If you use iCloud Keychain to store your logins, account passwords, or credit card info, you may eventually need to change the phone number associated with the service. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. With iCloud Keychain, Apple provides a new way for managing passwords across multiple iOS devices. If you choose to use iCloud Keychain as your personal password and credit card manager, you can opt-out from uploading the encrypted data to Apple’s servers with an inconspicuous workaround we found which we describe below. To keep the information stored in Keychain offline, tap through Advanced Options > Don’t Create Security Code > Skip Code.
In order to test the new Keychain feature, we opted for using an iCloud Security Code instead which means our saved-password data was automatically uploaded to the cloud. You can change the iCloud Keychain Security Code or verification phone number at any time by navigating to Settings > iCloud > Account > Keychain. If you haven’t already set the Safari AutoFill options, tap through Settings > Safari > Passwords & AutoFill and enable the options you need. After enabling the “Names and Passwords” option, Safari will offer to save newly-entered passwords to iCloud Keychain.
The next time you try to log in to the same website, Safari will automatically fill in the username and password fields with the saved data. An interesting new feature which comes exclusively with iCloud Keychain is the ability to automatically generate passwords. Saving credit cards in Safari is easy and with iCloud Keychain, the card data becomes instantly available across authorized devices.
When entering credit-card data, notice that you are not asked for your card security code (the three-digit CSC number appearing at the back of the card). The verdict: iCloud Keychain takes away the burden of having to manually enter passwords and other personal information online and across multiple iDevices.
Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market.
Every year the staff of iMore and Mobile Nations have shared our favorite devices, apps, and accessories of the year for the holiday season. If there is one piece of technology that I cannot live without, it is my 11-inch MacBook Air. The ECBC Poseidon is a small messenger bag that's lightweight but also has a padded shoulder strap that makes carrying it a dream. If all you want to do is watch your home while you're away, the Y-Cam Home Monitor is an easy way to do it.
I have been using the Withings scale for almost two years now and not only does it still look great, it still works perfectly. I have a strong affinity for technology and I love jewelry so, when I saw the ring clock, I knew that I had to have it.
Mac Pro Buyers Guide: Apple's newest Mac model is also its most powerful, but is it right for everyone?
First previewed in June at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), the new Mac Pro is a game changer. As impressive a piece of industrial design as the Mac Pro is, it's what's running inside that's truly amazing, though, so let's take a look and figure out how you can best configure your new Mac Pro. Thunderbolt 2 is the newest implementation of the high speed peripheral interface standard that's been shipping on Macs for a couple of years now. The Mac Pro is the second Mac to feature Thunderbolt 2 ports - the first was the refreshed Retina MacBook Pro which shipped in October. Spending another $1,000 gets you a Mac Pro equipped with a six-core Intel Xeon E5 processor with 12MB L3 cache, 16 GB RAM, dual AMD FirePro D500 graphics processors and 256 GB of flash storage. There are, predictably, quite a few customization options you can choose from when you place your order. Compared with previous generations of Mac Pro, the new system's CPU perform better while consuming less power, operates at lower latency (less time waiting for instructions) and provide significantly improved memory throughput. What's important to understand here is that the Mac Pro is designed for parallel processing. Apps that utilize OpenCL, a standard that Apple's supported since Snow Leopard - can take advantage of the programmability of the FirePro GPUs.
The $2,999 Mac Pro comes with dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics, each with 2 GB of dedicated video RAM. Besides VRAM, the higher-end cards have larger memory buses to process more data and deliver faster processing power. Your new Mac Pro can accommodate up to 64 GB of RAM using four DIMMs (memory modules) in separate slots. The basic system comes with three 4 GB DIMMs for 12 GB total; the higher-end system comes with four 4 GB DIMMs for 16 GB total.
Upgrading the $2,999 Mac Pro from 12 GB to 16 GB will cost $100, for an additional 4 GB memory module. Because the $3,999 Mac Pro model already comes with 16 GB pre-installed, the memory prices are adjusted $100 lower, so 32 GB and 64 GB on that model will cost $400 and $1,200 respectively. Memory designed to work in the new Mac Pro is already available from third-party vendors, so my recommendation is to order what you'll need today, but you may very well be able to save yourself significant money - hundreds of dollars - by waiting to upgrade the system yourself with more RAM later. It was easy to fill up the old Mac Pro with gobs of storage - four SATA bays could accommodate 3.5-inch hard disk drives, which made it possible to load up a Mac Pro with 16 terabytes of storage before you had to hook something up externally. The new Mac Pro is incredibly compact and designed for maximum throughput, so it employs PCI Express (PCIe)-based flash storage, the same kind of technology that's used in other 2013 Mac models equipped with flash storage. The Mac Pro comes with 256 GB on a single drive, but it's upgradable from the factory to 512 GB or 1 terabyte (TB) for $300 or $800 respectively. Remember, the Mac Pro has six Thunderbolt 2 ports and four USB 3.0 ports - chances are you can find at least a few open ports to connect fast storage systems like a multi-bay RAID, if you need more capacity. The Mac Pro doesn't come with its own display, so sky's the limit depending on what you're doing. The Thunderbolt 2 ports on the Mac Pro, paired with the powerful AMD FirePro graphics inside the box, make it possible for you connect three 4K displays simultaneously, making the Mac Pro a formidable editing workstation for digital film.
But if your needs are more mundane, you can use any (or all) of the six ports for their own display - up to the resolution of the Apple Thunderbolt Display, 2560 x 1440 pixels. The six Thunderbolt 2 ports each support 20 Gbps, making them useful not only for up three 4K displays but also for other high-speed peripherals - any original Thunderbolt device will work, for example.
With a total of six Thunderbolt 2 ports, the Mac Pro is the most expandable Mac available - the only other Mac with Thunderbolt 2 ports is the Retina MacBook Pro, and it has only two. The minijack for audio output on the Mac Pro is quite flexible, too - you can use it as an analog line-level output, but it supports optical digital audio output as well, for connecting to a pro audio system or even a home entertainment system (many other Macs have digital audio output as well). If that describes what you're doing, or if a system with no-holds-barred performance is what you need, then you'd do well to look at a Mac Pro. But if you're planning to use your Mac for general purpose stuff - surfing the web, running productivity software, gaming - you're better off with one of the many other Mac models. Still can't make up your mind as to whether the Mac Pro is worth it, or having trouble deciding what options are right for you? Every December the iMore and Mobile Nations teams come together and talk about what they've been using the most in the last 12 months. Previous years have seen me team a Mac Mini with a 2010 MacBook Air for my work, but 2013 saw an upgrade to the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. On my desk, I raise my MacBook Pro up when I'm using it with a monitor, and I do that with the Griffin Elevator Stand. Something I use daily for my work at Mobile Nations, for the price Pixelmator is an astonishingly good photo editor. Another app I use on a daily basis, Instashare steps in where AirDrop doesn't allow you to just drag and drop files between your Mac and iOS device.
Apple's latest and greatest is arguably the best all round smartphone I've used this year on any platform.

Even though here in the UK we're not as blessed with available content, the Apple TV has been used pretty much every day. I've dabbled with TripIt in previous years, but since 90% of my travel is now done without a car, it's suddenly become so much more useful this past year.
In the UK Netflix has become the best way to get digital video content, on demand, on everything. Announced at IFA in September, this little hockey puck shaped device is a full on point and shoot camera that clips to the back of your iPhone or Android smartphone. I've never really been one for Bluetooth headphones, but these from Motorola changed all that.
I love coffee – though opinions may differ between Rene and myself what constitutes coffee!
That's some of my favorite techy type stuff from 2013, but I'd love to hear what gadgetry you've been using, so drop a line in the comments and share with us all!
Every holiday season the iMore and Mobile Nations team like to share all the Apple and assorted tech we've loved most throughout the year.
The centerpiece of any home theater system is the device you use to play all of your media. Although some redundancy is at hand with getting an Apple TV if you already have a Mac mini, the ease of use and setup of the Apple TV, along with the $99 price tag, is worth it for the integrated iTunes streaming and Netflix alone. Although you can get a stand alone Blu-ray player for considerably less, with the old school Sony PS3 or the brand new - but mostly still sold out - Sony PS4, you get a ROCKIN’ Blu-ray player and a gaming machine. I’ve had a few brands of projectors over the years and this is one of the items that you don't want the cheapest option possible. I like manual screens because of the greater bang for the buck they offer when it comes to quality vs.
I am a traditionalist at heart and I’d like to be able to seat as many guests as possible in my home theater without using a standard couch or other conventional seating.
To access your saved passwords, navigate to Settings > Safari > Passwords & AutoFill > Saved Passwords.
Each time you set up a website account, Safari will offer to create a secure password and save it to your iCloud Keychain. To add a credit card to the database, navigate to Settings > Safari > Passwords & AutoFill > Saved Credit Cards. If you are using another browser app such as Google’s Chrome, you won’t be able to autofill saved Keychain password or credit-card data. He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography. This holiday season we are expanding this list even more, no longer only focusing only on the tech which is related to Apple but all those special bits of tech which have enriched and made the year even sweeter. There's an easy to close velcro latch as well, which makes it secure enough that I need two hands to open it.
I wanted it the moment I saw it on Kickstarter, and then I waited, and waited, and waited for it a ship. It keeps my iPad Air securely positioned just exactly where I want it, but folds away easily when I want it out of the way. Vaja uses only the best italian leathers and most beautiful finishes to make iPhone and iPad cases that really have to be seen to be believed.
You don’t have to have a subscription and it will let you view your home from your computer, iPad or iPhone.
In other countries, going to the washroom such a effortless, enjoyable, and relaxing experience. Based on an industrial design that was introduced prior even to Apple's switch to the Intel processor, the Mac Pro wasn't just long in the tooth. It's a complete reimagination of what a high-end workstation Mac looks like - no longer a giant monolithic tower system with gobs of internal expandability, the new Mac Pro takes up one-eighth the desktop space of its predecessor. The first version of Thunderbolt - still used on current systems like the MacBook Air, Mac mini and iMac, supports 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) bandwidth - more than enough to support a 27-inch Thunderbolt Display, fast RAID storage system and more. Beginning in June with the MacBook Air, Apple incorporated Intel's fourth-generation Core processor technology, often referred to by its code-name, "Haswell." An iterative improvement from the Ivy Bridge processor that preceded it, Haswell has differentiated itself by providing improved efficiency and performance, offering a solid boost in battery life for laptops and dramatically improved integrated graphics. Rather than go with another Haswell processor, Apple is continuing its long history of equipping the Mac Pro with an Intel Xeon processor instead. It also has beefier Level 3 cache for frequently accessed instructions - saving the CPU from having to page to slower system memory. Each core in a CPU can operate a separate instruction; four cores can operate four instructions simultaneously. Another is the graphics processor - actually, the two graphics processors - included in every model. Just as the Mac Pro doesn't use an off-the-shelf consumer version of an Intel CPU, it decided not to go with a run-of-the-mill video card, either. 3D rendering apps, physics simulations, numerical analysis, data analysis - all of these can benefit from the beefy FirePro graphics.
The D500 and D700 also handle considerably faster double-precision computation, an important factor for scientists and researchers using the new Mac Pro. The RAM itself is DDR3 Error Correcting Code (ECC) RAM clocked at 1866 MHz - very fast memory aimed at the server-workstation market.
And you can configure your Mac Pro to order with up to four 16 GB DIMMs installed for a total of 64 GB.
Bumping up to 32 GB or 64 GB requires four higher-density 8 GB or 16 GB DIMMs, so the price is more - $500 and $1,300 respectively. At this point, it may be a while before third parties offer compatible upgrades, so it'd be a wise idea to buy what you need for now, at least for your internal boot volume. One way or the other you'll be using one (or more) of the six Thunderbolt 2 ports to connect it. Instead, the company is offering Sharp's 32-inch PN-K321, an Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160 pixel) LED monitor with built-in DisplayPort and two HDMI connections (the HDMI connections are apparently unique to the model sold outside of the Europe, according to Apple). Asus' PQ321Q has been on the market for a while and is available for $200 less, for example, and others are coming to market soon. Both ports can be used to connect to separate networks, but if your Mac Pro is connected to a Gigabit Ethernet switch that supports the 802.3ad standard, both ports can be combined (using a method called link aggregation) to improve overall network transfer speed. This year we're going beyond just the iOS hardware, not only to reflect our extended coverage of all things Apple, but also to capture the tech from all sources that gives us pleasure in our daily lives.
I'm still firmly a mouse user over a trackpad, but with the Multitouch on the Magic Mouse you do get a happy middle ground.
I use my MacBook Pro with an external monitor, and the setup I have is more comfortable to use with an external keyboard. With the same brushed aluminum finish as the MacBook Pro, it blends in fantastically and gives me the extra room I need to be comfortable at my desk.
It works flawlessly, and I've lost count of the amount of photos I've transferred using this. As a complete package of hardware, software and camera I don't think anything else this year has impressed as much as the iPhone 5s. I dodged the original iPad mini because of the lacklustre hardware, but this time around it's impossible to ignore. With that 41MP Pureview unit hanging off the back, the Lumia 1020 offers a standard of mobile photography not seen anywhere else.
Mainly for Netflix and MLB.tv and music from online streaming services sent to it with AirPlay.
I love the auto-import feature, letting TripIt see my reservation details in my email and it doing all the work is a lazy travellers dream.
I jumped on board only recently with the iOS 7 supported update, but I sure haven't looked back. You use the phone as a viewfinder, you can get all the photos transferred directly to your phone, and it has a stonking great optical zoom on it.

They're so ridiculously comfortable to wear, I often forget that I've got them hanging round my neck. I much prefer gaming on the go in this way than on a smartphone or tablet, and the integration into the PlayStation Network and the remote play promise for the PS4 makes it a fantastic handheld gaming machine. So imagine my cries of delight when I first laid eyes on the Lego DeLorean, which took all of 4 seconds to decide to buy. My passion for the last couple of years has been home theater, so instead of retreading what my colleagues have already posted so well, I'm going to focus on that.
It offers easy to setup HDMI connectivity to play HDCP protected media, and if you don't already have an Apple TV, it also offers streaming services like Netflix as well.
If you consider yourself an audiophile or just simply a lover of surround sound then you will want to be able to not only get a good receiver, but one that can connect all of the media playing goodies to your projector as simply as possible. Keychain also allows you to generate unique and secure passwords when creating website accounts.
The cell phone number is required in case you need to verify your identity when using Keychain on other devices. You can fit up to a 13-inch MacBook Air inside, and it also has lots of compartments so your gear doesn't get mixed up. Yes, it's expensive, but if you have the space and want something that really works, you want the Flote. More than just looking good, however, Vaja provides excellent protection from bumps and bashes that might otherwise mar your precious device.
With the Jumbl Bidet, however, you can bring you bathroom out of the stone ages and into the modern world. You set it up, step on it, it records everything you need, and sends it to your iPhone or iPad for easy tracking at any time. That's right, just like the $599 Mac mini, Apple provides the Mac Pro without a keyboard and mouse of its own. Xeon processors are built for heavy-duty use in servers and workstations - environments demanding more extreme performance and operational criteria. Applications that are tuned to support multiple cores will benefit the most from this - video editing software like Final Cut Pro, data compression and transformation software, 3D rendering, scientific software, and other apps. They're thoroughly optimized not only to render graphics well with impressive pixel and texture fill rates, but they're also full-on compute engines that can help the Mac Pro's CPUs process raw data.
A dual FirePro D700 system is also available as a $600 option; each D700 gets 6 GB of VRAM. Apple uses ECC memory in the Mac Pro to avoid transient memory errors that can systems to crash or produce erroneous data. That leads to one of the biggest head-scratchers of the new Mac Pro: it has only a fraction of the internal storage capacity of its predecessor.
Unless you're using Apple's own $999 Thunderbolt Display or an Apple Cinema Display, which features a Thunderbolt-compatible connector, you're probably going to to need an adapter to connect your display.
So if you can wait a while or you're willing to shop around, you may be able to get a better deal. You can also use a new networking technology introduced with Mavericks called Thunderbolt Bridge to connect to other Thunderbolt-equipped Macs. It's slim and light enough to travel with while still packing enough grunt to do everything I need from it and more besides. I'm surprised at how nice it feels to use given the shape, and wouldn't be without one now.
Apple's Wireless Keyboard is small, comfortable to type on for long periods of time, and as an added bonus can also connect to my iPad when I need it to.
It's large enough to act as a good external display for my MacBook, it looks great, and is gloriously slim. But for the price, I still think the package it offers is still extremely good value for money. The iPad app could do with a facelift, but it has a great catalog of music behind it, which is more important to me. Having the convenience of notifications, music controls and more on my wrist has taken me by surprise.
Definitely a version 1.0 product, but one of the devices I've enjoyed using the most this year. I wear them round the house even, since the range is so good my iPhone can stay upstairs and I can move about freely and still get my tunes. With PSP and PS One games available to download for it as well, there's a huge selection of quality gaming at your fingertips. With an online game to play alongside the main storyline, GTA V has longevity to go with the largest open world we've seen to date in console gaming. It sits pride of place in my home office, and remains one of the best nerdy treats I bought this year. I picked this machine up earlier this year, and thanks to a tie-up between Tassimo and Costa Coffee you get some great tasting coffee, with minimal effort. So here they are, my favorite home theater tech of the year, and the perfect gift for any movie buff, Apple or otherwise! There are a number of reasons for a phone number to change, but regardless of the reason, your iCloud Keychain must have an up-to-date number to use when you want to grant a Mac or iOS device access to your keychain data.
The first assumes that you're using a Mac that is already set up to use iCloud Keychain.
The code acts as your password which you can use to grant access to Keychain across multiple devices. You can then set up iCloud Keychain on additional devices by approving them from the original iPhone. If your life depends on your password data it is probably not the best idea to upload the iCloud Keychain information to Apple’s servers. The e-ink display works perfectly, even in bright sunlight, and the flick-to-backlight works just as well at night. It fits onto whatever toilet you already have and then, with a few minor connections, makes it so that you never have to reach for the paper roll again. That, combined with the graphics system used by the Mac Pro, makes it able to connect up to three 4K displays, or up to six "regular" Thunderbolt displays. It comes with 12 GB RAM, dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics processors and 256 GB of flash storage.
The Mac Pro is aimed at very high-productivity environments that can't afford such mistakes. Apple and other companies make connectors to fit between Thunderbolt and VGA, DVI or HDMI, so whatever you connect is fine.
Thunderbolt 2-based RAIDs, digital video capture and playback systems and other products are starting to populate the marketplace, too. On a recent trip I travelled without it for 2 days, and kept looking at my regular watch wishing it would change the track playing on my iPhone. However, creating a Security Code will automatically upload your personal Keychain password and credit card information (albeit encrypted) to Apple’s servers.
It is also really fast and has a light up keyboard which makes working in the dark a dream. This method allows you to create a new security code, but it also forces the iCloud Keychain data to be reset, thus losing all of your stored keychain data.
Instead of entering a code, click the Forgot Code text, just below the Security Code field.A sheet will appear warning you that your iCloud Security Code, or verification from another device that is using iCloud Keychain, is required to set up this Mac for keychain access. All passwords stored in iCloud will be replaced by ones on this Mac, and you will be asked to create a new iCloud Security Code.

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