Apple is erasing the barriers between OSX 10.10 and iOS8, and the results are surprisingly good for both sides.
Stay inside an App as you reply to texts, email, calendar invitations, reminders, and messages. Double clicking the home button still brings up the multitasking interface, but now also provides a gallery of the people you contact most often. As you respond to messages, emails, etc, iOS8 looks at the incoming text and suggests intelligent answers. Mail recognizes reservations, flight confirmations, or phone numbers in an email, and a notification appears that lets you tap to add an event to your calendar or a phone number to contacts. Photos –  Every photo, album, and change you make is stored in the iCloud Photo Library and synchronized across all devices in its original format and resolution. Apple are working on a new version of iPhoto for OSX that includes this enhancement and hope to release it early next year.
An improved search ability – search by the date or time the photo was taken, location, or album name.
A new smart search option offers you choices based on photos taken nearby, photos taken the same time last year, or your all-time favorite photos. Apply Apples filters to images or a wide range of third-party filters that will now be available within iPhoto.

A new option lets you make time-lapse videos that can accelerate action that normally takes hours or even days.
With group messaging you can now name a thread, add and remove members, and you choose when you want to leave a thread. Supports predictive typing by offering context sensitive appropriate words to complete your sentences. Recognizes who you are responding to and offers personalized responses based on prior conversations with that individual. Family Sharing – Finally, you can set up your family, to share iTunes, iBooks and App store purchases. Find my iPhone App has been extended and made easier to help you locate all of your family’s devices. Work on presentations, spreadsheets, documents, images and PDFs that you store on iCloud Drive. Handoff – Grab your iPad and pickup where you left off in a document you started to write on your iPhone. Health – Creates a single place for all your health applications to talk to one another and provide an overall picture of your health.
Apple have created Health Kit for developers to allow the creation of Health Apps that work together with the Health interface.

Create an emergency card with important health information — for example, your blood type or allergies — that’s available right from your Lock screen. Pilot programs will give doctors first hand information direct from patient devices, allowing them to respond immediately to any medical changes. Information drawn from new areas and external sources like Wikipedia, Maps, News, Bing, App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, Top Websites, Movie Showtimes and more. This gives you access to your entire email library, so you can refer to, copy and paste past information. Offers a simple method to change light and color, but professionals can drill down to make changes to these elements on a granular level. Once new keyboards are available, you’ll be able to choose your favorite input method.
You have complete access to your entire image library which, in many cases, is larger than any one device could hold on its own.

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