Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. As our regular reader will know, we have been covering changes in iOS restriction passcodes since iOS 2. With the latest iPhone Backup Extractor version you can recover or reset your iTunes backup restrictions passcode in just two clicks. If you would like to view a short video tutorial, the one below will show you how to recover your restrictions passcode for an iPhone or iPad. So when Apple introduced iOS 7 and 8, as expected they changed how they stored the restriction PINs. Important: iPhone Backup Extractor will show your restrictions passcode as long as it was enabled when you performed the backup. For not so techy users we have offered the option of resetting the restriction pin with the help of our iPhone Backup Extractor software. Don't forget to share this blog post with any iPad or iPhone users that might have troubles in recovering their forgotten restrictions passcode. How to recover an iPhone Restrictions Passcode from an iTunes backup in a couple of easy steps! Have you noticed that the Apple iOS software update service on iTunes has been rather unreliable today? Either through fat fingers, an errant Bluetooth keyboard, or a complete brain fart, sometimes we not only get the passcode to our device wrong, but we get completely locked out.
Apple also says that if when you connect your device to iTunes and you’re prompted for the passcode…try another computer you synced with (which is strange, because you can only sync with one machine), otherwise you’ll have to try the “Never synced with iTunes” option (below). Notes on this solution: If your backup wasn’t encrypted, then you’ll have to re-enter your passwords for accounts on your device.
From all these solutions, you have probably gathered the key lessening the pain of the process is having a backup of your device—and the newer the better. There is a phrase that repeats over and over in the instructions, I’m sure you noticed, it’s “restore from backup”. With the funky WiFi issues with iOS 6 (like devices not staying connected when locked), you might find you haven’t been syncing (or backing up) nearly as often as you thought. Apple gives everyone with an iCloud (aka iTunes aka Apple ID) account 5 GB of storage for free. Again, with the funky WiFi issues, it isn’t a bad idea to check once and a while to make sure your device really has been backing up when you think it has. The trick to getting the most out of your 5 free gigs of storage is to manage the storage intelligently. I try to keep an eye on what other apps are stashing in iCloud and make sure that I clear out Keynote decks, Pages docs, and any other data that might be hogging space. I know iCloud backups get a bad rap sometimes for being slow, but I’ve found them to be okay—if you don’t keep scads of data there.
So now you know that if you get really, really locked out of your device (to the point of it being disabled) that, yep, the solutions aren’t pretty.
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The Verge reports that Zdziarski examined the WhatsApp app to see what happened to messages after he chose to delete them.
This isn't about Facebook storing deleted messages on WhatsApp's servers a€” instead it's to do with the local storage on the app.
You need to be careful with these steps because it will make sure that you don’t lose any data on your iPhone or iPad device.

This is not an article about presenting a comparison between the three big main offerings (DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive). However some have noted that it is difficult to download the desktop program for Google Drive direct from Google’s webpage. While there seems to be little news on an app for Linux, there is this tutorial on how to access your Google Drive on Nautilus in Ubuntu.
Update: I found this nice post with pretty charts and pictures if you want to compare and see what is the best online storage solution for you. My name is Stephanie Krishnan and I'm passionate about the way that open source software and its community can help small businesses and individuals with their productivity and lives.
Last week I was eagerly waiting for Jailbreak to happen and today I am enjoying all the infamous Cydia tweaks to rock n roll with my iPhone.
Unlike last few times, this year Pangu has decided to come up with Semi-untethered Jailbreak. Once my iPhone is rebooted, do I need to install all the tweaks and customisations once again? Now you are all set to start the Jailbreak procedure, just relax, it’s not a rocket science. Step 3 : Now before proceeding further, I would recommend you to follow the link and create a new dummy Apple id. Step 7 : Call someone to pat on your back as you have completed the most difficult part of the Jailbreak process. Disconnect your iOs device from desktop and see if there’s any app named Pangu on Home Screen? Step 11 : Once respring is completed, unlock your iOs device and locate the Cydia icon on Home Screen. In case you are an Apple developer, signing the Pangu IPA with your own Apple ID credentials will extend the expiry date till exact 1 year from now. We are Smartphone technology publication read daily by Smartphone enthusiasts and gadget lovers from around the world. In this article we go through the options for each iOS and what you need to do to recover your restrictions pin using the iPhone Backup Extractor Software. Apple gives us 6 tries before you get a time-based cooling off period, but eventually if you keep trying (and failing) your device is disabled. First, you better hope you turned “Find My iPhone” on when you set up your device, because you’ll need that. Yeah, another subtle nag that you need to make sure you back up your device (and computer, btw) frequently. When you connect your device to iTunes, on the main info screen scroll to the Backups section and click the radio button to Automatically backup to This Computer. It’s also a “set and forget” option because iCloud backups are supposed to be automatically run while your device is charging.
On the backup side, I know that the core stuff is saved (it must just be a teeny tiny file really), so I only back up irreplaceable things (Camera roll and iRig recordings). I had to call them about something last week & they tried to sell me one that was $169 or $179.
Lots of people asked Pangu to release an update for their jailbreak tool, and they recently did that. You need to make a backup with iTunes only; an iCloud backup will only general backup stuff. Cloud storage is one way to tackle this, with the added option of synchronising files between different computers and devices.

For those that are interested in downloading this, check out the alternate download site links below. One of the biggest arguments I get from business owners, however, is lack of support options. Sometimes it gets hard to believe the thing you were wishing to happen for so long, suddenly happens without any prior knock at your door. Obviously No, you just have to re-jailbreak your iOs device and all your Cydia tweaks will automatically fall into place.
What to do next? Just sit back, relax and follow the guide as stated, you’ll end up successfully jailbreaking your iOs device without any fear of messing up the process. After that, launch Cydia Impactor, drag and drop the Pangu Jailbreak IPA onto the Impactor window. He just loves to mirror his knowledge about Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows on his Technology Journal - GizmoStorm. GizmoStorm delivers up-to-date Android how-tos, Smartphone apps, Rooting Guides and Custom Roms in the Smartphone industry.
Our developers have been working away on this and they have included a brand new function that simply shows you your forgotten restrictions code. However, after I tell you how to get back to a usable device, I’ll tell you how to lessen the pain that the solution causes.
Also, I think you might be able to skip step to backup your device if you have a recent backup already. If you chose the optional encryption then the passwords you have saved on your device will be saved too. When I set up my fourth generation iPad from the iCloud back up of my third generation, again, not bad. GeekSays plays an important role in breaking technology updates about upcoming events, tech devices, features, gadgets and verdicts from all the mainstream technology companies. You’ll use the PP jailbreak app on your iOs device every time you wish to Jailbreak it.
Well, the solutions are easy, but the most important thing is planning ahead to lessen the pain.
These notes assume (safely) that you might not have synced your device for a bit and maybe have things you don’t want to lose. If you use iTunes Match it will be pretty easy, but Apple also has a this support article on how to download your past purchases.
However, and why I don’t choose this option, this is another password you have to remember. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.
But, if you are one of those who accidently got into jailbreaking and now having second thoughts about it, no worries. It also covers turorials on how to use the iphone, reviews of best android apps, iOS 8 beta downloads,.. I mean, just reboot your iPhone and you have successfully reversed the Jailbreak process, happy? If you forget your backup password, you’re even more hooped (because it’s wipe and start over time).

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