Note: Apple reserves the right to delete iCloud backups of your iOS device after 180 days of inactivity, as mentioned in their support knowledge base. Once logged into your iCloud account, select your iCloud backup from the drop-down menu and then click the download button. To recover your photos, contacts, calendar data, SMS, videos, recordings, notes, call history or any other data, simply click on the blue link corresponding to the type of data you want to recover from your iCloud backup. Please note that the iPhone Backup Extractor will only be able to download complete iCloud backups. How to recover an iPhone Restrictions Passcode from an iTunes backup in a couple of easy steps! Have you noticed that the Apple iOS software update service on iTunes has been rather unreliable today?
Before you give your iPhone away or sell it, be sure to erase everything and reset your iPhone so you won’t have your identity stolen. People who buy used phones often mine them for personal information so they can steal your identity so they can empty your bank account, run up charges on your credit cards or apply for loans using your Social Security Number. Once done setting up what gets backed up, go to Storage & Backup at the bottom of the screen.
Apple assures us that your data will be safe in iCloud and you can restore from your iCloud backup. If you want to keep your data and apps, then choose Reset All Settings which returns your iPhone settings to the factory default without erasing any of your apps or data. The other two apply only if you want to quickly get your phone up and running using the backup you created above using iCloud. The video below shows you how to transfer purchases to your computer, this is also handy if you need to sync with a new computer. With your phone plugged into your computer and iTunes running, make sure you backup all your data as per the instructions above.
Once iTunes finishes either downloading or updating the phone, then click the Restore button (4 above) and it will ask you if you want to either Backup or Don’t Backup.
If you plan to give the phone to a friend or family member who will use this computer and iTunes installation, then you may want to go ahead and set it up as a new device. I have an Iphone 3gs that will not turn on, will not accept a charge, and will not turn on if I replace the battery. THANKS FOR THE SHITE ADVICE – NOW MY IPHONE IS LOCKED ON EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! These simple hacks are usually hidden inside the iOS system, and someone on the internet has exploited the settings for everyone.
To restore an iPhone from malfunctioning state and unlock the passcode, using this method is particularly very useful (use this method if your iPhone is disabled). Once logged in, all the devices incorporated with the iCloud account you have logged in with will be shown on screen.
Since now you have the latest backup stored on your computer, you can hit the restore option on iTunes. As the mobile phone industry makes technological advances it is becoming more and more common for a person to store all their personal and professional contact information on their phone.
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How to ssh into your iphone using winscp (windows) - comments - How to ssh into your iphone using winscp is there any way i can ssh into the app and get rid of some get the iclarified app for iphone, ipad. Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Some more background:  I found that the original flash drive I tried last December worked as described, and it was very reasonably priced at $30. You might find that even though you have selected to backup your pictures, they aren't accessible to be browsed through. Our application helps recover data from iCloud backups and you will be able to extract your photos, videos, calendar data, SMS, recordings, voicemails, notes, application data and more. Note that you’ll need at least a Personal subscription plan to unlock the iCloud backup downloader feature.
The downloading process may take up to several hours, depending on the size of your backup and how fast your internet connection is.
If you don’t mind using a computer, the traditional method of plugging the iPhone into a USB port using the sync cable works.
This doesn’t work for videos, so if you bought any TV shows or movies using your phone, then you will have to back them up first to your computer. You will see the amount of storage you have in total followed by the available storage left. Better yet, just turn it off and let the recipient choose unless you feel the need to set things up for a friend or family member who might not understand how to do it.
To use the third option you must do a backup using iTunes, so proceed to find out how to do that now.
Then, with your device selected (1 in image below) and the Summary tab selected (2 below) first click Check for Updates (3 below), if you want to restore your phone using the latest version of iOS. Since you already backed things up, you don’t really need to now, but you can for an extra measure of precaution. However, there are three tricks here and all of them require the use of a computer (use this method if you want to Sign In to iCloud from iPhone).
The process will take some time, depending on how big of a backup you had stored before initiation of the process.
Wait till the iPhone syncs up with iTunes and all the data stored on the device is saved on the PC as well. Press and hold the home and power button together while connecting the lightning cable to the PC at the same time. For that reason it, it is also more important to have ways to transfer your iPhone contacts to another phone. Once the app is started, swipe the bottom of the screen, with the 9 task icons, twice to the right. This is Nest's 3rd gen learning thermostat which is slimmer and has an easy to read display.

Yes, you can selectively recover data from your iCloud backup, and we'll show you how, in this article. We offer full integrity of data and your iCloud backups will not be affected while using the iPhone Backup Extractor. You will have to tap both Photo Stream and Documents & Data to turn those two items on in the screens shown after you tap them. If you want to do the same for extra protection, then skip down to the section Backing Up Data Using iTunes. How can I sell it and still know for sure that someone isn’t going to somehow fix it or take my information off of it?
If an iPhone is lost or stolen, a user can remotely wipe their phone, and turn the phone into a brick by marking it lost on iCloud. You can turn all these settings off in the settings menu accessible on the top left of the main i-FlashDrive One screen. I've not reviewed Nest's previous thermostats, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it compares to the Venstar thermostat that I've been using for the last four years. I first choose Transfer Purchases… to make sure iTunes copies any movies, video, music, apps or books I bought on my device over to my computer. This step isn’t really necessary, but I like to do this first if Apple just shipped a new version of iOS.
However, even without losing your iPhone you could bypass the lock screen on your device using iCloud.
When the transfer finishes, then I makes ure I have a good backup by choosing Back Up from the right-click menu. At his point you can choose one of three options, setting the phone up as a new phone, restoring from iCloud or from iTunes.
Typically, it is useful if you’re planning to sell your phone or you just want to give your phone a fresh start. We hope the i-FlashDrive MAX product you receive will prove that we offer a much higher standard of technology than our competitors.
Most importantly when we are trusted with peoples memories such as photos and videos we need to be sure they are safe and secure.
If you have another method that you feel is simpler, drop us a message in the comments section and we will be happy to consider it.There are other issues that are related to this, like iOS not responding or turning on. If for some reason, Apple changes the way the phone needs to be reset or turned on before we can update this article, you can see the latest method on Apple site.Filed in Apple.
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