Seagate Technology has launched  Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim, the world’s thinnest 2TB mobile hard drive.
The launch of the Backup Plus Ultra Slim builds on Seagate’s rich history of award-winning innovation to give users even more capacity in an incredibly small form factor. Srivatsan Sridhar is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast who is passionate about Mobile phones and Mobile apps.
Seagate seems to have come up with a solution, for now, with the launch of the USB 3.0 powered, Seagate Backup Plus Fast external hard disk drive. Inside the enclosure, Seagate packs in two Samsung M9T drives of storage capacities of 2TB each. In addition, Seagate also offers a free Mobile Backup app for iOS and Android mobile devices. The overall design of the drive is nothing fancy and the enclosure is not user accessible, like most portable hard disk drives on the market.
Coming back to the Seagate Dashboard application, this nifty piece of software is included with the entire Backup Plus family, and with it users are able to have a simple, streamlined method of ensuring that all of their content is backed up. Though everything looks good on paper, it all boils down to the performance when it comes to storage devices.
All said and done, though, the kind of performance this 2.5-inch drive offers is the best we have seen so far in any portable HDD. The Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt comes with Thunderbolt as well as USB 3.0 and makes a great backup solution for Mac laptop.
As we all know, Internet access can expose you to various computer threats such as viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. If you are not looking for something portable, you can get external desktop drives that range all the way up to 1.5TB.
If your drive enclosure has a power cord, plug that into the enclosure and the electrical outlet.
Connect the interface cable to your computer – either USB, Firewire or eSATA depending on the drive you have.

Windows ME and newer operating systems should automatically detect the drive and add it into your system. If Windows does not instantly detect your hard drive after connecting it, wait a minute or two and then check to ensure your cables are connected properly. I have one in my pocket almost everywhere I go, and the storage capacity on flash drives is growing every year, while the size of the drive is staying the same. After struggling (carefully!) for 10 minutes, we loosened the other pins, aligned all the pins and we were away again. List last updated on September 9th, 2014 Here's the deal: the hard drive on your Wii U isn't huge and Wii U games are getting bigger. Based on our breakthrough ultra-mobile hard drive technology, this new storage solution gives them a better way to manage the increase in both data volumes and number of devices.
Anyone think that if they just had more storage space, their lives would be easier to maintain? Seagate also includes Dashboard, which offers users the ability to schedule and automate backups for their computer, social networks and mobile devices.
This app allows you to back up all of your content to the drive, when on the same network, or to the cloud when on the go. So if something goes wrong with the drive, you will have to contact their support center is it’s still under warrantly. Overall, we found the Seagate Dashboard is very simple to use as it allowed us to easily protect, share and save data.
When used with Thunderbolt it offers stellar performance and in a matter of minutes it takes the backup of Mac. If you are using Windows 98 or 98 SE, you may need to install the drivers for your hard drive.
The downloadable Seagate Dashboard software has tools for local, mobile, cloud and social media backup. With all that content that you keep churning out day in, and day out, the need for more and more storage space is a given.

In addition, you can use the Save and Share features to download and upload content from social network sites such as Facebook and Flickr.
It has easy backup approach and stores social-media personal data too apart for the local storage. Hard drive recovery tools are essential; and you can use an external drive as part of your back-up recovery plan. There are lots of cheap external hard drives available but look for reliability; particularly if you are backing up important data. And while the Wii U does use SD cards for Mii info and old Wii games, you can't actually save Wii U game data to them. You can run one-click backup or schedule an automatic backup plan to protect your files in your Backup Plus portable drive. And since most of us use mobile devices in our day to day lives, the extra storage space better be portable. You need to however take into account, the fact that, the Seagate Backup Plus Fast uses RAID0 to achieve it’s high speeds and capacity. The portable drive is also used with the Universal Storage Module (USM) slot of Seagate to work as offsite backup for NAS server. Fortunately, the Wii U supports external hard drives, so even if you've got the Standard with its itty bitty 8GB drive, you can add up 2TB of space. However, in this scenario, there is always a bit of data loss risk in case one of the drives fail. External storage on the Wii U has two hard and fast rules: It must be 2TB or less It needs to be powered, either by an AC adapter or through a Y cable That's it! But if you do decide to shop, remember not to go higher than the 2TB, or it won't work with your Wii U!

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