Un’altra ragione per cui potrebbe essere necessario eliminare un backup di iCloud e la presenza di file corrotti che rendono inefficace il backup stesso. I recently had my iPhone replaced due to a sticky power button but had a few problems when restoring from my iCloud backup. The second problem was a little more fiddly, and I still don’t really understand what the problem is. The result was that my apps would start downloading and as soon as the progress bar filled, the app icons would flash white and the app would disappear. Some data was not restored, for instance, apps that were removed from the App Store for legal reasons. I tried the suggested, syncing the iTunes, but that just gave me a new copy of the apps with all my app data missing.
Thanks great tip, I had to replace my iPhone 5 (volume up broke) and the iCloud restore gave me the incomplete error.
Photos are big files and a few hundred photos can eat through your 5GB of free iCloud Storage fast. If we turn off Photo Library in iCloud Backup and use My Photo Stream to back them up instead, boom! The limitation of My Photo Stream is that photos only stay up there for 30 days, but if your iPhone is on any Wi-Fi network, home or abroad, your computer will automatically download all your photos as long as it’s connected to Wi-Fi too. In my opinion, your photos and videos are safer stored on your own computer (using My Photo Stream) than on iCloud Drive, as long as your computer is backed up too.
Grazie a questo servizio, i dati possono essere gestiti direttamente dal dispositivo, senza piu bisogno del computer! Questo spazio e sicuramente limitato se si dispone di diversi dispositivi iOS abbinati ad un unico ID Apple, ma con attenzione e con qualche accorgimento e possibile ottimizzarlo.
Selezionate il backup che desiderate eliminare, quindi scorrete verso il basso e premete su Elimina backup.

Visualizzerete un messaggio che vi chiedera se volete disattivare il backup ed eliminarne i dati da iCloud. Co-fondatore di Free Opinionist, su BiteYourApple scrivo principalmente News, Tutorial e Approfondimenti.
However, if you chose to skip that step, it is rather easy to set up the iPad to automatically back itself up to iCloud. But before you take this step, it is a good idea to make sure your iPad is being backed up to the iCloud. If you still have problems, you can move on to the next latest backup, repeating the process until (hopefully) the problem is cleared.Restoring from a backup can take some time. I managed to solve them all so I thought it might help a few others if I described my findings here. Wait a few minutes and then attempt the restore again while connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network. My Photo Stream uploads your photos to iCloud so they’re automatically downloaded on devices with My Photo Stream turned on.
If you turn on My Photo Stream on your Mac or PC (yes, Apple makes My Photo Stream for PC too), your pictures will automatically download to your computer when your iPhone and iPad are connected to Wi-Fi.
You’ll never have to pay for iCloud Storage again, but you will have to plug your iPhone into your computer every once in a while to back up your videos. I am passionate about helping people to grow personally and professionally using the power of technology. Vedrete tutti i backup piu recenti dei dispositivi connessi ad iCloud con lo stesso ID Apple. This will take you to a screen that will display the last time the iPad was backed up to iCloud.Once you verify the backup, you are ready to begin the process. In the end only about half of my apps were restored – the rest appeared to be deleted.

If the data that was not restored also exists in your iTunes library, you can sync it back to your iOS device via USB cable sync as a work around. Once the homescreen appeared again, I immediately tapped on one of the apps that previously failed to restore. You could spend a zillion years uploading all those videos to iCloud Drive over Wi-Fi (upload speeds are typically much slower than download speeds), or you can quickly transfer them to your computer with your USB cable and be done with it.
On the next page, I’ll show you exactly how to fix iCloud if your storage is full so you never have to pay for iCloud again.
You will start by erasing all data and settings from the iPad, which puts it into a clean state.
You can do this by going to the iPad settings and choosing General from the left-side menu.
The restore screen should give you estimates at each stage of the restore process, starting with restoring the settings and then booting into the iPad. Once the first app had succeeded all the other apps followed without me needing to tap on them individually.
Tapping this button will perform an immediate backup, making sure you have at least one data point you can restore from later. This option appears after you have signed into your Wi-Fi network and chosen whether or not to use location services. Remember, if you have a lot of apps, it could take some time for the iPad to complete this step. In addition to downloading apps, the process restores photos and other data, so if it doesn't look like there is progress, the iPad could be working on downloading more than just apps.

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