When you are at the WhatsApp Settings window, you should find a Chat Settings item in the middle, which is just below Account and above Notifications, see above screenshot.
Once you opened the Chat Settings following above step 3, you can find the Chat Backup option for WhatsApp on iPhone. Now you are at the Chat Backup window where you can back up WhatsApp Chat history, messages or conversations. Tap on the Restore chat history button to download and restore the iCloud backup of your WhatsApp account. Run WhatsApp for iPhone, then switch to the Chats windows if other window opens automatically.
From the above WhatsApp Chats screen, select the contact you have previous conversation with, you will open the conversation with the selected WhatsApp contact. Tap on the Info button to open Contact Info window like below.  At the bottom of this screen, there will be an Email Conversation button or link. Now log on your email account on your PC or Mac, find the email with your WhatsApp conversations and attachments, download and save your WhatsApp chats history onto your computer for backup. Sometimes you have accidentally deleted messages, conversations or documents in WhatsApp without any prior backups either through iCloud or Emails. If you are using WhatsApp on Android, check out this guide instead: how to backup WhatsApp on Android? The iPhone has quickly become the go-to digital camera for many of us, storing thousands of memories and moments in images.
When the device restoration is finished, you can now copy the pictures from the iPhone to a computer so that you have your photos again. Picturescue works with any version of Mac OS X that is 10.6 or newer, and works flawlessly with Mavericks.
I downloaded and tried the product and although I back up everything maniacally, the app showed only backups from 2013 and one from 2014- a few days ago. I made “erase all content and settings” to my iphone6 then I restored data from icloud from another iphone4! Unfortunately I recognized that I didn’t backup my pictures on my iphone6 and they were lost !
So I recently deleted all my photos off my iOS 7 iPhone 4 so they can now all live in the photo stream. Missing Start Menu is one of many difficulties that Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users face to access common programs and shortcuts.
Whether you are in Metro or the desktop view, you can take your cursor to the top or bottom right corner, or press Windows Key+C to get the drop down menu. Like the conventional versions of Windows, you can still use Alt+F4 to shutdown Windows 8 and 8.1.
You can press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together for bringing the option of shutting down, restart or sleep your Windows 8.1 PC. You can also shutdown your Windows 8.1 from Metro view as Microsoft has provided some extra options on the home screen. Als u uw iPhone contacten naar computer wilt overzetten in een algemeen formaat bent u hier op de juiste plaats. Klik op "Contacts" aan de linkerlant om een lijst met contacten van uw iPhone geheugenkaart en accounts, als iCloud, Exchange en Yahoo te openen!. Opmerking: een ding waar u aan moet denken als u contacten van iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo!, etc wilt overzetten naar computer voor backup is, dat u eerst moet inloggen op de accounts op uw iPhone. Beide versies van deze tool stellen u in staat om uw contacten van iPhone naar computer over te zetten op twee manieren, maar er is een verschil. Download de gratis probeerversie hieronder om uw iPhone contacten te kopieren naar computer. Als u het scherm hierboven ziet, volg dan de beschrijving die het geeft en start met de scanning mode. Laat na 10 seconden de "Power" knop los, maar houdt de "Home" nog ingedrukt voor nog eens 10 seconden. Na het scannen kunt u al uw iPhone gegevens vinden, netjes gepresenteerd in duidelijke categorien. Nu moet u "Contacts" markeren of alleen de gegevens die u wilt en daarna op "Recover" klikken om ze op uw computer op te slaan.
Verbindt uw iPhone met de computer en synchroniseer met iTunes om een backup bestand te genereren.
Als u Wondershare Dr.Fone voor iOS (Mac) gebruikt, switch dan naar "Recover from iTunes Backup File" optie boveaan. Als het ophalen is gebeurd, wordt alle inhoud van het iTunes backup bestand dat gevonden is in detail gepresenteerd. Herstel iPhone berichten: Deze handleiding laat u zien hoe verwijderde tekstberichten op verschillende manieren kunt herstellen van iPhone.

Herstel verwijderde foto's op iPhone: Dit artikel laat u zien hoe u verwijderde foto's van iPhone op verschillende manieren kunt herstellen. We waarderen uw privacy en beschermen uw financiele en persoonlijke data met volledige encryptie en geadvanceerde fraude bescherming. Users can also choose to install the update through iTunes and a computer, or manually with firmware files. Watch out with this, Beats Radio Apple Music ?MUSIC or whatever it’s called, is free for only 3 months.
Where exactly would you expect a control for it to be, other than in the same settings pane every OTHER Automatic Renewal is managed with? So Beats1 radio is basically all rap and weird pop music, target audience is suburban and urban 13-24 year olds I guess? Will someone at Apple start to sack the idiots that are now in control of iTunes and the music app they are make a right guck up of the whole system. I have an issue with the fact that music that I have had is some how gone I had over 2700 songs on it and now I have 2400 where is my music and why is it that I cant find it anymore tried to reapply it from my computer and it wont let me help please I just want to listen to my music that I already paid for once will not buy into the Apple music ever. Using this net view command in your command prompt, you will be able to able to view the network shared folders on your network.
This piece of writing will help the internet visitors for setting up new website or even a blog from start to end.
We have covered this issue in this step-by-step guide for both iPhone and Android users to backup WhatsApp chat history on mobile phones. From the bottom of WhatsApp main screens, you should find the Settings icon on the bottom right corner.
You can restore Whatsapp chat history (messages, conversations, documents, data) when you reinstall WhatsApp.
For example, you can transfer videos between mobile phones using WhatsApp, share mobile contacts, photos and more files using WhatsApp.
But if you lose an iPhone, it becomes broken, or succumbs to water, you may be left with a situation where all you have is an iPhone backup file and no direct access to the photos. Of course this relies on you actually backing up your photos, but unless you went out of your way to not do so, you probably did. Easy, works for both Mac and Windows PC’s, but yes it requires access to another iPhone. This can be done through a complicated database extraction process similar to retrieving text messages, but a better solution is to use a super easy third party app.
Picturescue will instantly scan the backups available upon launch and show a date and thumbnail previews of all the images found, offering a number of the total amount of pictures that can be pulled from the backup file, in this screenshot image there are over 7000(!) pictures found in the backup file alone!
If you know of a good Windows equivalent app to restore your iPhone photos from a backup file in a similarly easy manner, let us know in the comments!
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Of course not everyone has a Mac (unfortunately), so that’s not an option for everyone. Due to certain issues I tried to recover them by restoring my back up before I deleted off my phone.
If you want to shutdown Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, you cannot do it in the conventional way.
The programs running in the background should close to bring the Windows 8.1 shutdown menu for the user. When you press these keys, you will see the Power button on the right side corner as shown below.
When you click on the Windows button (or Windows key in the keyboard), you will get the desired option of shutting down your PC. Ik hen al mijn contacten op mijn iPhone en wil ze overzetten naar mijn PC, zodat ik ze kan importeren op mijn andere apparaten. De contacten worden opgeslagen in een enkel vCard bestand of verschillende vCard bestanden. De ene manier is om iPhone contacten direct over te zetten op uw computer door het scannen van uw iPhone.
Wat u dient te weten is dat de gegevens die u hier ziet niet de enige zijn op uw iPhone, maar tevens degenen die pas van uw iPhone verwijderd zijn. The version most prominently features the inclusion of a redesigned Music app with the Apple Music service, a streaming music and radio feature with a separate monthly fee. Using IPSW files to update is not particularly complicated, but it is generally best reserved for advanced users.
The whole interface is now very cluttered and harder to use, what happened to the fast forward option on a track, that if you can find a single track and not just have the whole album play. Punctuation makes things readable, like your comment, which is not even clear if it’s a question, or just a rant, or a wonder.

There are different ways and tools you can use to save your WhatsApp chats or conversations on to computer or a cloud service. To do that, tap on the interval settings besides the Auto Backup to select how often you like WhatsApp to backup your chats, messages.
If you like to backup WhatsApp to computer, you can simply email the WhatsApp chats or conversations to yourself. If you like to backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to computer without the media files, choose the Without Media option. If interested, you can refer to this tutorial to back up WhatsApp chats and files from iPhone to computer. The good news is, as long as you have regular backups made of your iPhone, you can probably recover the photos. So long as you have backups handy, either approach will work, but you’ll need to use whichever approach is most appropriate for your situation. I lost a load of photos of my kids today when updating to iOS9 and have no way to retrieve them (restoring my backup doesn’t retrieve the photos for some reason). This article solves your problem by listing down some of the simplest ways of shutting down Windows 8 or 8.1 PC or laptop.
After all programs are closed one by one, you need to press Alt+F4 again to finally shutdown your PC or laptop. Ik weet dat iTunes een backup kan maken op mijn computer, maar ik kan het backup bestand niet gebruiken door het formaat.
Het is daarmee heel eenvoudig voor u om contacten naar Gmail, Outlook en andere over te zetten.
Als u in de scanmode zit, zult u zien dat Dr.Fone automatisch begint met het scannen van uw iPhone naar gegevens. Om ze te scheiden, kunt u de schuifknop onderaan gebruiken: Only display the deleted items.
Markeer "Contacts" en klik op "Recover", u kunt nu iPhone contacten op de computer opslaan. But your iPhone music is always in Apple Music, open the Music app on the phone, listen there. Those who don’t know what a shared folder is, it is a folder that allows you to view contents that is shared with other computer on the network. Unlike the “My Network Places”, this allows you to see all the network resources on your computer screen. If you like to transfer WhatsApp photos, videos and documents to computer as well, choose the Attach Media option. For example, if you have another iPhone handy or just got a new iPhone to replace a missing one, use the traditional restore method, whereas if you only have a backup file with no phone, you’ll need to use the third party app solution. Image Capture is rarely ever mentioned anywhere, but it’s a great app for importing photos, or scanning.
In the desktop PCs, select “What the power button do”, and in the laptop, you need to choose “Choose what closing the lid do” option.
Is er een mogelijkheid om mijn iPhone contacten over te zetten naar computer en ze gemakkelijk te gebruiken? Naast contacten kunt u ook muziek, speellijsten, foto's, SMS, podcast, audiobook en meer naar PC overbrengen. Synchroniseer en backup uw iPhone met iTunes en gebruik dan Wondershare Dr.Fone om de backup op te halen en uw contacten selektief op te slaan.
You do not need to download or install any third party apps in order to backup WhatsApp messages.
Tap on the Back Up Now butto to instantly create a backup or save a copy of all your WhatsApp chat history, including WhatsApp messages, conversations, attachments, documents and app data. After that you will open a new email, you can compose the email and choose yourself as the receipient and send the email from iPhone. Your Whatsapp messages and received files will be exported to PC or Mac as user-friendly files. Do I have to disable my photo stream before restoring my iPhone for in order for it to put those photos back on my phone? I tried using an old iphone but itunes doesn’t give me the option to restore my saved backup from my current phone onto this old one. Naast het overzetten van contacten van iPhone naar PC, helpt deze tool u hoofdzakelijk met het herstellen van gegevens op uw iPhone. The two backup methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, choose the one suits your need the best.

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