If you don’t want to upgrade to paid iCloud service that has annual fees then there are a number of ways that you can use to free up some of the used iCloud disk space. If nothing works then purchasing addition iCloud storage isn’t such a bad idea, especially if you are using more than one iOS device with one Apple ID. Received a statement from Oregon State on the piece on the saga of Brenda Tracy published on Friday. I am sure that many of you have read the article just published on OregonLive and being published in three segments this week in The Oregonian regarding the horrific assault suffered by Brenda Tracy in 1998 at the hands of several men. We are told that law enforcement officials in 1998 were not able to bring criminal charges because Ms. Brenda Tracy, whose story of gang rape at the hands of OSU football players in 1998 was told by The Oregonian’s John Canzano last month, sat down with the sports columnist and radio host for a short video interview after the story was first published.
OSU cannot control the criminal justice system, but I have asked university staff to obtain the police reports for the case and to determine if there are any actions we can take now under OSU's code of student conduct. The Notes app in iOS now allows you to draw, sketch, and color, using your finger or a stylus on the touchscreen. For demonstration purposes we’ll focus on a newly created blank note, but technically you can draw on existing notes too, and insert drawings just about anywhere.
The tools available in Notes app drawing mode are; pen, highlighter, pencil, ruler, eraser, and color picker. For those wondering, a drawing saved from Notes app on an iPhone Plus will save with a 1536 x 2048 resolution as a PNG file.
For iOS users with a Mac, you’ll find the drawn notes sync just fine to the OS X Notes app too, further extending the use of Notes as an iOS to OS X clipboard feature of sorts. This is the solution to the problem everyone is posting here – please read this and try it! I found that the drawing tools only show if you are creating notes when you are in On My iPhone mode. Sketching with Notes app is available on all devices that can run the new versions of iOS, it is not limited to a device.
When you press on the empty space between camera and X sign, it asks to insert a photo or make a photo or cancel.
OK, so far Paul, steve, tellier, Big Cat Man Guy, RP, Shirley Hershey, crs, shawn, and Jane have all said that they have the squiggly line on their devices but not one of them has mentioned what SPECIFIC device they have. I figured out how to find the missing plus sign that allows you to have the draw and insert photo feature. Being an iphone user for almost 6 years, I would have expected much more other than a sketching tool.
From screen resolution, Speaker Volume, an incredible writing tool (pen) that eliminates having to rub your fingers all over the screen. Understandably, not everyone uses their phone the same way, but when spending this much money on a hand held device, the device should have a simple feature such as a pen available for its users. There are still some quirks in my opinion and cons, such as its large size, small keyboard screen & having to switch through keyboard screen types in order to use the pen as a writing tool is also annoying. Fluent Mind Map is an excellent iPad app that you can use to easily map your thoughts and generate and organize your ideas into an elegant mind map. Mind maps you create on Fluent Mind Map can be shared in a variety of file formats including PNG, PDF, and SVG.
Share mind maps with friends, colleagues and clients using email or third party storage providers and using common formats like PDF, PNG and SVG. OS X Yosemite offers a major visual redesign of Mac OS X, with heavy usage of translucency, transparencies, redesigned icons, a new appearance to the Dock, a completely redesigned Notification Center, and so much more.
We’ve included screen shots and images of the OS X Yosemite Finder, desktop, new icons, new Dock, menu, various translucent effects, redesigned Notification Center, Spotlight, Safari, Messages, iPhone and iOS integration, and a variety of other pictures to help you get an idea of what to expect with the next major release of Mac OS X. The general desktop appearance of OS X Yosemite looks modernized, bright, flatter, and generally pretty fancy. Finder has been updated to flatten the general appearance, with simpler buttons and less use of bold text. As you can see, the default folder icons are bright blue, while most of the document icons remain the same as they feature little previews of the file itself. The window traffic light buttons are now completely flat too, appearing as solid red, solid yellow, and solid green. Meanwhile, many default OS X app icons have also been redesigned, but most are generally modernized rather than going for the full-fledged flat appearance offered in iOS. The menu bar, drop down menus, and system menus in general have received a new look and a new font. The general buttons and UI elements found throughout OS X Yosemite are flatter, but still easily identifiable as buttons. Many user interface elements in Yosemite are translucent, thus the appearance of things will change depending on the color of that which is layered behind it. Safari gets a generally new appearance with a significantly improved tab viewer, a better way to browse iCloud tabs from other devices, and an updated slimmer UI to match the broader OS X Yosemite theme.
Messages has been redesigned and modernized, largely matching the iOS Messages appearance, but better fit for the desktop and still maintaining the OS X esthetic. Of course Mail app in OS X Yosemite gets a flatter redesigned UI, but it also gets some pretty nice built-in markup tools that allow you to add notes, scribbles, signatures, and other details to email messages, right from the Mail app. Users can interact with Notification Center much like iOS, and they can also add or remove widgets from third parties and applications.

This is part of a deeper feature layer called Continuity, that aims to improve OS X to iOS integration. You can also now make a phone call from your Mac, by relaying it to your iPhone, basically using the Mac as speaker phone. Here’s an OS X Yosemite desktop screenshot with Calendar, Messages, Maps open, while an active phone call from an iPhone that is being made through the Mac is visible in the upper right corner of the desktop. They have taken what looked and felt like an expensive European sports car and replaced it with a Fisher Price toy! These new flat “simpler” icons are dumb, and the bright blue folders are really in the way! Anyone know what the OS X Yosemite Dark Pro mode looks like that was talked about on stage but never properly demoed? I believe Windows Vista only had a transparent menu bar and border, but not entire surfaces.
Looks nothing like Vista (or Windows 7, since they’re both almost exactly the same interface).
I think it looks good, but I don’t like the narrow font which is all Jony Ive and not practical at all. I agree, the Helvetia Nue is terrible for order eyes, I guess Apple doesn’t care about Senior Citizens with any of its OS or Apps!
This is actually not a proper preview of OS X Yosemite, as the image is rendered on a higher-resolution MBP or even rMBP, and hence everything looks thinner and smaller on a non-rMBP.
I can almost guarantee it’ll be FAR MORE easy to ready on non-Retina displays than most of you cry babies are whining about. I think you hold down the Command key to get the old maximize behavior back… probably a defaults string somewhere to get it back to normal. So the complaint is that it “used to be so colorful”, but now it is too colorful?
Looks nice but Safari addressbar looks very silly, i hope they do something with it this summer. But generally this look like i jump over with it, maybe i go back to Snow Leopard, now i use Maverikcs, i hope you make many updates to this! It will help them improve it if many people will let them know they don’t like the new design. It will help them improve it if many people will let them know they don’t like the new design.
I also despise how Apple is so dismissive about it and says “Oh there are plenty of 3rd party apps that give you functionality. Another benefit of this cloud service is that you get to access your data across all your connected iOS devices.
You can use a number of third party services such as Dropbox and Google+ to save your photos and even access them across different devices. You can free this space by getting rid of emails that have large attachments or a lots of images. Read the column on Tracy's alleged sex assault in which four men, including two Beavers football players, were accused. Tracy talked about how her life, and her perspective on her experience 16 years ago, have changed since the story broke, and her wish that by coming forward she can help prevent similar trauma from being inflicted on women today. Tracy's journey has been simultaneously heart-breaking and inspiring because of her own capacity to reclaim her sense of self-worth and pursue her education so that she can help others through her work as a nurse. I understand that Mike Riley, who was our football coach at the time, has offered to meet with Ms. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregon Live LLC. You can change the color of any of the drawing tools, and the ruler also works with any of the sketch tools to draw straight lines. You can click on the example image below (which has been converted to a compressed JPEG) to see a full sized sample of a lovely sketch image made in Notes app, as you can tell I did not do well in art class but sometimes it’s the effort that counts. After playing with the Notes drawing feature for a while, it made me wish there was a similar drawing tool built into the Messages app of iOS, since it’s definitely fun to draw silly sketches and send them to your friends and family.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! If you’re in a note, click Back, then back again (mine was labelled “Local Notes”) – then I saw an “upgrade” button – clicking that made all the new tools available.
I wish the author had made sure if this feature is available to all or had mentioned device and OS requirements.
See the troubleshooting note in the article, it’s possible you are using iCloud Notes rather than on-device Notes, which seems to limit the feature for some users. Every person who has said that the squiggly line appears on their device has NOT told us what device they are using. If sketching is available on an iphone 4s, someone will have to lead us through the steps to enable it.
If you are not using on device notes, and have not updated iCloud, you won’t have the drawing tools. Just more Apple using the public to do their development rather than actually have developers do it. The confusion for me was that I had the squiggly line and the camera icon at bottom right when I created a new note but not the others – I assumed the other tools should display in the same place.

If you have other previous notes , the features will not show up unless you copy each not into that specific on my iPhone folder . Fluent  Mind Map provides you with easy to use editor where you can add nodes, change text, make colourful nodes, zoom in and out, and many more. You can also share your mind maps directly to your Dropbox or through email using the document picker.
No longer will it sit in the upper right corner of the Mac desktop, instead when it’s summoned it will become front and center, hovering over everything in a nice translucent actionable window. Many other apps apparently will support this feature too, offering improved integration between OS X and iOS devices. You’ll also get alerts on your Mac desktop when a phone call is coming into the iPhone. You can check out a first look at OS X Yosemite and some more of the new features, though the images there were captured from WWDC 2014 slides, making the pictures not nearly as appetizing as what’s seen here.
But the general look, which is much more modern than current OS X that’s for sure… does kind of look like Windows Vista, which was released in what, 2006?
Debating installing the beta build on a secondary Mac, but will probably wait until the public beta instead… early reports sound buggy. I hope it’s a full inversion of the window appearances and greyscale icons, because all the whites, super bright colors, and the hideous blue folder icons, are very distracting even in screenshots. Helvetica was originally designed in 1957, recut as Neue in 1983, although it is based on Akzidenz-Grotesk (1896). Definitely not good at night and browsing the internet, even with the brightness turned down. Nonetheless, it’s supposedly in the works as described by Craig Federighi during the Yosemite preview at WWDC. Someone who is responsible for the UI design has no taste at all and Tim has no taste either. While iCloud is very useful it has one problem and that is the 5GB free disk space that Apple offers is not enough for most users. Photos take up most of the iCloud space so the best way to stop this from happening is disabling the Photo Stream service.
Oregon State opened an investigation into its handling of the case in 1998 and officials released a response Friday.
While legal minds could no doubt explain how it makes sense to have a statute of limitations for sexual assault crimes, I find that appalling. In the upper left corner of the Notes menu bar click left till you are on the Folders screen. I myself have an iphone 4s, and I need to know if anyone in the universe has an iphone 4s AND a squiggly line. It’s also not only able to search the local file system, but also iCloud files, the web, Wikipedia, App Store, Rotten Tomatoes, Yelp for Restaurants, and so much more. Don’t get me wrong, OS X Yosemite looks great, but it just feels like Apple is lagging in the UI design department.
In Yosemite, the menu bars overlay the content, whereas sidebars overlay the wallpaper (or other windows). I can not say how well it looks on a retina display but otherwise… what is Apple thinking?
Much like iOS 7 and iOS 8, the narrow system font is genuinely difficult to look at for those of us without perfect vision. Handoff feature lets you start something on one device and instantly pick it up on another… This integration is a nice and clever thing. This space gets filled up very soon and you are then forced to either upgrade to the premium service or delete your data.
It’s really set to function as a full fledged search engine, built directly into OS X Yosemite.
Equally as good, clean and unambiguous fonts would include Avenir Next (2004) and Myriad (1991), which is incidentally Apple’s corporate typeface (website, packaging, display etc). Overall it looks modernized but a little too much like a kids computer, so hopefully we get some customization to the appearance that can make it look more professional before Yosemite ships. Now I have the squiggly line and camera icon at bottom right and in a toolbar above the keyboard.
These are far better choices than Helvetica, which is not designed to be used as small text and slabs of it!
I am excited for it, features are good, so it would be a shame if the window dressing was not improved. It is our hope that any role she is willing and interested in pursuing to help educate our community on the horrors of sexual assault by sharing her story could bring some healing. Please don’t spread information when you have obviously not actually tested all devices!!!
My brilliant idea is: If your device shows a squiggly line please tell us what device you are using. If a case of this nature was reported to the university today, OSU's Office of Equity and Inclusion would work to stop the sexual misconduct, assist the survivor and prevent a recurrence.

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