Athletes in Asia feel the pain of the 100s going into Event 5--a couplet of heavy deadlifts and high box jumps. Amongst the triple-unders and creative chippers were numerous predictions of Fran variations, but nobody quite managed to guess Dave Castro's twist on the benchmark workout.
Just before the third workout of the CrossFit Games Open was released, Cody Hunter's wife gave birth to their first son.
Built with all the performance and durability of the Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0, this shoe features an asymmetrical, mid-cut collar for added ankle protection against rope and rugged terrain. Elia is a 30ish mom of 5 (8and under) living in Sunny South Florida, Married to the love of her life. Join WCCF Team on Zero Cancer Run WCCF'r DGS Goes BIG Whole Life Challenge CrossFit Games Week! CrossFit Asphodel, the only affiliate in Hong Kong, has qualified four people to the Asia Regional.
CrossFit COMO has been recognized by the biggest commercial partner of CrossFit as an affiliate that demonstrates excellence.

Reebok has highlighted RPCF as a box where the standards and programming are set high, coaching is second to none, and athletes get a true CrossFit experience. Simply put, you will be trained by Reebok™ recognized coaches in a world class facility, which has been picked out for its excellence! What won’t change is the constant pursuit of excellence from the coaching staff and management team, our programming and training methods. The goal of the Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0 Mid is to protect you in all environments, whether it be on uneven surfaces or through the brush, by adding breathable open mesh materials and mid-cut padded ankle support for enhanced comfort and stability. When she isn't going on the many adventures a Homeschooling Mom of 5 goes on, you'll find her checking out the newest products for kids,family and home.
The changes will be subtle, and they’ll primarily be geared towards our what we carry in house related to gear. Our goal is simple, provide the best experience possible and provide opportunities to our athletes to lead healthy, fit lives. Follow her on her adventures as she raises 5 active kids, with a bit of Hispanic Flair, laughs,love and fun!

If you have any questions or want additional information, please don’t hesitate to ask us! Recently, Reebok contacted us again and invited us to be a part of the Reebok Recognized CrossFit Affiliates. We were flattered and have accepted!
Our t-shirts will transition to the Reebok brand, you’ll see more coaches wearing Reebok gear, and a few Reebok logos around the box. Each of our coaches is a Reebok One Ambassador, you can learn more about that on the Meet the Trainers page.

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