Having cloud storage these days have become a requirement, and we are spoilt for choice with what is available out there to help backup our important data, e.g. We’ve introduced Bittorrent Sync previously as a way to transfer large files anonymously but did you know that you can also use it to create your personal Cloud?
Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire. An incredibly versatile tool, ownCloud is a free, open source application that lets you build more than a Dropbox replacement to dump your data. Seafile, another open source solution, sells itself as a file syncing and online collaboration tool.
Similar to OwnCloud, the aim of Cozy is to give you a way to maintain your own data using your own web apps. Platforms Supported: Images available on Virtualbox, Raspberry Pi, OpenVZ, Cubieboard2, Cubietruck.
AeroFS is an open source app that is aimed at corporate users, offering collaboration tools as part of their package. Similar to SparkleShare and obvious from its name, git-annex also uses git to manage files but "without checking the file contents into git".
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We are constantly being invited to use cloud services such as Dropbox, Mozy and SugarSync to store our documents, music, photos and more. The obvious benefits of storing files online is that it releases space on our PCs, smartphones and tablets, and files can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. There are privacy and security concerns, though, and you might well wonder whether someone could access your files. Also, for anything more than a few gigabytes, which tend to be offered free to get you to try a service, you must pay for online storage with recurring monthly fees. An advantage of turning your PC into a cloud server is that storage is limited only by the size of its hard disk and not the size of your bank balance.
Only you have access to your cloud server, but it's also possible to grant permission to others, such as family or friends. One of the best features of Tonido is the excellent support for a wide range of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Android app on the other hand, can access all the files on the device and you can upload and download anything.
One thing you might want to do with your own cloud server is to keep a folder on another computer synchronised.
This is great if you use two or more computers, such as at work and at home, or if you want to share files between computers on your home network. Our cloud hosting network is split into separate dedicated networks providing increased bandwidth and redundancy over traditional cloud hosting you find today. Our managed cloud hosting services are flexible enough to let you choose what cloud hosting services you need, We can help you customize your cloud hosting environment.
You can contact us to build custom solutions or with migration assistance on moving your applications to our cloud network. Cloud Server ControlEvery cloud server will come with access to our simple to use online control panel with instant access to everything you need. Private Cloud applies the same principles used for scaling and managing the world’s largest public clouds to your private data center environment.  Now, you can have your very own cloud! This month, my fellow Technical Evangelists and I will be writing a series of articles that step through building your very own Private Cloud by leveraging Windows Server 2012, Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS) and System Center 2012 Service Pack 1.

Week 1 is all about the foundation.  You need a strong foundation to build later knowledge of Cloud Computing Technologies!
Windows Azure Active Directory is now ready for use in production environments and it is FREE!
All you need to do is configure a folder to act as a drop-off point so you can sync all your files on all your devices running Bittorrent Sync. The program recently entered beta and it requires you to sign up to its beta program but it looks to be a solid, easy to use app to create a personal cloud within the Apple ecosystem, bypassing iTunes.
Along with data storage, the app comes with a number of other features such as a way to manage your calendar, to-do lists, a document editing tool and many more. In the developers own words, "Cozy allows you to turn your server in a kind of personal Google App Engine." The developers encourage users to develop it further, hoping to connect many different services and utilities to it. This means that you will get full version history of your files as well as the other good stuff that comes with git. Another advantage of cloud storage is that the responsibility of looking after your files (including backing them up) and maintaining the hardware is someone else’s.
It's easier than you might think: all you need is a PC, internet access and some free software. You can store any type and any size of files, there are no monthly fees, and it is private. This means it can be very slow to download big files from your cloud PC, but fast to upload them, which is opposite to normal internet usage.
After clicking through welcome messages you’ll see this screen indicating that Tonido is active. You can log in to your computer, which is now acting as a cloud server, from any computer or device with a web browser. The same screen as in step 4 is displayed and you have full access to the PC’s internal disk drive and any other drives that are attached. Use the panel on the left to find the Music folder on the PC and select a folder containing music, such as MP3 files.
In other words, go to the App Store on an iOS device, the Google Play Store on Android devices and so on. Mostly though, you will want to only play music stored on your Tonido cloud PC, upload photos, view files on your PC, and so on. Use your Android smartphone or tablet to go to the Google Play Store and use the search facility to find the Tonido app.
The files and folders on the Tonido PC’s files are displayed and you can browse around and select files. If you browse to the music folder on your Tonido PC you can select any MP3 file by tapping it. For example, you might want to keep the files in a folder on your desktop PC and laptop identical, or to sync your work and home computers, and so on. Be aware that deleting a file on one computer will automatically delete it on the other (synchronisation is not backup!).
Select from a mix of our cloud hosted services with our ever growing list of Managed Cloud Services and Applications.
Private Cloud is not a product, but rather an approach for designing, implementing and managing your servers, applications and data center resources by reducing complexity, increasing standardization and automation, and provide elasticity – the ability to easily scale your data center up, down, in or out – to support evolving business and technical requirements.
Be sure to bookmark the index page and check back daily as we’ll be continuing to update this page with links to each article as they are published along with additional resources. These solutions forgo the use of a third-party server, ensuring that your data is for your eyes only.

The service prides itself on its fast syncing speeds, with no limit on the data transferred. This is an excellent solution if you have documents that require going through a lot of changes. The app is mainly in command line but for those who aren’t keen on this, there is an easy-to-use alternative version. With just a web browser you can log on to your home PC cloud server and access your whole music library.
Plus, you're responsible for maintaining the hardware, making backups, and that Windows is running smoothly.
The software you need to turn a PC into a cloud server is Tonido Desktop Software for Windows. It runs in the background and the browser can be closed and you can use the PC for other purposes, just don’t shut it down.
There’s an Upload button, and the Actions column enables you to download files as well.
There's also an Android app for phones and tablets, a Windows Phone app and BlackBerry phone and PlayBook app. All the apps on all the devices have this basic functionality and here we show how to use the Android app. Select My Synced Files and it opens the TonidoSync folder in the Documents folder on the PC.
It will run automatically afterwards and it will prompt you to enter your Tonido account name, used for the URL, and password. There is an identical one on the computer running Tonido and the contents of the two are kept in sync. You can add any number of disks to your server or attach to our ICSI servers or NAS servers for better software support.
They have limited storage space and at the end of the day, they are still a third party you have to trust with your (sometimes sensitive) data. We have here 8 tools to create your own cloud – all offer unlimited storage, and a few other features third-party cloud storage lack. The application features a rich online file editor, version control, multi-platform file syncing and more. All you need to do is to install the AeroFS client into the device you want to put in your sync circle.
If you are out and need a file from home or work, you can access it with a laptop, tablet or smartphone. There are two versions and if you choose the portable edition it doesn’t need installing. Click a photo to view a larger version or click the slideshow button and sit back and watch. If you download and install TonidoSync Client on any other computer, it creates an identical TonidoSync folder in Documents. Fibre optic internet, such as BT Infinity or Virgin Media, is best but any broadband will work.
The files stored on the Tonido cloud server PC are automatically downloaded and once done, both folders are kept in sync.

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