Once upon a time one of the primary handicaps of iOS devices was the fact that you had to physically connect it to a Windows or Mac PC with a USB sync cable to back it up using iTunes. Apple provides 5GB of free cloud storage space, but you can purchase additional iCloud storage for a fee.
Because of these limitations, iCloud backup is best used when youa€™re on the go, have minimal data to back up, or just cana€™t get to your Mac or PC. The same cannot be said about your music or videos that werena€™t purchased through iTunes, photos that arena€™t stored in the local camera roll, your call history, homescreen arrangement, and loads of other data.
An iTunes Backup is also the best choice If you have a lot of large files or want networked backups. But checking this box allows iTunes Backup to save all of your account passwords from your iOS device.
Encryption is even more critical if you also use your device for work and keep sensitive company information on it. Therea€™s no denying the convenience of being able to back up and restore your iOS device without having to use iTunes or a PC, but it shouldna€™t be your only method.
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Here’s a guideline that you can use to backup your iPhone via the cloud and protect your most important files and documents.
Assume that you lost your iPhone and in fact, buying a new one is really easy as eating a pie; however, your precious data such as photos, videos, contacts and many others could be gone for good. The giant, Apple, offers its cloud storage and syncing service iCloud, but if you don’t want to shell out for the storage, its free storage of 5GB gets used up soon.
If you have a cloud backup service, taking a snapshot of your Mac’s hard drive, this also copy iTunes backups.
Once in iTunes, right-click on your device, appearing in the leftmost pane under ‘Devices’ and then select backup. As well as storing and syncing files and documents, Dropbox can also take copies of your photos and videos. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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On other hand, you probably have other data, such as documents, photos, and third-party content that is not automatically backed up.
If you don’t have a Mac you can download iCloud for Windows, which will allow you to to sync documents and photos between iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. Once it’s enabled iCloud Drive kicks in and starts working automatically, syncing data between your devices in the background.

This setup makes it easier to add and remove files from your drive, though most often you will save supported files to the drive from within its corresponding app.
Note: You should make sure on your Mac that you’re saving a document to the appropriate iCloud folder. Apple provides users just 5 gigabytes of free iCloud Drive space, but as you add photos and documents to your iOS devices that allotted free space can fill up quite fast.
Content in your iCloud Drive can be managed on any of your devices, under Manage Storage (on both the iOS and OS X), which indicates how much space each app is taking up.
Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app.
Hi Paul, it's difficult for me to troubleshoot these kinds of questions, because I'm not an Apple technician. Karen, I'm sorry, but it's difficult advise you on these issues without talking with you directly about the issues you're experiencing. Very nice explanation, I would like to know if it is possible to place my external HD linked to icloud? Because when I place my docs in the icloud drive it overload my mac and I can't put all my docs. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation.
It often feels like word processors aren't keeping pace with the advances in user interface design. It backs up onlyA what Apple deems the a€?most important dataa€? on your iOS device: your camera roll, accounts, documents, and settings. Without this, youa€™ll be able to restore all of your apps, data, and settings, but youa€™ll have to re-enter all of your passwordsa€”many of which you probably entered once months or years ago and promptly forgot.
Encrypting the backup will protect it from unauthorized access and ensure that nobody else will be able to restore your apps and data to a different iOS device. Tap ‘iCloud Backup’ to turn on the feature and then tap ‘Back Up Now’ to back up your device straight away.
You can upload up to 50,000 songs – not a small number – to your Google Play library if you use Google Music Manager.
This will help you copy and transfer your selected WhatsApp messages including text messages, pictures, etc. Apple has now updated its cloud storage system to make it more visible and accessible to users and third-party developers. Enable iCloud Drive, and then click on Options to manage how other applications interacts with your cloud storage.
Some of the listed apps, such as the keychain app 1Password and journaling app Day One, may offer the option to backup to another cloud service like Dropbox. For example, saving a document to the general iCloud folder will not make it accessible in the Pages app on your iOS device. There are also third-party apps, like the text editor, iA Writer, that support iCloud Drive, and you will need to make sure to save documents to its corresponding folder. The service should improve further over the months to come, and it’s exciting to see Apple putting more control into the hands of its users even if it is still a little restrictive. I suggest that you either call Apple or take your device to an Apple Store, if you have one nearby, so they can help you troubleshoot the problem.

Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. It's not always a story in need of an audience, like Harry Potter or a Song of Ice and Fire. But these iOS backup methods were not created equal, and if you dona€™t choose carefully you could be risking significant data loss.
Take advantage of iCloud Backupa€™s ease and reliability, while also performing a more comprehensive iTunes Backup at least once a month. Backups can be done automatically as the iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network or plugged into an electrical socket. This will set up a special folder with the iPhone for storing sensitive documents, but also automatically backup your photos and videos. Notice that some data, such as Mail, Contacts, and Safari bookmarks are already stored and synced in your iCloud account.
Some apps (like Evernote) may have their own storage solution, which you won’t need to worry about.
You can for example remove photos from your Photo Library, disable apps like the Kindle and Evernote, both of which back up your content to their respective services but there are relatively few gains to be made on the whole.
I have no iCloud to be buggy and slow, but again it is difficult to advise on your particular issue.
It is so mainstream now that even enterprise scale applications have flown in droves to the cloud.
To ensure your iPhone or iPad data is fully protected, herea€™s a look at what each option backs up and when to use it. It will show you how much total storage you have in iCloud, and how much is still available. All you have to do is to tap on the app and then the icon in the bottom of the right-hand corner marked Settings.
However, in my experience so far, the sync and update process takes more than thirty seconds.
But again, I'm not sure, so you should also raise your question on the Apple support site, and with the developers of CleanMyMac. In the first day it jammed while trying to upgrade it to the new IOS so I could down load my last backup.
When activated, it will perform the backup automatically when your device is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi. While I have most things stored elsewhere, I have one group of photos that I hadn't copied.
I have managed to go through about 30% of our monthly data allowance in two days as I think the download froze or something, and it's not cheap in New Zealand.
If it doesn't work then I'm afraid I might be turning off iCloud and using iTunes or not bothering as the majority of my stuff is stored elsewhere. I have been wishing I'd kept my iPad 3, although, my IT Tech brother assures me it's a cloud problem not the iPad itself.

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