The iOS 8 beta versions are still going through the test.  So it’s normal to face problem while handling iOS 8. Keep the backup of the data from your device before downgrading iOS 8 to iOS 7 to avoid the risk of data loss.
You can’t apply these below mentioned steps for restoring the backup files to your iOS 7 device after the downgrading. Added a warning displayed when there are not enough free space before the start of the frame-by-frame shooting. For iPhone users added the ability to send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your iPad and Mac. Eliminated the problems associated with poor performance of Wi-Fi that can occur when you try to connect to some base stations. Improved stability and sound quality when you use hearing aids MFi with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. VoiceOver is resolved an issue where when frequency set the tone did not cease to sound to set next digit.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Since the previous iOS 9 version launch, we continuously enhanced iPhone Backup Extractor’s features. Now available, new extraction option for deleted pictures: we offer recovery for pictures that are still in the “Recently Deleted” folder. One of the most important things that iOS 9.3 brought, according to Naked Security by Sophos, was fixing 27 security weaknesses, and one of the serious now-fixed bugs (whew!) relates to iMessages and the possibility of having them intercepted and cracked.
Several Reddit members reported contacts data lost after iOS 9.3 update – here is what you can do in this case to recover them with the help of iPhone Backup Extractor. The iPhone Backup Extractor now extracts Notes attachments: it’s OK to attach photos in your Notes. We recommend you activate the Personal subscription to unlock all limitations and enjoy full access to your iCloud backup data. The Family subscription of the software can be used for up to 6 iCloud devices on 3 different PCs. You can access Preferences by clicking on the bottom left “Add backups” button on Windows or the “+” on Mac OS X.
Explore your iCloud backup data: click on the left pane “Devices” list and select the iCloud backup corresponding to the device you want to recover data from. You will then be given 3 tab options of exploring your iCloud data: Categories, Individual Files and Full Backup. If you wish to extract only a specific data category like Photos, Notes, WhatsApp, SMS or more, then we recommend you use 'Categories' and click “Download”.
If you are more tech-savvy and know specifics of that specific file you want, you should use 'Individual files'; please note that loading all the individual files it might take longer, depending on the size of your backup.

Download is complete > OK > View and Extract your downloaded iCloud data just as you'd view and extract any normal offline iTunes backup.
If any of the above steps is not working for you, or if you wish to find out recovery information for other type of iOS data, we’re happy to assist you through our team, just drop them an email. How to recover an iPhone Restrictions Passcode from an iTunes backup in a couple of easy steps! Have you noticed that the Apple iOS software update service on iTunes has been rather unreliable today?
Apple's iOS 9 update has a smaller installation footprint allowing users to upgrade more easily.
But iOS 9 comes with a few challenges and Apple still makes it hard to download or access a specific file type from an iCloud backup.
Added just a week ago, recovering lost Photo Stream pictures support is becoming our most recent customer success story.
We recommend you activate the Professional Edition to unlock all limitations and enjoy full access to your iCloud backup data. How did you find the entire process of downloading and extracting your iOS 9 iCloud backup data? I want to know if i can only extract a whatsapp backup which is made from a total iphone backup. I am happy to tell you that you are able to extract just Whatsapp data from any complete iPhone backup. As long as you create a backup you will also be able extract the Whatsapp iCloud backup that is created by the app. All you need to do is load your backup, and in the overview section click the 'Extract' link.
You can test the process with iTunes backups by downloading our free version of the software. After upgrading ios 8 some people has concluded that it completely slowed down the internet on their phone.
There are two ways by which you can easily keep the backup of the data from the ios devices. Download the correct firmware (IPSW file) for iOS 7 according to your iOS device model to your system. In the pop-up window, locate and select the .ipsw file which you have downloaded in the step 1.
To get back some of your lost data like text messages, contacts, photos, call history, notes, etc you can use iOS Data Recovery. Select the iTunes backup file which you have created in Part 2 according to the date it is created and then download it. We’ll cover in this article how you can address many of these issues from a data recovery perspective with the help of the iPhone Backup Extractor.

Once you upgraded to 9.3, the browser history module won’t return any browsing history created since the upgrade, although it will continue to return older data.
Please note that the Free and Home subscriptions will only let you see your available iCloud backup, its size and date, but not the actual data. Note that for avoiding data conflicts, you need to make sure your iCloud backup is not updating during this procedure. Note that the Free and Home Edition will only let you see your available iCloud backup, its size and date, but not the actual data. Keep in mind that depending on the size of your backup and type of data, sometimes, downloading Photos or Videos might take longer than downloading iCloud notes for example. You can easily see your device on iTunes and it doesn’t appears in iTunes then restart it again.
Don’t get worried about the security of your iCloud ID as this program never collects any of your personal information. After taping the Download button in the pop-up, select the type of data you require and then continue the downloading process. The deleted photo automatically goes into this folder, meaning that it’s not truly erased from your iPhone or iPad. We are proud to announce we have a new technique for accessing iCloud data and offer a way to access the browsing history. That got Apple the fastest iOS adoption rate for its iOS 9, with 50% adoption rate in under five days. Note that for avoiding conflicts of data, you need to ensure your iCloud backup is not updating during this process.
But you have do it quickly because after few days Apple will never let you downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7 any more. Users have up to 30 days to recover deleted photos from the “Recently Deleted” folder until they get deleted permanently. Apple usually does iCloud backups of your iDevice data if connected over Wi-Fi, to the Internet, plugged into a power source or locked. In case you’re interested in recovering this type of data, just drop us an email and we’ll see how we can help you. If you need to use the iPhone Backup Extractor for more than 10 iCloud devices, please contact us here. Apple tends to do daily iCloud backups of your iDevice data if connected over Wi-Fi, to the Internet, plugged into a power source or locked.

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