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So, you’ve got the latest and greatest iPad, and you want to transfer everything on your old iPad—including your apps, contacts, calendars, music, and videos—to your new one. Just tap the most recent iCloud backup of your old iPad, tap Restore, and you're on your way.
It could take hours for all your old iPad app to download, but at least you can use your new iPad while you wait.
If you just got a new iPhone and you want to transfer all of your data including pictures music contacts and text messages to a new iPhone. This is by far the easiest method and it doesnot require a PC or Mac, but it relies on having iCloud set up on the original device.
When finished, your new iPhone will have everything from the old iPhone and you’re ready to go!
If you are too eager to jump to your new iPhone before restoring it with your previous data, all you need to do is restore it to factory settings and then it will reboot back into the initial setup screen, letting you follow the two guides outlined above. I'm putting the finishing touches on the all-new RoaringApps, with support for Mavericks & iOS 7. Sync iPhone music, videos, contacts, ringtones, apps, ebooks and more to and from Windows 10 PC.
Transfer almost all files, including contacts, video, SMS, photos, music and more between phone to phone on Windows 10 PC. Ultimate file transfer solution between PC & iOS to easily transfer music, videos, photos, apps, ebooks, contacts, messages and more seamlessly. Actually there are various methods for transferring documents between your laptop and your iPhone device. The first time you connect your iPhone, you choose between automatically syncing or manually managing your content, but you can change the setting any time your device is connected to your computer.
It is recommended to sync your iPhone with iTunes regularly in case any unexpected event occurs you will have a recent backup to restore from.

The Music tab gives you a number of options for controlling what music to sync to iPhone and how.
The Info tab is where you manage the sync settings for contacts, calendars, email accounts, and other data. You can sync your iPhone and your computer so that both have your latest contact, calendar, Microsoft Outlook notes, Internet bookmarks, and email account information.
To sync movies or other videos from your computer to your iPhone, you need to check the Sync Movies box first. The Shows column lists all the shows on your hard drive, as well as what seasons you have and how many episodes of each show. To quickly add a PDF to iBooks without syncing, email the PDF to yourself from your computer. You can sync photos from hard disk of your computer to iPhone or using photo applications if any. The first step, of course, is making sure you have a recent iCloud backup of your old iPad.
Do you have any videos or music on your iPad that you didn’t get from the iTunes Store? Connect to a Wi-Fi network (probably your own), which you’ll need to do if you want to transfer the iCloud Backup of your old iPad to your new one. On the following screen, you’ll enter your Apple ID and password, followed by a lengthy terms-of-service agreement. Now comes the boring part: waiting for all your apps and iTunes media (music, videos, e-books, and the like) to download and install themselves on your new iPad.
So, you’ve waited patiently, and now all your apps and music are downloaded onto your iPad. If you don’t have iCloud set up or you have a slower internet connection, jump to the iTunes method instead.
If you don’t have iCloud or your internet connection is slower, the iTunes method is also quite easy.

Bellow is the most used ways to transfer information and files between iPhone and computers. For example, if you add contacts on your iPhone, you can sync to add those contacts to your Windows address book or Outlook Express on your computer. When iPhone is connected to your computer, the Books pane lets you select which items to sync. Open the email message on iPhone, then tap the PDF attachement and choose “Open in iBooks” from the menu that appears. Launch the Wireless Transfer App and you will find the http address at the bottom of the screen as shown on the above screenshot. Open a web browser in your laptop and type the address exactly as the same as the address on your iPhone4S. Run the Wireless Transfer App on your iPhone and you will find the http address at the bottom of the screen as shown on the above screenshot. Open a web browser in your laptop and type the address exactly as the same as the address on your iPhone.
Depending on how many apps and other downloadable goodies you had on your old iPad, you could be in for a long wait.
The good news, though, is that you’ll be able to use your shiny new iPad (including Safari, Mail, Music, and other core iPad apps) while you wait for your purchased apps and media to arrive. To transfer them (plus any photo albums) to your new iPad, just sync it with iTunes on your desktop. Launch the iTunes app, click the Downloads tab at the bottom of the screen, and you should see all your media queued up for download.

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