just to provide you with your business identity but also, to tell your audience about what you do and what is your niche. There is important to make a good decision, not necessary a fast one because remember, this will join you for the rest of your life. I hope that you, by know already started with your own online business for free, if you are still thinking about it, then, stop, and do it. There is nothing wrong with a subdomain name, it is great if you want to start for free so you don’t spend a dime while you find your niche and you are reading to lift of, invest a little more money and boost your business under your own brand. GoDaddy: it is a pretty good web hosting service that has a very good customer service, email integrated with Microsoft products, good website building tool and lots of extra hosting options.
This will depend on you and your niche and the people you are going to write information for. Nothing else if you were just looking for a Domain Name only… but of course you are setting up your domain name. After that, to follow the actual example, if you are with Wealthy Affiliate, you can watch and get trained in the adequate use of the domain name. I really found this useful, this is a nice and straight to the point review, I really like the way you explain it and how cheap it is this registar. I already have a domain name with NameCheap and I was doing my research to buy another one, just to check is there is another cheap place but after reading this I keep with NameCheap.
Hello Trinidad, Indeed is one of the best registar actually, I have four domains with them and two with GoDaddy, but I think NameCheap is simpler, cheaper and they have a really good customer service. Thank you for sharing this, I really like this review and I found this is a good place, even the SSL certificates are cheaper. Hello Juan Carlos, thank you very much and congratulations on your decision to make your own business happen.

Thank you, it is really cheap, I bought two domain names and save more than $50- than with another provider. Hello Alexandra, it’s good to know it helps, thank you for leaving a comment and letting us know your experience. Hello, could you please let provide me with the next steps after you buy a domain name to start website?
This is a great company, I have two domains with them and I like the way you explained how to purchase a domain name. The correct choice of good domain name will greatly facilitate users to easily find your site.
I  will try to give some guidelines to make things easier, when it comes to picking up the right domain name.
Many people put a dash in the domain between several keywords trying to improve positioning in search engines. Also, many experts believe, that the smaller sites do not have to think in the long run for the brand, but instead have to purchase these domains because of their value as keywords to start their business. If you have two great keywords in your domain and there is no hyphen between them, they will also perform well. People will remember the name of your site, but if they remember, that your domain has a dash? Domains, that contain numbers have the same problem with the delivery and at the same time have the advantages of tags.
I regret the day I chose a number for my squeeze name lol…or put a number in the link.
Affiliate links are included in this series because these are products I use and have been really pleased with. Just a note about why I’m with Bluehost and actually became an affiliate even after I had some problems with them last year. One time I was literally weeping and wringing my hands and I told the tech person how incredibly stupid I felt.
Once the blog name you have in mind shows as available, open up another tab and do a quick google search just to make sure nothing similar pops up. With the rise of mobile websites, there have arisen additional factors to take into account when choosing a domain for our website.
I will start with the most important thing to keep in mind when starting a web project, its positioning, and in order to do this we must choose a domain name. It’s best that your domain is related to your company’s activity or linked to what you are writing about.
It is often very difficult to have into account all these factors, so don’t worry if you can not follow all of them. When buying a domain, many think that it’s better to buy their country-specific domain, in order to be more localized in searches in their country or in result-pages from their country. However, it is always better to have both domains to avoid troubles with our competitors, for example. This blog is a valuable tool for information and training for all who want to understand some aspects of the web world and especially the mobile Web world. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
Specially now that you will find lots of options for your Domain Name as we will explain in this post.
I was thinking to buy a domain name and start my own business on internet, do you have any suggestion? I was trying to decide which company I should use for buying a domain name for my business and you nail it!
If you choose the wrong domain, this can confuse site visitors and can lose you a lot of traffic, which will immediately affect the earning potential of your online business . Sometimes it can be avoided, and in some cases, in the entry in the domain name for example, may be an advantage. The default price is $12 per year, but when you click this link, you get a massive discount. An internet marketing enthusiast and creator of several internet businesses, he is currently putting his skills towards a variety of new projects.
She talked me off the ledge and told me not to feel stupid, and that people do things like erasing their websites all the time. The only thing I recommend adding on is the domain privacy protection which keeps your personal information private.

I think it’s wise to do that because it prevents someone from starting a website with almost the same name but it does increase your cost.
Write it down somewhere because it’s going to need to have a capital letter, some numbers and a weird key stroke like # or something in it! If you haven’t already signed up for email updates, be sure to do it today in our subscribe bar on the right hand side or at the top of our page. While my site has been going for a while, I think about setting up another from time to time. Sometimes I wish I could have a do over, but I don’t want to go through a re branding process!
These factors related to mobile websites have been discussed in posts like Mobile domain concepts or SEO domain structures. Similarly, take into account that your domain may have several meanings in different languages, so try to use something neutral. In addition, there are factors which can also tell the search engine that our website is a page from our country, without a country-specific domain: like hosting your domain in your native country, having a website written in your native language, using meta-tags, recording the domain on your country directories, or linking it to a country-specific extension.
They have the cheapest in the market (so far), free URL forwarding and email and some premium services like SSL certificates.
You can also click on the TOP MENU, there is a Category named Online Business, you can have lots of tips there and I’ll be publishing some more soon.
And just like domains with hyphens, how many of the big sites that meet the network include numbers in the domain name? I’ve managed to delete my blog, accidentally reassign a domain that was already assigned, and do all sorts of crazy stuff to my poor site.
I went with the middle option which was a good plan since I eventually went on to build a few more websites and I wanted to have unlimited space.
Since someone helped me with my current site, I don’t really know as much as I should about setting things up. If by the way, you are starting your online business, I can recommend you one post I wrote a couple of weeks ago, where you can start for free: START FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS. You can start with them and see they can provide you with lots of information and training, they also explain how to translate your domain name to their hosting and how to manage it with WordPress. Domain extensions, finishing with .org tend to be used by non-profit organizations, so you can keep them as “your last card”. Today we’re going to tackle the whys and hows of how to choose a domain name and get that domain registered. It was 2012, I was tired with two little babies born 12 months apart, I couldn’t brain, and I used a variation of my old addresses. Actually it’s more like you lease it because you will pay for the site name and to keep the name renewed.
Every time I do something dumb, I click on the help button and they put things back together for me. Plus, their pricing is the best I’ve found and I now own 7 domains and 4 active websites. But then I found about Wealthy Affiliate and I’m not just hosting with them, but receiving proper training every day and every week. This is usually not a big problem, but it is worth to pay attention when choosing a domain name.
However, if the domain name of your site fits perfectly and it is longer than it should be, it’s still worth using it.
You want something completely unique that won’t be confused with another blog or website with the same name. I decided I wanted to buy my actual name and make it into a domain in case I decided to merge my two sites. If you are interesting in a good hosting service, but also, learn about it, please read: START FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS article. If I had it to do over again, I would have worked harder at making the title fit what I was planning to blog about. Once you have a name, you’re going to want it to to appear on the internet, and for that you need a hosting provider.

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